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    Okay! Back to normal!!! :) And on with the show! :) 

    A sexy little dance will make you keel over


    Ryan and Erica are in her office and they chit chat. He has been looking at the same paragraph for an hour and he thinks he should go home. They talk about Madison and that she saw them kiss. Erica says she will talk to Madison. Why are they keeping their little Cougar thing a secret? This is so dumb. Do you know it’s wrong is that why you two are keeping it a secret? Meanwhile Randi and Madison talk about Erica cus Madison keeps looking at Erica’s office door. She thinks she is going to get fired. Ryan comes out of the office and tells Madison that Erica wants to see her.  So, Madison goes in and says she will pack up her stuff. Erica says she isn’t going to fire her for that. And that the kiss was innocent and Ryan and her are just friends. OH COME ON! Madison isn’t dumb! Madison says her she won’t say anything about what she saw, and thanks her for being kind. Erica says she won’t give up on her – she too was hurt once by a man she trusted – she’ll be there for her. Madison is amazed and wants to repay her. Erica says hard work will show her gratitude. Madison says she’ll also volunteer at the Miranda Center. On her way out, Madison stops to advise Erica that real, mutual love shouldn’t have to be hidden. Erica says she’ll keep that in mind. Madison has a very good point.  Madison walks out and tells Randi everything is fine, then Erica comes out of her office and says goodnight to everyone.


    Ryan walks in and Opal is there. They talk about the custody case and she brings up him and Erica. ROFL! Ryan denies anything that is going on between him and Erica. And he is going to meet her here for business. Opal doesn’t believe him ROFL!  She has no idea why they’d want to hide their relationship. Opal takes out her tarot cards and gives Ryan a reading. She says someone in his past is coming back in his life. That he is going to get a call! ROFL! Erica  walks in and Ryan tells her about Opal and the reading. Erica jokes with Ryan that she’s glad he got through Opal’s tarot card reading unscathed. Ryan tells her he’s supposed to be getting a call from someone from his past. Erica smiles and says it must be Kendall – she called looking for information about Fusion. Ryan and Erica leave. His phone vibrates. Ryan realizes that he left his phone on the table and goes back for it. When they come back they realize Ryan got a phone message from a private number! DOH!

    Greenlee’s room:
    Poor Greenlee is so impatient! She wants to walk and she wants to walk NOW!!! David is trying to get her to relax and have patients. He has cards to play with her. They play and they discuss his life. He tells her about Jake and Amanda leading him to believe his child is dead. Greenlee points out that David has led Ryan to believe she is dead! David protests that it would have been worse to get their hopes up. Greenlee tells him she’s thankful he saved her, but says that she can’t shake the feeling David is hiding something. David says he isn’t and tells Greenlee she might have to accept the possibility that she won’t be able to go back to Ryan the way she wants to. Greenlee wants him to test her legs. He does, but there is no reaction. Frustrated, she asks him to try something else – he sticks her with a pin. She feels something! YAY! She felt a little something so David goes to find Dr. Clayton, who comes in and warns she must be realistic. When they leave the room, Greenlee reaches for David’s cellphone.
    David returns to the hospital room, where Greenlee admits she just tried to call Ryan but got his voicemail and hung up.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Liza shows up to speak with Colby. Colby is telling her she’s got things under control, when they hear Annie scream!!!!! Adam is on the floor!!!! ROFL! Sexy dancing Annie was to much for Adam!  Scott calls 911. Adam says he doesn’t need an ambulance but oh oh it’s to late! The paramedics arrive and Annie hovers around Adam. Scott whispers to Colby that Adam is strong. Colby says that Annie did this on purpose. Liza offers to take Colby to the hospital.

    The hospital:

    Adam is taken into the hospital and Annie tells Frankie that he said it felt like his heart would explode. Frankie orders tests. Colby appears behind Annie, along with Scott and Liza. Frankie reappears and asks what Adam was doing when he went into distress. ROFL Scott takes Annie aside and confronts her – does she really think that was a smart idea, what she did? Annie doesn’t think it’s really so horrible. She told him that she saw him watching from the terrace – he’s jealous!  BAHAHAHAHA! Scott denies it, but Annie angrily sends him home. Colby tells Liza she can go home – she’s not family. Liza says she’s her family, and this game she’s trying to play with Annie is dangerous. Colby is angry about Liza’s lack of faith in her ability to prove her stepmother is evil! Annie hears them arguing and asks what’s going on. Colby says Liza is giving her a hard time about living with Adam and Annie. Liza plays along, and then walks away. Geez Colby! You are so loud! You are not doing your plan right!!! Annie tells Colby that Liza didn’t belong there anyway. Adam is in the hospital room talking with the doctors, who tell him he may have congestive heart failure. Adam says that can be fatal. The doctor says that’s possible, but there are ways to try and prevent that from happening. Hmm no sex for awhile? ROFL! No sexy dancing for awhile? ROFL!  Anyway, Adam tells the doctor he’ll let Annie know about this himself. The doctor sends Annie in to see Adam, and Colby rushes off to catch up with Liza. She tells her she didn’t mean the things she said before. Liza warns her that she’s changing. Annie apologizes to Adam in his hospital room. He laughs and says he’s fine – it will take more than a lap dance to kill him!


    Frankie shows up looking for Randi, but finds Madison. Frankie asks her if she’s sure the job won’t be too much for her. Madison says she feels confident she can do it. Randi walks in from another room  and Frankie tells her he thought they’d go for a burger – he invites Madison to come along but she declines. Randi quickly takes Frankie out of there! HAHAHAHA! Randi did not want Madison to go with them! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Scott arrives back home and goes to the scene of Annie’s dance where he fantasizes that it was him, instead of Adam, who she was dancing for! He kicks the ottoman across the room. Oh man! Scott has got it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! :)

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