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    An accident down the stairs.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR tries to free himself from the handcuffs but he can’t do it. Erica reads the file learning Asher is Caleb’s son. She leaves and Annie enters, finding JR in handcuffs. JR explains what happened and Annie frees him. She says she she was married to a con man and learned a lot ROFL! She also warns him he is playing a dangerous game with AJ, but he thinks sometimes that’s the only option. Annie volunteers to help! Colby brings AJ to see JR and asks what JR was thinking. She tells him he’s created a mess on so many levels and she can’t believe he involved Asher. After Colby takes AJ to get his pajamas on, she returns to urge JR to fix it! He says he’s doing this for AJ. Colby worries Asher hasn’t returned her calls and tells JR buying off the judge in the custody case is a total Adam move, but if it doesn’t work it could blow up in his face. JR has it handled because Annie is helping him right now. Later, JR talks with his son about how lucky they are to be together and that they love each other.


    Marissa finds out JR took AJ, but Caleb has gone after AJ. Marissa freaks out, but Krystal urges her daughter to be smart about this and use it in the custody trial, not go off half cocked, making everything worse. Marissa feels every decision she’s made against JR has been validated after the stunt he just pulled. Annie stops by and spins a very funny story to Marissa and Krystal while eating candy ROFL! Annie says she ran into Asher while trick or treating and Emma told him how much she wanted to be with AJ. When Asher came by Wildwind, he invited AJ to go with them and she thought they asked for permission. She further explains that AJ was at the office so he could take photos with JR because they thought he was working. She adds AJ is at the mansion now. Great scene!!! It was so funny! You have GOT to watch this scene!! :) Annie was almost valley girl! All she had to add was the word, Like ROFL! Marissa starts to leave, but Annie insists this is all her fault and tells Marissa to let AJ and JR spend more time together. Marissa and Krystal don’t believe her story and Marissa leaves to go to the police. Once alone, Annie grins and eats some Halloween candy. ROFL!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa shows up with a police officer to take AJ. Annie follows and smiles, nodding at JR. JR gives the officer a court order giving him custody. Marissa is left in shock as the cop says the child stays. She warns JR won’t get away with this.

    Chandler Enterprises:

    In JR’s office, Caleb demands to know where AJ is. Asher gets an attitude wondering if he’ll kill him if he doesn’t get want he wants because that’s his style. Caleb warns he will find AJ and then come back to deal with him. Asher follows him to the elevator, taunting him. Caleb doesn’t want to listen to Asher so he heads to the stairs. Asher of course follows and continues to badger him. Caleb grabs him wondering what he wants from him and in the middle of their confrontation, Asher falls down a flight of stairs!!!! DOH! Erica finds Asher at the bottom of the stairs and a shaken Caleb explains what happened. Erica assures him they will get Asher the best possible care. You can hear the ambulance coming!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Jake and Amanda eat and have a good time. :) Jake mentions Halloween is his favorite holiday. He wants to keep family traditions alive for Trevor so he knows how much they love him. Awww! Amanda mentions she saw Annie trick or treating with Emma and she feels bad that she’s having a tough time. Jake has no sympathy for her but Amanda knows people can change because she did. She recalls how before she fell in love with him she was making all the wrong choices. If it weren’t for Jake she’d be just as lost as Annie is. They recall their early days and his work for Doctor’s Without Borders. She asks about his ex-wife, but he just says it was a lifetime ago and he doesn’t want to talk about her. He gets paged and leaves for the hospital. Annie enters and joins Amanda. Pleased with herself, she tells Amanda she just performed a completely unselfish act by helping JR get to spend time with his son. Amanda wonders if Annie loves JR. ROFL!

    The hospital:

    After an ambulance brings Asher to the hospital, Erica brings Caleb aside to tell him Asher is his son. He doesn’t believe it, but gets emotional as he explains that he gave Asher away after Sonya died and he never thought he’d see him again. He shares how he ended things with Sonya but didn’t know she was pregnant. Sonya found him at a mine that was set to blow to tell him about their baby. After the explosion, he found her, delivered the baby and she died. Huh?! Is this Sonya chick stupid?! ROFL! She goes in mines?!!?! What?! Anyway All the while he shared he was crying. Palmer found a family to look after Asher until he was ready, but Caleb just holed up at the mountain. Caleb later stands outside Asher’s room, where Erica urges him to sit with his son. Caleb says he can’t Michael Nourie was fantastic!!! Fantastic acting!!!! Bravo!!! I hope he wins an emmy! :)

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