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    Tired of playing games.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Brot and Natalia walk in and Brot thinks this is a date and she says no it’s not! UGH! Natalia says they are just two colleagues hanging out. Frankie and Randi enter to join them and Brot says she just couldn’t be alone with him. Randi tells them about a new campaign at Fusion about a perfume called “I do.” Brot likes the idea, but Natalia hates the idea. They are talking about marriage and perfume. Or anybody in love. Natalia thinks there should be a companion perfume for women who don’t want to get married called “I don’t.” Oh brother!!! As they talk, Natalia imagines her wedding day. Daydreaming about Brot huh? :) Well then it’s time to date Brot. :) She tells everyone she isn’t sure about the perfume because she doesn’t know if she can commit to just one. Brot grows serious and leaves for the station. Alone, Randi and Frankie talk about her career and how she wants to change her hair to keep up with the times. He tells her she’s beautiful the way she is, but she is finally proud of herself and she wants to push this to see how far she can get. He assures her he can handle having an ambitious wife and then gets a call from the hospital. Meanwhile Damon expresses his enthusiasm for being in court to Asher, as Colby walks in. Asher mentions what happened with Scott, but she doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He hands her his phone which has an article about Scott’s arrest pulled up on it. She wants to go see her cousin and Asher offers to drive her because Damon has to stay at work.

    The hospital:

    Angie who’s belly is bigger demonstrates on Jesse how people who are blind can read blood pressure readings with a machine that has an automated voice. She calls it Sven! :) She notices his blood pressure is high and suggests he take it easy. Bianca walks in to ask Angie to talk to a patient who has been in and out of the Miranda Center. Jesse leaves and Bianca takes Angie to meet with the woman. As they walk down the hallway, the woman frantically runs past them, bumping into Angie. They bring the battered woman into one of the rooms, but she is too scared to stay there. Angie gently tries to get information out of her about who hurt her. She admits her husband has been beating her. Angie wants her to get help so he ever hurts her again. She tried to go to the Miranda Center before but there was no room due to the scandal. Bianca tells her there is room now, but the woman is afraid her husband will find her and do worse to her. Bianca makes some calls, as Angie reassures the woman and tells her it’s time for her to start living again.

    Hubbard home:

    Angie and Jesse go home and they feel the baby kick.YAY! :) They laugh and joke as they talk about what their baby will grow up to be.

    Police station:

    Natalia follows Brot to the station to ask why he just took off. He explains he doesn’t have time to waste on hanging out because he’s studying for the exam. He also says he’s tired of the game they are playing. YEAH PLEASE STOP WITH THE GAMES!!!! He accuses her of always pulling back, but she worries they’ll be reported and one of them will then be transferred. Colby and Asher enter the police station and Jesse breaks it to her that Scott has been shipped off to prison. Colby is crushed wondering why her family is a mess all the time. She tells him about her Uncle Stuart and how Scott was supposed to bring everyone back together, but he got dragged down with the rest of them. Asher tells Colby she just needs to be strong and he knows she’s capable of it. Colby thinks he’s right and sets off to fix the mess she was born into.


    JR tries to bring Annie down from the table she is partying on, but she gets irritated with him. She wants to keep having fun with the college boys! After he tries to grab her she yells at him that she had everything she ever wanted with Scott, but she couldn’t keep control around him. JR drags her off the table and then punches one of the boys who tries to stop him. That hit was so fake! :) Annie lashes out at JR, who tells her both he and Emma care about her and what happens to her.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR brings Annie to his room and orders her to take off her clothes. ROFL! She won’t do it! So he drags her into the shower and leaves her there to sober up. ROFL! Meanwhile Downstairs, Colby walks in the house and confronts her brother about Scott. She knows he did this so he could have Annie all to himself. He wants her to stop fighting him because they are the last Chandlers standing. They argue, but JR needs to know that she is with him, otherwise their family is done. She softens but then Annie walks in dressed in a robe. Jumping to conclusions, Colby says, You two make me sick, DOH! She walks out and Annie says she will get dressed and leave, but JR tells her she’s not sober enough to drive and that she can stay there. Annie objects at first, but then decides to stay there.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Asher goes back to Krystal’s BJ’s and pulls out an article about a fatal mine accident. Huh?! Who’s accident?! Damon asks after Colby and he tells him she said she’ll call him later. Damon doesn’t like that Colby had Asher pass on a message. Colby returns and is consoled by Asher, which Damon sees. Damon walks over to comfort Colby and gets defensive when Asher offers his advice to Colby.

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