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    Give Adam a new love interest as Adam will find himself falling out of love with Sharon due to him being blind, he takes his anger out on her to the point where he completely pushes her and anyone else away who loves him and Adam is down on his luck in Kansas blind and Adam decides to stay in Kansas on Hope’s farm sending Sharon away and back to Genoa City. Adam starts his life over again in Kansas on Hope’s farm becoming independent and out of the social scene for at least a year or two and Adam comes back to the canvas with a new woman on his arm, a woman who he met while in Kansas as they fell in love with each other and that basically she was the one to help Adam to find himself again. This woman her name because she would be a new character would be Autumn Green and she would be a Caucasian, blonde haired blue eyed woman who is much like Sharon in certain aspects but she is more like his mother Hope in terms of having that soft, angelic personality and that Autumn is the woman in Adam’s life who basically brought him back from falling off the brink because Adam was in a really dark place after pushing Sharon away and being alone on Hope’s farm until one day Adam goes to the market and he meets Autumn and the rest is history.

    Adam Newman comes back to Genoa City with Autumn Green his new love interest in tow, and Autumn meets the rest of Adam’s family like his father Victor, his brother Nick, his sisters Victoria and Abby, and they meet Autumn and think that she is like Adam but she isn’t at all, she even goes as far as to tell them off for the way they have treated Adam and that unlike all of you, she brought Adam back from the brink after he lost everything and that she has been helping him ever since he lost his sight and that they fell in love in Kansas and that she knows all about Adam’s dark past here in Genoa City, and she hasn’t shyed away from being with Adam at all and that she loves Adam and knows the true Adam, the one she fell in love with and that he is not the man he used to be

    And Adam settles himself back into Genoa City society especially being blind, he goes on to reading Braille and basically uses Braille to help him with reading, to even help him succeed in the business world

    And then Adam is back on top in the business world starting his own company away from Newman Enterprises completely separate from that of Newman Enterprises, and that with Autumn being at his side, he feels like he can do anything

    And then Autumn meets Sharon, the 2 of them both being in love with Adam, but Adam he doesn’t love Sharon anymore but Sharon still loves him and wants him back, but he doesn’t want her back because he has fully and truly fallen in love with Autumn and Autumn is the woman Adam currently loves and wants

    Adam finds out that Autumn is going to have his baby because she is pregnant, and then the rest of the Newman family find out that Adam is going to be a father and then Sharon finds out about Autumn being pregnant with Adam’s baby but Sharon is determined to break them up, and then 9 months later Autumn gives birth to Adam’s son who she names Adam “A.J.” Newman Jr.

    But then there is a serial killer on the loose in Genoa City and he ends up killing Autumn, the love of Adam’s life and Adam is so broken up over her death that he starts blaming people for Autumn’s death, and that Adam thinks his family is responsible for Autumn’s death because they hated her for loving Adam because she loved him for him, understood him like how no else has, and was there for him at a time when he was so low in Kansas, so Adam points fingers and wants his whole family to pay even though Adam is a new father to his newborn son who needs him right now

    Adam is back to the dark place he was at starting to become the Adam of old because Autumn was the one thing in his life that he did right, and now that she is gone, he feels like he has no one left except his son but how can he love his son if he is a constant reminder of what he has just lost?

    Adam is so angry and full of rage that he even accuses Victor of being the killer, and Adam tells Victor that you can kiss your grandson goodbye because you will never ever have a relationship with my son, and I will make sure that A.J. never knows you as his grandfather

    Adam then even turns his rage on Nick accusing him of being the killer and that just because he took Sharon away from him, that you take Autumn away from me as payback

    Adam then turns his rage on Jack, Victoria, Billy, Nikki, Abby, Ashley, etc. by accusing them of being the killer and that Adam tells them they better hope to hell that they are not the killer because if they are, Adam might just kill them himself

    Adam is grieving right now because he has lost Autumn, the mother of his newborn son and Adam even goes as far as to take the law into his own hands since the investigation into Autumn’s death her murder hasn’t been solved yet

    And Victor goes as far as to suing Adam for custody of A.J. because Victor does not want his grandson A.J. to be exposed to the way Adam is right now and Victor feels like he is protecting his grandson from Adam his father, but Adam tells Victor on no certain terms that you might have controlled my life but you will not control my son’s life

    And Sharon helps Adam through his grief since he lost Autumn but Adam pushes her away because he feels like he can’t have anyone reminding him so much of Autumn in his life and that he needs to concentrate on his son A.J. because A.J. is all Adam has left in this world until Sharon tells him that he has so much more to live for, he is a father now but that also Adam has Sharon and always will and she will help him and his son A.J. by being there for them

    It leads to Shadam being reunited, Adam is grieving and is in a really dark place after his love Autumn’s death, she was the mother of his son but she is gone now and Adam has a newborn son a newborn baby boy out of his union with Autumn

    The serial killer is eventually caught since the GCPD have put people in prison for Autumn’s murder, everyone from Victor to Nick to Jack to Nikki but it turns out that it was Patty Williams who escapes from prison somehow, and that Patty killed Autumn to further torment Adam, to destroy him and now A.J. will never get to know his mother because of Patty

    But then you have Shadam getting closer again because she helps him through his grief and is there for A.J. but then you still have the custody battle for A.J. Adam’s son, Adam vs Victor

    Adam ends up winning custody of his son A.J. back from Victor and that further puts a strain on Adam and Victor’s relationship because Adam does not want his son being warped by Victor or being molded by Victor into Victor’s image, and then Sharon helps Adam to raise A.J. and eventually Adam moves on from his grieving Autumn by finding love with Sharon yet again

    And Faith gets to meet her baby cousin Adam’s son A.J. and Summer gets to meet her baby cousin and so does Noah

    Victor wants to be involved in his grandson A.J.’s life but Adam won’t allow his son to be manipulated by Victor or controlled by Victor, and A.J. is the thing that brings Victoria, Nick and Abby and Adam all closer together, they end up accepting Adam and his son A.J.

    But this won’t happen overnight though, it will all happen over time

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