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    If you had to choose, I am saying, if you had to make the choice of which actors from AMC and or One Life to Live, which actors would you yourself hire as re-casts for characters or even bringing them on as new characters, which actors would you yourself bring over to General Hospital if you could have that power, if it was non-negoitable, if it had to be done, if you had to do it, if there were no ifs ands or buts :

    Me personally:

    1) Trevor St. John (TSJ) as a re-cast AJ Quartermaine back from the dead, since they keep bringing AJ up ever since Michael has gone to work at ELQ, bringing AJ up a lot lately, I would bring AJ Quartermaine back from the dead with plastic surgery done to his face to make him look unrecognizable, TSJ as the new AJ, would definitely get my vote. TSJ he would be so believable as AJ. Trevor just seeing him in scenes with Steve Burton or even in scenes with Maurice or Laura, he would knock those scenes out of the park

    2) Rebecca Budig who plays Greenlee on All My Children, I would bring her on as a new character who is not related to anybody, but I would bring her on as a love interest for either Johnny, Dante, or even Lucky. I would have brought her on for Nikolas but since he is leaving, that is out of the question now.

    3) Kristen Alderson who plays Starr on One Life to Live, I would bring her on as a new love interest for Michael and she is not related to anyone, causing a triangle between her, Michael, and Abby

    4) Trent Garrett who plays Asher on All My Children, I would bring him on as a long-lost Quartermaine, Julia Barrett’s son with AJ, since I would have it that Julia was pregnant with AJ’s son and she gave birth to him naming him Alan Barrett which would make him Michael’s older half-brother since they would have the same dad AJ.

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    I would like to get your thoughts

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    I’d love to see Kirsten Alderson come on Gh, but not as a love interest for Michael, I’d want her to work at crimson with Maxie. TSJ as a recast for Aj would be really good, I think I’d be able to put aside my love for Billy Warlock if this were to actually happen. If they were to SORAS Morgan and give him some more screen time I think Eddie Alderson would be a great recast, however knowing Gh and how little we see Morgan, he’d be underused and it would be a huge waste of young talent. I don’t watch AMC so I don’t know which actors from there I’d want to see on Gh.

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    Florencia Lozano as a Kate Howard recast….

    Since Megan Ward isn’t coming back (sniffle!) :((

    She’d be the PERFECT fashion bitch!!! Either her or Rebecca Budig.

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    I echo Alstonboys’ sadness regarding Megan Ward not coming back in to the fold as Kate. While I very much like Rebecca Budig, I’d like to think Gina Tognoni might be an interesting choice for Kate. Mind you I’m looking at her more on the basis of her work as Dinah on GL rather than OLTL which I’m trying not to get into since it’s days are numbered. :(( (I am however following it so that it still has some fan support here at my end.)
    I’d also love the idea of Ted King coming back but as a character completely removed from any mob involvement as previously he had done with the Alcazar family.

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    VI as sams dad, alexi’ love interest.

    ME as a recast AJ

    FL as a recast Olivia

    I want kate to stay off the canvas and the magazine sold the tb’s new character

    KA for michael

    More than that is too many new characters at any one time. I would rather see tc and ir stay on and claudia come back than more random oltl and amc people.

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    If anything GH needs to bring on Melissa Archer who plays Natalie Buchanan on One Life to Live, bring her over to General Hospital as a new character and I have the role just for her to play:

    Melissa Archer would be playing the role of Felicia Hardaway, she would be Tracy’s long-lost daughter with that mobster husband that Tracy was married to from Tracy’s time in The City that soap opera which Tracy’s character was on

    Tracy was married to the mobster Gino Soleito, and she ended up pregnant with his child but of course Tracy said she aborted her daughter, or that is what she had wanted us to believe

    But Tracy did not abort her daughter, she gave her daughter up for adoption in order to protect her from her mobster father Gino Soleito, because she did not want her daughter growing up in that mobster lifestyle or being anywhere near her father because Tracy was afraid that if her daughter were raised by her mobster father, that she would end up being a target for mob violence, so of course Tracy gives her up for adoption after giving birth to her, so that way Gino her husband wouldn’t know that he even had a child because he was that dangerous.

    Tracy’s daughter Felicia (Melissa Archer) has grown up with her adoptive family, the Hardaways who lived in Los Angeles, grew up happy and loved, but Felicia finds out that she is adopted of course and that her biological mother lives in Port Charles

    So Felicia is on her way to Port Charles to confront her mother Tracy for pretty much giving her away at birth, and also to get answers about who she really is

    Felicia (Melissa Archer) is a redhead, blue eyes just like Tracy, so it works for them to be mother and daughter and not only that but they have the same colouring too

    Melissa Archer as a long-lost Quartermaine, this would only be a step in the right direction as far as expanding the Quartermaine family and restoring them back to their former glory of the 1980s and 1990s

    Just think with her as Tracy’s daughter, and since we know John-Paul Lavoisier who plays Rex on One Life to Live is coming to General Hospital to play Dillon Quartermaine as a re-cast, that they would be siblings again

    It would also be interesting for Tracy to have a daughter of her very own since she has 2 sons

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    I see no reason for them to recast Olivia. Lisa LoCicero is FABULOUS in that role.
    If Lisa decided to leave for whatever reason, I’d love to see Julie Pinson as a recast.

    And I personally don’t want to see ANYONE else playing AJ Quartermaine other than Billy Warlock.

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    I want any actor from AMC or OLTL who goes to GH to appear as their AMC/OLTL character. After all, they all take place in the same fictional universe.

    For example, I want Robin Strasser on GH as DOCTOR Dorian Lord. I want her as the new Chief of Staff at General Hospital. Imagine all the shit she’d stir! Plus she’d be restored to her original doctor self, something we haven’t seen enough of in the past few decades of OLTL.

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    Florencia Lozano who plays Tea, she would be a great love interest for Sonny especially if they make her an Olivia re-cast should Lisa Lo Cicero ever leave the role

    Or they can always use her as a Kate Howard re-cast

    Or she can bring her OLTL character Tea Delgado over to Port Charles, maybe her character Tea gets a job in Port Charles and she brings with her, her daughter Dani

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    I’d bring crazy ass Roxie (OLTL) and her salon to PC. Let her fry Tracy’s hair and turn Maxie’s hair purple-she’d be so funny! It would leave the door open for Rex or Natalie to visit PC as well. She could chase COleman around the bar, drive Epiphany crazy as the hospital, and provide some great humor to the show.

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    Lindsay Hartley to General Hospital, I would bring her on then as a new character from Bensonhurst, and Lindsay Hartley is Dante’s ex-girlfriend from the neighbourhood and she comes to Port Charles to find Dante to tell him a secret that she has kept from him for so long.

    The secret is that Lindsay’s character she had Dante’s baby, but she never told him that he was going to be a father, or that is he a father because she couldn’t find Dante because by the time she could tell him the truth, he went MIA on assignment

    Lindsay’s character didn’t even tell her own family about the baby or she didn’t even tell Dante’s family the Falconeris, because she went her own separate way

    Lindsay’s character has raised her & Dante’s child alone as a single mother, and they have been living in Los Angeles because she got a job there working for a huge firm and on top of that was raising a kid, her kid and Dante’s kid

    Dante’s kid I would make it a little girl, Dante has a daughter he never knew he had

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