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    Well it looks like Days is already laying the groundwork for Abe and Kayla (Kabe) to get together. If that is the plan then I think it is not a bad idea. I can see the makings of chemistry there between the two. I mean she might as well get with him since Patch is off hamming it up with Genevieve in Genoa City (blah!). I think the idea of putting the two together would draw Abe closer to the Brady family. He is already practically a member. So this would work. I would though like for them to cast Amelia Marshall as a third wheel. You know bring her on as Caprice and have her working for Stefano who has blackmailed or hired her into breaking up Abe and Kayla.

    On the other side of the coin i’d go right ahead and age Theo. Have him be recast with Lawrence Saint Victor. Now that would be good.

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