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    I was skimming through youtube the other night, and I ran across an idea that I thought was quite interesting. We as soap fans are losing our soaps 1 by 1 and sometimes 2 at a time…and it sucks. I can’t imagine living my life without my soaps (Y&R, B&B, DOOL, sometimes GH) but here’s the thing….

    In the UK, soaps are broadcast later in the evening. Some at 6:30, some at 7, etc…do you guys think it could work in the US that way? Maybe after the local news or something, soaps could come on. Of course I know that OLTL, AMC, ATWT, GL, AW, Loving, etc…have all been cancelled and won’t be back, BUTTTTTTTT what if there were maybe new soaps (quality soaps) with new writers, producers, etc. that came on the air in the evening. They seem to be widely popular overseas, so why wouldn’t it work here?

    By the way, I love EastEnders, Doctors, Coronation Street, etc…

    And much like our Daytime Emmy’s, they have the British Soap Awards which are much better (to me)…where the cast and crew of ALL the soaps come together and hand out great awards, like Best Storyline, Best Villain, Sexiest Actor/actress, Best newcomer, Best single episode, etc…

    So do you all think it could work here? What would you all like to see, if so, on some of these new shows???

    here are some clips:

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    As long as the same idiots that are running the networks in the US are there, this will never, ever happen. Soaps truly are gone from the US television market. I just don’t ever see it happening. Now if you watch the telenovelas on the Spanish language channels as well as the European shows, as you’ve mentioned, they will thrive in primetime for years to come. I’ve checked out the Spanish ones and I can see why they draw the crowds. Totally scorching hot men on those shows. Problem for me is I don’t understand the dialogue. If they would caption those in English subtitles like they do with opera, I’d give them a shot.

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    Yeah, the telenovellas are great…the women are hot, hot, hot…and they are always dressed up and looking good.

    Y&R could use a bit of this, since Chloe, who is one of the key, future players, could use a wardrobe makeover; and a push up bra for this viewer.


    @stoney07: I’ve discussed this before. For the U.S. due to the need for news programs they would not air soaps during those hours. In fact it would be an uphill battle to get any soap on in the evening on network television. Yet here is what could happen:

    For example say BET invested in creating a soap to air at night. It would run like a telenovela for about 13 weeks or 3 months. The soap could air 3 to 4 nights a week. This would allow them run marathons of the episodes on the weekend and overnight if possible. Obviously the soap would not be just like a telenovela given that Americans have a different style of soap that we like to see. But the time frame would work.

    Now I would first suggest a soap I created about two battling music companies. That would be something BET would consider. And if you went back to the old model of a half-hour soap then you would save on money.

    So then you could use this type as a test show and launching pad for more.

    And when you look at MYTV Neworks failure. There were three main problems:

    #1 – The time-slots were competing with network television prime-time series.

    #2 – All the Novela’s were just English translations of their original Latin version. Which means they didn’t get the fact that in American soaps the main villain is usually a man and that we care about more than just about the old wrong side of tracks love story, where they big bad parent is trying to keep their son/daughter from falling for the working class man/woman. Our soaps have more layers and more going on then that.

    #3 – Let’s be honest. Soaps are mainly watched by black women. And of all the MYTV Network soaps they had out there, they were with basically with mostly white cast and a few ethnics here and there.

    And with the lack of programming featuring a mostly or largely African American cast. The best way to draw eyeballs to a primetime novela style soap and immediately grab the presses attention, would have been to create one with a largely black cast and use publications like Ebony (over 1 million subscribers and 3 million total reach) , Jet (over 3 million subscribers and 7 million total reach), and other black magazines where they would have graciously promoted the series with a cover story and advertisements.

    You see in a sea of prime-time series with mostly white cast you have to do something bold to break out of the bunch. I’m sure once it was shown to be a success other networks like Lifetime, Nick-At-Night would enter into the game.

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    I think after the last (4) are kicked to the curb. I think the executives will see viewers backlash, and will set out to create a new landscape of daytime dramas.

    I think NBC, CBS, ABC will see nobody really watching these silly talkshows and will set out to create maybe (1) or (2) 30 minute soap and will showcase some young fresh faces of actors/actress you’ve never heard. That will keep cost down and maybe one daytime player such as Kim Zimmer would be in placed to drive ratings up. I do think the soaps will come back but in a different form and the production model will be different.

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    The other issue that you need to consider is the children that would be watching at that hour. Networks already have to consider the type of programming they’re putting in the 8pm (east & west coast times)shows. 9 and 10 pm shows can have more of an edge to them as executives figure kids should be in bed by that time. Plus, I think Americans are too ingrained with what they like to watch at 6:30 or 7 pm. I just don’t think that would work… unfortunately.

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    Check out this link from regarding this:

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