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    I’m sorry!!! My laptop died! :( It’s fixed now. I am so way behind here are recaps from another site. This site helps me a lot. Cus there is no way I can remember every little thing..  Anyway nothing is mine except the places I typed in.

    Crank up the romance

    The courtroom:

    In the courtroom, the judge points out that Ryan’s care of Emma has been exemplary, and that Annie has been cleared of all criminal charges – she rules for shared custody. Ryan looks glum, and Annie embraces Adam in glee! The judge says Annie will get Emma for the first week – beginning tonight at 6:00 PM. Ryan informs Annie and Adam that he will bring her over, they will not be picking her up. Adam moves toward Erica and suggests that she owes Annie an apology. Erica tells him Annie is a psycho who is using him – she hopes he wakes up before it’s too late – for Emma! Adam looks concerned. Liza is still in the courtroom when Colby approaches her and asks why she let Annie win? What’s to stop Annie from running with Emma. Liza asks if this is about them – she regrets running with her. Colby brings up Stuart, and Liza sighs. She then tells Colby that Adam can handle Annie – she warns her not to get in the middle of that marriage. Liza asks Colby to move back with her. Colby says Adam needs her more. Liza asks her not to mess with Annie – she’ll read her like a book! Colby asserts that the book has a surprise ending! Tad is hanging around in the background. He tries to reassure Liza, who is down about not being able to stop Emma from being handed over to Annie. Tad says it’s time to stop the blame train!

    Casa D Lavery:

    At Ryan’s house, he and Erica fret about Annie getting shared custody of Emma. Ryan insists she’s not cured, no matter how many people she convinces otherwise. Emma appears and asks what the judge said. Ryan tells her the judge decided she should spend time with both her parents – she’s spending the night at Adam’s house tonight. Emma goes to pack. When she returns, Ryan assures her that he’ll call her every day while she’s gone. He goes to get a book she forgot, and Emma asks Erica to stay with Ryan while she’s away, so he’s not alone! Ryan returns, and they head out.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie and Adam celebrate back at the Chandler Mansion. She is thrilled that Emma will be back in her life again! Scott and Colby come in and Colby kisses up to Annie, saying all the things she said in court really made an impression on her. She says she’s happy that Emma will be spending time there. Annie goes to take a delivery of things for Emma’s room at the front door, and Adam asks if Colby is sincere. She tells her father he has nothing to worry about. Upstairs in Emma’s new room, Annie wonders if Scott is thinking that she’ll take Emma and bolt. Scott says he was actually thinking how far she’s come – she accomplished this by telling the truth and speaking from the heart. He hopes she learned something about honesty today. Annie leaves the room as Colby comes in. Scott snarks that he thinks Annie bought all that drivel downstairs. Colby remarks that Adam will soon see who Annie really is – Scott defends Annie, and warns Colby she could lose her relationship with her father. Colby doubts it. As Annie is telling Adam, in the Chancellor living room, that she’ll call the cops if Ryan is one minute late, the doorbell rings. Ryan hands Emma over to her mother. Adam tells Emma that Lucretia made her a welcome home cake, and Annie gives her a tiara – she’s the princess of Chandler Castle! Colby watches from the doorway.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan returns to his house and sits alone looking at a card Emma made for him. Erica comes in with takeout, saying she didn’t want him to be alone. Ryan is choked up.


    Jake and Amanda sit down at ConFusion. He hands her a document, which he tells her to read and then destroy! Amanda opens the paper and says, "You wrote me a love poem?" Jake grimaces as she reads the first line aloud. They agree that they hate what’s been happening to them, and don’t want to fight anymore. Jake’s plan to crank it up in the romance department continues – they’re serenaded by a tuba player! They have a champagne toast, and Amanda brings up David, but quickly apologizes. Jake has more surprises in store – he asks how limber she is? As Jake’s limbo contest gets underway at ConFusion, Tad and Liza come in and join the fun. Liza does the honors, followed by Jake, who has them lower the limbo pole for him and then steps over it! Liza and Tad flirt – he warns her to be careful unless she’s serious. Amanda’s phone rings – it’s David. He tells her he is in Malaysia. He hears the music in the background and comments on her being out having a good time. She hangs up, and Jake approaches, looking questioningly at her, and asks what the sitter said. Amanda doesn’t tell him it was David, and just asks him to hold her. Liza bugs Tad about not doing the limbo – he says he’s got nothing to prove and would rather dance with her. As they dance, he kisses her.

    Greenlee’s room:

    In her hospital room, Greenlee informs the surgeon that she wishes to move up the surgery and get home as soon as possible! David says her blood count is low, which raises the possibility of infection. They discuss a course of drugs for a few weeks first, but Greenlee is adamant – she wants the surgery now! Greenlee wants to chat some more – she asks David how he and Krystal are doing? David smirks, and says that was a mistake – they’ve ended things. He admits that they broke up when Krystal discovered Amanda was carrying his baby. Greenlee remarks, "Whoa." She tries to understand the saga of Jake, Amanda, and David. The surgeon comes back in and asks if she’s ready for surgery? Greenlee says, "Let’s do it." Greenlee is in the operating room and is unconscious. The surgeon asks David to leave. As they turn Greenlee over to begin the operation, Greenlee dreams that she’s just made love with Ryan. As the surgeon announces that they’re at the tricky part, Greenlee dreams of being in front of a fireplace with Ryan, but she gets up and walks toward a light – the surgeon yells, "We’re losing her!" In her dream, Ryan grabs her and tells her he’ll never let her go again! They kiss passionately. The surgeon tells David that Greenlee made it – she was gone – flatlined – but came back, and it was nothing he did. He assures David that the surgery was a success and Greenlee will be just fine!

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