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    In the recent announcement of the cancelling of AMC and OLTL, this staunch Y&R fan has added DAYS and OLTL to my soap lineup. I really want to enjoy DAYS, but the show is a shell of its former shelf. The show is boring, uneven, and lacks production values to make it a viable daytime drama. That set for the Dimera Mansion needs to burn to the ground!!!! Also, Abby, Chloe, Daniel, Melanie, Gabi, Dario, Taylor, and EJ need to go. They add nothing to the ongoing storylines at all.

    I’d start by giving Carly a kick ass exit where she figures out Quinn’s criminal intent as she spirals further into drug addiction. Have her acting crackheadish a’la Erica Kane and Felicia Gallant, then decide to spread them legs for a fix via Quinn’s ho patrol. Then, Quinn prepares to sell Chloe into a human trafficking ring until Carly comes to the rescue. The two woman think they have killed Vivian’s son and throw his body into the Salem River. Vivian actively searches for her son while threatening to prove La Lane had something to do with her son’s disappearance. Bo, Hope, and Rafe begin investigating where they discover Quinn’s ties to the Dimeras. Meanwhile, Carly checks into a rehab in a neighboring town where she starts hallucinating that she is seeing Quinn. Dr. Manning tells everybody that he is alive, but no one believes her. Then, Quinn, who survived his plight, starts stalking Melanie as revenge against Carly and shockingly rapes her in the parking lot of University Hospital. Salem unites to stop Quinn’s rampage in the aftermath of Melanie’s attack. Daniel goes vigilante and pulls a gun on EJ and Stefano, blaming them for selling their illegal businesses to the new villain. Quinn pulls a fast one when he buys controlling interest in a great deal of empires including Dimera Enterprises, Kirakis Shipping, and Alamain Industries. During a board meeting at the Penthouse Grill ( NEW SET) where all of the interested parties (Stefano, EJ, Nicole, Sami, Rafe, Kate, Victor, Vivian, Melanie, Daniel, Jennifer, Carly, Chloe, Chad, Will, Abigail, Lexie, Abe, and Brady) gather, John Black returns to Salem vowing to protect his interest in Dimera. Quinn is trapped in the elevator upon his exit after he is threatened by everyone and dies after he is crushed violently. The Salem PD sets off a murder mystery where Kate surprisingly becomes a prime suspect due to evidence planted by Vivian. John reveals to Sami and Rafe that Marlena has contracted a terminal disease and he has spent his entire fortune attempting to save her. Sami, John, and Rafe travel to Istanbul where they reunite with Marlena. Meanwhile, Carly learns that Vivian is framing Kate, but stays mum to protect Melanie and Daniel, who she believes killed Quinn. Brady also raises suspicion where he kidnaps Chloe and engages in a shootout with Bo, John, Roman, and Abe. During Kate’s murder trial, Stefano hires Justin to defend his wife and many secrets are exposed (Carly’s addiction, Chloe’s hooking, the affair between EJ and Taylor), but no one is prepared when a tearful Will gets on the stand exposing that he was sleeping with Quinn! Sami reels in shock at her son’s admission, wondering if he could be Quinn’s killer. John receives a visit from Quinn’s attorney, who informs Mr. Black that Quinn had the cure for Marlena’s mystery ailment and agrees to give it to the Blacks if John follows through with the nefarious plans Quinn had for Salem’s residents…i.e. detroying the Bradys, Hortons, Kirakises, Dimeras, and Alamains. Turns out, Quinn was not actually Vivian’s long-lost son…he was DJ, the child Marlena thought died of SIDS years ago! The real Quinn and DJ, sold to a baby broker by Don Craig, attended boarding school where DJ read letters written about Salem and discovered his links to the Midwestern hamlet when Don came to confess everything. DJ murdered Don in a fit of rage, then pushed the real Quinn to his death and stole his idenity.

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    When did you develop superpowers?? “Saving DAYS”???? LOL!! I agree with you, watching DAYS is like watching yeast ferment. Not even Kate, Stefano, Tamara Braun and Nicole can make this show interesting with this dreadful writing. I was looking forward to Tamara joining, thinking it would make the show slightly more watchable, but alas, no such luck!!

    I agree that Dario must go, but there’s something that I find very charming and adorable about Francisco San Martin (I think it’s those sexy lips! ;) ;) )

    After you finish “saving” DAYS, go over to Y&R and help save it. Here’s my list of MUST DOs:

    1.) GET RID OF AMELIA HEINOUS!!! I can no longer contain my disdain for this non-acting heifer who doesn’t know how to use an Afro comb!!

    2.) Make SyPhyllis SLIGHTLY more likable again. I used to enjoy her, even when she was being bitchy and slightly psychotic, but now I want to rent a car and run her down my DAMN self!!

    3.) Get rid of Caleb/Cane. Send Genie Francis back to GH where she belongs!!

    4.) Get Maria’s dumb ass to swallow her pride and call back up my girl, Victoria Rowell, and BEG her to return to this show, which has never been the same without her and never WILL be the same without her.

    And after you accomplish all these things, pat yourself on the back and take a week off!! You’ll have earned it!! ;) ;)

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    The story continues…

    John, Bo, Hope, Marlena, Sami, and Rafe arrive at the site of Quinn and DJ’s boarding school in Gioberti (a vague European city) where they run into Jack Devereaux, the school’s headmaster. Back in Salem, Carly pleads with Melanie to tell her whether she is Quinn/DJ’s killer. Melanie, through flashbacks, recalls seeing Quinn/DJ meeting with someone at the Salem Inn before the boarding meeting and following him. The young nymph then remembers that Dario pulled a gun on her rapist in her defense, but she stopped the murder attempt. Viv overheads the mother/daughter chat and fumes. The Gioberti adventure continues when Jack grants the Salemites access to the school’s private files and they learn of Marlena’s biological connection to Quinn/DJ. Marlena, shocked by the news, suffers a near fatal stroke as Sami and John emotionally react. John reluctantly agrees to carry out Quinn/DJ’s antics as everyone turns against the former hero and Sami lashes out at EJ for bringing her evil half-brother to town. Kate’s trial continues leading to a conviction of 55 years in prison. Stefano uncovers that Vivian framed Kate and plots to blackmail La Alamain, who prepares to sell Melanie into an international sex ring just as Daniel confesses to Jen that HE murdered Quinn/DJ. The two make love after he admits how he rigged to trap his foe, not kill him. Jack, who decides to visit Abby, finds Jen and Daniel in bed! Chad questions how Will got involved with Quinn and admits his attraction to Will. Chill engage in some flirtatous scene to suit everyone’s appetite, but Chad is hesistant to come out to Stefano and the Dimeras. Gabi, bitter because Will hid his sexual preference for men from her, spots Chill in a kiss on the pier and starts blackmailing Salem’s premier homosexual couple. Melanie is nabbed by goons hired by Vivian, but Carly offers to trade and offers herself into a life of sex slavery in exchange for her daughter. In Crystal Chappell’s final scene, Carly holds a blade to the pilot’s throat as Dr. Manning departs Salem for parts unknown….

    Marlena and Stefano commiserate about their spouses as both cite their disappointment in Kate (turns out Mrs. Dimera knew about Quinn/DJ and Will’s romps) and John. Jack sleeps with Nicole in an attempt to upset Jennifer, who grows closer to Daniel and continues keeping his murderous secret. Bo and Hope undergo a marriage crisis on their own when Commissioner Brady starts gambling heavily, even going as far as to mortgage the Brady Pub. Melanie falls for Dario and the two leave town after getting married in the presence of all Salem’s elite. At the reception, a drunken Jack spills that Daniel killed Quinn/DJ, EJ proposes to Taylor, Chill goes public despite Gabi’s blackmail, Marlena informs Sami, John, and Rafe that her illness is cured, and Kate and Stefano expose Viv’s crimes (framing Kate, trying to sell Melanie into slavery, running a black markey baby ring with Don Craig back in the day) leading to her arrest.

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    Don Craig as a baby stealer in a baby ring? He was one of the nicest guys on the planet. The one and ONLY bad thing the man ever did was to have an affair on Marlena. And that cost him dearly, so your stories sound like they are fast paced and action oriented but Don as a bad guy is preposterous. And also Brady in a shootout with his own father over that tramp Chloe Lane……. kinda out there. I doubt anyone would waste bullets to save that overstuffed diva.(speaking of which, why does a world famous opera diva have to suddenly go into prostitution? Couldn’t she just go sing somewhere and make some money? They do pay singers to do that ya know.)

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