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    Word on the street according to an article on Buzzfeed Susan Lucci and Sarah Michelle Geller are both registered Republicans. Who would have guessed? And they both played relatives on the show.

    Another soap star that is a republican that is not on the list is Michelle “spit-take” Stafford. And interestingly enough Eric Braeden is liberal Democrat. Funny how some people don’t even mirror their characters and others do.

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    I highly doubt Ms. Stafford is a Republican. I think she’s sort of a Camille Paglia type of libertarian or Phyllis Schaffley with a nipple piercing. But, since she is a big wig environmentalist, I highly doubt she votes GOP.

    I’m not really surprised by Sarah Michelle Gellar or Susan Lucci. I believe SMG’s husband is too. Plus, California Republican’s are way different than the typical Republican. I don’t really care as long as they are not “in your face” and preaching their political views down everyone’s throats.

    Isn’t Lucky from GH a BIG conservative?

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