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    Accounts frozen. What to do now?


    Kendall notices Ryan and Tad talking in the hallway. Ryan and Tad talk about Nick. Tad tells Ryan that Nick is watching a dvd and it’s not family watching. ROFL! Oh so Nick is watching porn! ROFL! Tad leaves and Kendall talks to Ryan. Kendall assumes Ryan is trying to save Greenlee. He asks her to keep quiet about it. She gets upset that she is right in the middle of them again and will either lose her best friend or father of her child to prison. She just wants both Greenlee and Ryan to be honest with each other and Ryan wonders what Greenlee isn’t being honest about. Kendall tries to evade, but Ryan knows something is going on. She brings up the damage the situation is causing her marriage and Ryan tells her to go and live her life. The trial resumes in court and Jake is called to the stand. Liza questions him about Greenlee not being the loving wife she’s painting herself out to be.

    When it’s Jack’s turn to question him, Kendall and Ryan walk in. Jack asks Jake about his feelings towards David and wonders if anyone might have overheard him wishing David dead. Jake says he probably wouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to confirm that. Liza questions Jake again and asks if he killed David. Jake says no. The judge asks for a sidebar with the lawyers, as Ryan takes a call out in the hallway. Greenlee sees him and starts to go out to talk to him but Kendall stops her. Greenlee knows Ryan and Jack are up to something and she is determined to stop it. The proceedings get back underway and Jesse takes the stand. Liza questions him about the Digitalis. He says there was nothing to link the Digitalis to Ryan and he found a vial in Greenlee’s car. He is also forced to talk about the letters Greenlee forged. She asks if David could have committed suicide and Jesse admits he doesn’t think it’s likely. At a recess, Greenlee finds Ryan in the hallway and says she won’t let him take the fall for her. Ryan is doing what has to be done, but she won’t let him make a false confession for her. As she continues to talk Ryan kisses her. UGH! Cheating on Madison already huh Ryan?

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa is there and fights with JR again about AJ. She storms out as Tad walks in. JR explains what’s going on and wonders if Tad is on Marissa’s side. Tad says he isn’t on anybody’s side he is just concerned for AJ. Tad figures out that JR did it again with Marissa. Tad brings up Scott and then wonders if he and Annie are together. JR says he’s too busy battling for his son and company. Tad thinks maybe battling isn’t his best choice. He urges him to prove to Marissa she has nothing to worry about and that no matter what, he loves AJ enough to work out an amicable arrangement. Tad tells him he’s not Adam and he doesn’t have to be. JR tells Tad he has a court order to overturn and a company to save and walks out. When I see JR all I see is Adam! Part of Dixie in him is gone!!

    Jail/police station:

    Scott is in jail and tells Annie he has to say goodbye because he’s going to prison. She wonders if he is saying goodbye to them. His lawyer comes in and hands Scott some papers. After he leaves Scott tells Annie his non-Chandler lawyer is handling the divorce. Annie protests, but Scott knows they are done and that they need to move on. He urges her to move out of the mansion and never look back. She finally agrees and then leaves. Marissa stops by next and Scott explains that he was the only who stole the nanotech plans and that he did it to impress Annie. She thinks he is a good man, but he knows he’s not. She tells him Stuart would be proud of him and says he’s not alone. He’s sorry she got caught up in this mess and in another life they would have met somewhere far from there. He makes her promise to take care of AJ. He thinks AJ has a chance, but only if she gives it to him. JR walks in and says Marissa doesn’t need advice on how to raise his son.

    Marissa leaves and Scott recalls how he wanted to make their family better but he got sucked into the Chandler way. JR tells him one of the Chandler ways is to not get caught. Scott says he’s looking forward to prison so he can meet a better class of people. ROFL! Scott doesn’t hate him though because JR was raised to be who he is. JR vows to get his son back and save the company Scott put in jeopardy. Scott says JR is not going to be able to be with Annie because now that he’s free to be with her, it will cost him his son. JR leaves and a guard enters the cell to handcuff Scott. Annie makes a few calls in the squad room and learns her accounts and credit cards are frozen. DOH! She is upset! JR walks out from seeing Scott and sees Annie, as he leaves a message for Colby. Scott is then led away past JR and Annie.

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