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    Again this is not my recaps. Nothing is mine except where everyone is at.

    Keeping secrets


    Frankie and Randi are canoodling at Fusion when Madison appears. Frankie asks what she’s doing there – she says she is looking for Erica. Randi remarks that Erica is never late – she should be in her office. Madison says something must have come up. Frankie asks how her therapy is going. Madison says it’s going well – Randi wants to know what her plans are from here on out. Madison needs a job and to find a place of her own to live. Randi suggests that she ask Erica for a job, but Madison says she’s already done so much for her. Madison goes to leave a note for Erica, and Randi tells Frankie she has an ulterior motive – if Madison got hired it would reduce her workload and free her to spend more time with him!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Erica and Ryan wake up in bed together at Erica’s. Erica realizes she’s slept late and remarks that Randi will wonder what has become of her. Ryan doesn’t want to go to work yet. Erica’s cellphone rings and she answers, telling Randi there’s no need to check up on her – but it’s Kendall! Erica sits bolt upright in the bed! They discuss Fusion, and Kendall suggests that Erica call Ryan for help if she needs it. Erica tells Kendall to focus on her boys – she’ll take care of everything. Erica hangs up and tells Ryan he’s already helping her!


    At Fusion, Randi is informing Madison that she could probably help her out by answering the phones, when Erica arrives. When Erica learns that Madison needs a job, she offers her a position as her personal assistant – not quite what Randi had in mind! Erica tells Randi to gather the staff – she and Ryan have a big announcement! She announces that Ryan will be coming to Fusion to help them become profitable. Ryan says he expects great things from this partnership.

    Greenlee’s hospital room:

    In her hospital room, Greenlee comes to after her surgery and David welcomes her back. She asks if it was a success – can she walk back into Ryan’s life? David tells her that her heart stopped during surgery, but it was successful. He urges her to rest, then joins the surgeon outside the door. He tells David that Greenlee may or may not regain the use of her legs, but if she rushes it, all his work will have been for nothing!

    Martin home:

    Jake and Amanda wake up together at home and laugh about their ears still ringing from the tuba serenade. She says she’s happy, but Jake asks why, then, was she up pacing half the night – her mind is obviously on David. Amanda denies thinking about David, saying she was worried Trevor might come down with something. Jake notes that the baby is fine, and tells her to wake him up the next time – he’s a doctor and used to little sleep. He tells her that being married to a doctor means he always has the right medicine! They get dressed and Amanda starts talking to Trevor about David – she calls him. Jake comes into the room and realizes what she’s doing. She hangs up, and he confronts her about calling David as soon as he’s out of earshot – he knows it was David who called last night too – and she lied to him about it! Amanda admits it, but feels she can’t be honest about her compassion for David – she asks Jake to please let this go. Jake sees her pulling David into their home. Amanda points out that she pities David – that’s nothing compared to their love. She says one day Trevor will ask about his father – and she will be able to hold her head up and say she was nice to him, and didn’t let him die alone! Jake kisses her. Jake leaves, and Amanda goes to the laptop to look up David’s disease. She panics at something she reads and calls the hospital to say she’s on her way over to see Angie!

    Greenlee’s room:

    After his phone call with Amanda, David goes back into Greenlee’s room with a tray of breakfast. She muses that she can’t wait to start living her life again. David promotes the idea of patience. Greenlee asks about her funeral – David says it was beautiful, and everyone who is anyone in Pine Valley came. They discuss other Pine Valley news. David tells her Joe Martin retired to Florida. She asks about David’s son, and mentions how dark a place he went to after Leo’s death. David says that’s all behind him now. They talk about Jake and Trevor – David doubts that he has the same depth of feeling for the child that he does, but admits that he cares for him. He tells Greenlee that he backed off from them to give his son the gift of a real family. Gayle listens at the door. David leaves Greenlee’s room, and Nurse Gayle confronts him outside in the hall. She asks if it was smart to show his hand like that? David wonders what she means. Gayle replies that Greenlee and Jake are friends – she may go back to Pine Valley and tell him the truth – that he’s Trevor’s father, not David! Gayle explains how she figured it all out. David narrows his eyes and reminds her that he’s always taken care of her – and when he gets hurt he sometimes lashes out! He tells her to forget they ever had this conversation. David walks back into Greenlee’s room, where she is dreaming about being with Ryan and Emma as a family. David wakes her up and asks if she’s alright – she has tears on her face. She smiles and says it was a wonderful dream.

    The hospital:

    At the hospital in Pine Valley, Frankie tells Angie that Randi suggested a job at Fusion for Madison. Angie is skeptical about Madison jumping into such a stressful workplace. Considering this, Frankie decides to go back over to Fusion. Jake comes out of surgery and Amanda strides up to him, asking how he could have kept such important information from her – David’s condition is something that Trevor could have too! Angie gets in on the situation and tells Amanda she’s right – it’s hereditary. She suggests a DNA test.


    Madison jumps right into working at Fusion. Erica’s current personal assistant is thrilled to have help. Madison apologizes to Randi for stepping on her toes – she had no idea that Erica would hire her as her assistant! Randi behaves as though she’s not bothered by it, but when Frankie shows up at Fusion with lunch for Randi and finds out that Madison got hired as Erica’s back-up personal assistant, Randi gripes that she’s still answering phones – Erica’s overlooked her for every position in the place! Erica walks into her office where Ryan is waiting and they go in for a kiss. Just then, Madison walks in. She apologizes and leaves. Erica muses to Ryan, "I guess keeping this secret is going to be more difficult than we thought!"

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