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    Help! I’m trapped in a Chinese bakery

    The prison:

    Madison stops by to visit her father. You know, the one who used to beat the hell out of her. He won’t see her. She is upset about that. She is upset that her father who used to beat her up, refuses to see her!! Very strange!! Oh look there is Scott! They chat a bit about her abusive father. She says she hates him, but she was hoping to convince him to give her what’s left of her trust fund. Madison vents about her father and her money woes and then thanks Scott for listening to her before she leaves. Hmm Scott and Madison! :) They should be a couple. :) I can call them Mott! :)

    The hospital:

    Ryan and Greenlee bring Kendall Chinese food!!! UGH! I hate this scene!!! It is way too much lovey dovey talk and talking about the past! Why don’t they just talk about how having sex with Ryan is! Or which of them is the better lover with Ryan!!! Ryan tells Kendall Zak’s lawyer called because she needs to settle Zak’s will. He hands it to her so she can look it over before it is executed. Kendall brings up how hard this is and asks them to stay while she reads it. They grab their fortune cookie and read them. Ryan’s says Help! I’m trapped in a Chinese bakery. HUH?!!?! What the hell is that all about?!!? Greenlee goes to the car for dessert. Kendall and Ryan discuss Madison and then Kendall thanks him for his help. He reminds her she’s family and he will never stop helping her. Meanwhile Greenlee runs into Madison. Greenlee wonders how Madison will handle it when she starts showing and Ryan notices. Madison doesn’t know, but mentions she just saw Scott. Oh Greenlee is interested in this!!!! Greenlee wonders what happened to their deal. Madison tells her she changed her mind. She doesn’t know what she will do, but says she could find some guy to pretend to be the father! UGH! She walks off, as Ryan finds Greenlee, who has to hurry off. Madison visits Kendall. Kendall suggests she work exclusively for her out of her home. Madison agrees, but thinks Greenlee won’t like it. Kendall will handle Greenlee. Meanwhile superhero Ryan meets with Zak’s lawyer! OF COURSE HE DOES UGH! Ryan finds out Zak died before the sale of the casinos were finalized. Ryan thinks Zak may have been murdered. Oh? So it’s NOT David’s fault?! Wow well wonders never cease!! (sarcasm).


    Greenlee visits old Scotty boy! She brings up her crush that she had on him. Scott says that was 10 years ago he is suspicious and wonders what she wants from him.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Whiny Colby tells Asher she doesn’t know why she kissed him because she is in love with Damon and not interested in him! YEAH RIGHT COLBY SHUT UP! Colby just wants him gone and lashes out at him over Damon catching them kissing. Asher wants her to be honest for once and admit that she wanted him to kiss her. She slaps him and tells him she just felt bad for him. Oh Colby COME FREAKIN ON!!!!! YOU WANT HIM! Admit it!!! She thinks he told her whatever she wanted to hear so she would confide in him and trust him, but his plan was to ruin her life for fun. She thinks nothing matters to him, but he insists that’s not true. Hurting her was the last thing he ever wanted to do. Oh stop turning it all around on him!!!! YOU WANT HIM! She leaves!

    Liza’s home:

    Damon and Liza’s kiss turns more passionate and they have sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOT DAMN!!! THAT WAS ONE HOT TAMALI!!! :) They have sex on the couch, but look devastated afterwards. ROFL! They get dressed in silence until Liza says she’s sorry. Damon just walks out. As Liza tries to clean up, Colby walks in the door in tears. She asks if Liza heard from Damon. Liza tells her he was just there. He was upset and doesn’t want to work for her anymore. Colby blames herself, but Liza assures her it’s not her fault. Whiny Colby pours her heart out to her mother and whines about betraying Damon! She also feels bad about all the accusations she made because she knows Liza was just trying to help her and Damon. Oh give me a break with this Colby!!! NOW you trust your mother? NOW you want your mother’s love?! UGH! Liza says she’s the one who should apologize and asks for forgiveness. Liza gets upset as she vows she would never intentionally hurt her and that she has tried to be a good mother. She would erase every stupid move she has ever done so she can prove how much she cares about her. Colby says she’s the one who screwed up with Damon, but Liza tells her she messed up and admits she hired Damon so she could be in control. Colby hugs her mother thanking her for her honesty – finally. UGH! Colby then runs out to find Damon.

    The park:

    Damon is not wearing a coat!!!! He is freeeeeeeeeezing! Tad walks by and sees him. Tad offers to give him his, but Damon angrily says he doesn’t want it. Tad wonders what happened. Damon explains he saw Colby with Asher and he stopped thinking. He feels like he’s going to be sick, as Tad asks what he did. Damon admits he was with someone else. Tad smirks and calls him a dog. ROFL! Damon says he doesn’t get it, but he doesn’t want to tell him. Tad presses him until Damon says he met someone at work! Tad realizes Damon means Liza!!!! Tad is stunned and Damon assumes he hates him now. Tad says he doesn’t, but wants to know what happened. Damon thinks he’s worthless and tells him to forget him. Tad can’t and will never walk away from him. Damon knows his father he doesn’t deserve this, but assures him Liza did not plan this. Tad thinks it’s a good thing that it’s tearing him up because it means he has a soul. He knows he’s not perfect, but he’s out there giving it his best shot. Tad knows he will find his way thought this. He recommends he not tell Colby though because it will crush her. You think Tad? :) Damon doesn’t know if he can do that. Tad leaves and Damon sees Colby, who says she talked to her mother.

    Liza’s home:

    Liza is all boo hooing. She is broken up about what she did with Damon. :) Liza hears a knock at the door and she opens it. IT’S TAD!!! :) Liza is all in tears.

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