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    There will always be another woman.


    Krystal stops by see Marissa and AJ, but finds they are both gone. They assume JR took him and Caleb thinks they can put JR in jail.

    Jerica home:

    Jack finds Erica trying to call Caleb. She says she’s worried and he wonders why. She explains she needs him to be focused on his work so they can get the company back. She can’t afford for him to be distracted by personal issues. Jack says it isn’t always easy and worries about Greenlee. Erica gets a call from her contact at the SEC and gets good news on possibly getting the company back faster. She calls Caleb at home, but learns he went to the Chandlers. Jack assumes she wants go over there and encourages her. She calls him incredible and leaves.

    Chandler Enterprises:

    Asher brings AJ to JR’s office building. DOH! JR calls Asher and then gets on the phone with AJ. He tells his son he will be there as soon as he can. He has to play a game right now. Colby walks out of the office and finds AJ with Asher and says this won’t end well. As AJ plays, Colby confronts Asher about kidnapping AJ. She can’t believe JR put him in this position and she wants to stop him from doing anything more stupid. She sees a scar on his leg and he clams up about it. She urges him to talk to her and he recalls that he was climbing up a mountain looking for his dad. He explains his dad didn’t die, he left him. Colby figures out that Caleb is his father! She is shocked! She realizes JR knows about this and Asher says he doesn’t care that JR is using him to go after Caleb because he just wants him to get what he deserves. Colby says she’ll take AJ home with a quick stop at JR’s first. Asher stays behind to wait for Caleb.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Caleb and Krystal rush over and accuse JR of taking AJ. Brot stops by after getting called on a kidnapping case. He looks around and when he can’t find AJ, he says he will file a report, but there’s nothing else he can do. JR is all smug and then he, Krystal and Caleb argue. Caleb messes with something on the mantel and when JR walks over, Caleb handcuffs him to the wall. ROFL! As they look around the mansion for the boy, AJ calls the house. Krystal picks up and learns AJ is at JR’s office. She tells Caleb to pick AJ up and she will go talk to Marissa. They leave JR in handcuffs. Erica enters and learns Caleb handcuffed JR to the wall and left. She tells JR he should have cut a deal with Caleb when he had the chance. The phone rings and Erica answers to a judge who leaves a message for JR. She knows the judge and puts in a good word for Marissa regarding AJ. She hangs up and then finds a folder that JR does not want her to see. Erica reads the contents of the folder revealing that Asher is Caleb’s son.

    Slater home:

    Ryan stops by and Zak asks if he killed David. Ryan says it’s a possibility, but he doesn’t remember. He says he came over to ask Zak to keep his wife out of this situation. He has everything under control and if all goes well, Greenlee won’t be in this mess much longer. He wants them to just be a family and go on with their lives. Kendall suggests he move on as well. Ryan leaves and Zak tells Kendall the casino deal is going through. She wonders if he’s okay with it as they reminisce about their past. They give each other love. :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee finds Madison packing her things. Madison tells her she and Ryan broke up. Greenlee offers her sympathy, but Madison doesn’t want to hear it. Madison warns Greenlee there will always be another woman in need of help and Ryan won’t be able to resist coming to her rescue. Ryan walks in and asks Greenlee to leave so he can talk to Madison. He wants to know what he can do, but she says nothing because it just hurts. He hugs her as she cries, but she backs off saying this is not a rescue. He knows and embraces her again. She has to leave and walks out the door. Later Madison returns to leave a note at the door and her key under the mat.

    Slater home:

    Greenlee visits Kendall and Zak and tells them Ryan and Madison broke up. They talk about the trial and Zak and Kendall voice their belief in Greenlee going free. As they discuss her case, Ryan returns and tells Greenlee he needs her to come with him right now. Once they’ve left, Kendall forces herself not to worry about them as she and Zak cuddle on the couch and relive their history in the house. She says they have lots of memories there and he suggests they make some more. Awww!:)


    Ryan brings Greenlee to the courthouse and shares his theory that there’s more to Nick than they know. She asks him if he and Madison broke up because of what he said on the stand. He gets a call from Tad before he can answer and she leaves.

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