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    Although several babies have been born on Days, I am sticking to the ones that are relevant to now.

    Hope was born in 1974 making her 38 now. Kristen Alphonso is 49.
    EJ was born in 1997 making him 14 years old. James Scott is 33.
    Brady was born 1992 making him 20. Eric Martoff is 41
    Sami was born 1984 making her 28. Ali Sweeney is 36
    Will was born in 1995 making him 16. Chandler Massey is 22
    John Black age unknown somewhere between 53 and 73. Drake Hogestyn is 59
    Carrie Brady not born on screen but from first actresses age on screen and counting back she would have been born in 1977 making her 35.
    Lucas Horton also not born on screen was born around 1977-79 making him around 33 to 35 yeas old
    Daniel birthdate unknown but can not be more than 29 years old., Actor Shawn Christian is 47.
    As weird as the age thing is just looking at it, dig down a little big. John Black for instance has a 41 year old son. Ok but he was in his 30s? when Brady was born. So that could bump his age up to 75 or older considering Brady’s portrayor is not 20 but rather 41.
    EJ just entered puberty in real time. If Will had sex with him, he could be in BIG trouble with the law for child molestation.
    Lucas at 35 was in school with Sami even though she was born 28 years ago. I guess he was a slow learner.
    Daniel could NOT be more than 29 years old if that egg was put into his adopted mother’s womb as soon as it was harvested. But that doesn’t stop him from having a daughter who is fully grown and in her 20s. I guess Daniel went through puberty early! Explains the chest hair.

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    The ages of the second generation Hortons and their spouses have been played with a lot as well. Bill and Laura, for example, should be close to or in their seventies today, but their most recent portaryers didn’t look a day over fifty-something.

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    And let us not forget that Julie was a teenager of about 14 or 15 when the show began. A mere 11 years later she was a grandmother lol!
    Bill’s last portrayer was only 3 years older than one of the actors that played his son Michael. Michael soras’d very quickly but gets a little younger with each recast. Kevin Dobson the last Mickey Horton was 11 years younger than John Clarke the original Mickey. Those Hortons grow up fast and get old slow lol!

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    I swear Mark that you’ve got too much time on your hands if you’re digging into and looking at this type of information! LOL

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    LOL actually Soras’ has long been a touchy subject with me. So I kinda get into doing the research on the subject. LOL But yes I probably have too much time on my hands!

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    …And I hope that you ALWAYS do b/c I love it!! ;)
    (I find this type of stuff fun. And I love all the history & knowledge you have when it comes to Days).

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    Thanks Twin! It has been a life long study! Days, Another World, Santa Barbara and other NBC shows have been a special part of my life ( well Y&R too but I am still boycotting it!). I still miss Cruz and Eden and the Capwells and Lockridges, Rachel Cory and Bay City folk, to this day. I am so happy that Days has made it this far and pray that it will be around for many years to come.

    Although I am not truly crazy and I do know fantasy from reality, I feel in someway these folk from these shows have been a special friend or family member of mine. Even as a kid, on thanksgiving or christmas, if one of my shows were on, I would spend some of my time in my bedroom sharing the day with Mac and Rachel or the Hortons. Even if the house was full of people (which I do have a large family), those characters meant something special to me even then. And still do.

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