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    Thanks to another site here are the recaps. None of this is mine except names of places where everyone is.

    Double Dipping?

    Bailey and Damon’s place:

    Liza arrives at Bailey and Damon’s place. He asks what she’s doing there. She explains that she was able to get him two week’s severance pay from the casino. Damon spits that he doesn’t want any favors from her. Liza remarks that she didn’t do it for him! She tells Bailey that the painter doing her apartment needs help – it might be good for Damon. He grudgingly says, "Why not," and heads out. Bailey asks if her apartment even needed to get painted. Liza says it didn’t, but it was fun picking out new colors. Bailey notes that she doesn’t even like Damon. Liza says she doesn’t like watching them barely squeak by – she wanted to help. Liza and Bailey agree that they’ve missed each other. They discuss Liza being alone now. Bailey feels she messed things up between Liza and Colby. Liza tells her Colby has a love/hate relationship with Adam, and she’s worried about her getting in the middle of his marriage. Bailey urges Liza to tell Colby how she feels.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby encounters Annie and Emma in the living room at the Chandler Mansion. She offers to help with their project. Adam comes in and Annie points out that they’re just like a real family! Scott comes in and they all chat. Adam looks downcast – it doesn’t seem like a complete family without Little Adam and JR. Soon Emma’s project is complete and they all applaud. Emma thanks Colby and gives her a high five. Scott tells Colby he’ll walk her out. At the front door he asks her to please tell him she was not just using Emma. Colby says she likes Emma and he’s paranoid. Colby advises him to drop it – or he’ll be the one responsible for starting a war! Scott returns to the living room and Annie tells him she’s so happy that they were interacting like a family. Annie jokes around with him, but he acts uncomfortable. Emma and Adam come into the room together, and Annie dresses Emma to go outside. Adam gets a business call and excuses himself. Emma goes out, and Annie tells Scott she didn’t mean to make him uncomfortable earlier. She informs him that she has no intention of breaking Adam’s trust again.

    Jr and Marissa’s home:

    At home, JR is suffering effects from the chemo. Marissa comforts him, and Little Adam appears. He tells his dad he looks sick. JR says he is. Little A asks if he’s going to die? JR tells him that things were different with his mom – she was hurt really bad and the doctors couldn’t fix her. Marissa distracts him by suggesting they go out. Colby goes to JR’s house and tells him he should have seen Annie today – acting like she was a real part of their family! She mentions that she made the mistake of telling Scott what she’s planning. JR warns her that Scott has feelings for Annie – she’ll get no help from him. Colby notices how unwell JR looks, she asks him to tell her he’s not drinking again. JR says he’s not – he’ll even take a breathalyzer if she wants. He claims it’s the flu. She reminds him that Lucretia’s soup is great for that. Colby says Adam misses him. JR feels that Annie, or no Annie, it’s too late for him and his father.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby returns home to find Annie, Emma, and Scott shrieking with laughter in the living room. Adam comes in and smiles. Emma heads upstairs but doesn’t hug Adam. Annie assures him that she’ll someday love him as much as she does. She leaves the room and comes back in skimpy lingerie and a silk robe. Scott is still there, and it’s an awkward moment until he leaves. Annie puts on music and begins to dance for Adam. Scott watches through the window from outside for a moment before continuing on to the gatehouse. Liza arrives at the Chandler Mansion to talk to Colby, saying she’s worried about her. Colby is assuring her mother that she has everything under control when there is suddenly a loud shriek – it’s Annie!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad watches Krystal work with her architect boyfriend, Rob, in the Martin living room. They tell him that the candy store will be open soon. Tad remarks that it seems kind of limited – he reminds her how great the Comeback was. Krystal says she’s been living in the past long enough – it’s time for a change! Tad asks if she’s sure she’s ready for that. Rob decides he should go. Krystal walks him to the door and apologizes. He says he’ll call her, but he’s non-committal about when. Krystal closes the door, and then confronts Tad, saying he just sabotaged her relationship. She points out that he’s double dipping with Liza. Tad protests – they’re just friends! Krystal suggests they both keep their nose out of each other’s business. Tad has a better idea – they tell each other all the details!

    The hospital:

    At the hospital, Angie and Jake explain to Amanda that Trevor would only have to be swabbed for DNA to find out if he has David’s blood disorder. Amanda considers this, then asks, "What if I don’t want to know anymore?" She says ignorance is bliss, but Jake argues that they can’t have that hanging over them. Amanda is scared.

    Martin zoo:

    Amanda and Jake return to the Martin house to get Trevor. When Amanda goes upstairs to get him, Jake fills Tad and Krystal in on the latest, adding that he hopes David is faking his illness, otherwise Trevor could be sick too. Marissa comes in with Little Adam, and Krystal tells her to sit down – there’s something she needs to know! Marissa is stunned by the news that David’s disorder is hereditary. Tad takes Jake aside and they discuss the implications if David’s not lying. Marissa talks to Krystal about Little A’s worry that JR could die – he can’t lose her too! Krystal tries to reassure her, but Amanda comes into the room with Trevor and insinuates that it’s unlikely both of David’s children would be in the clear!

    The hospital:

    At the hospital, Tad asks Marissa if she’s told JR what is going on. She hasn’t. Tad urges her not to do what JR was doing and keep things secret. Amanda takes Trevor in for his DNA swab. Angie grimly tells her that she found out that 80% of those with the disorder passed it on to their offspring!

    Jake and Amanda’s home:

    Jake and Amanda get home from the hospital. Amanda is in a tailspin over her son possibly having the genetic marker. Jake assures her that Marissa is showing no signs of anything, so even if Trevor had it there would be time to find a cure. Amanda does not feel better – she thinks this is karma for faking Trevor’s death. Jake promises to devote his life to finding a cure if Trevor’s sick.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad is back at the Martin house and tells Krystal she can stop putting on a strong front – she’s obviously worried about Marissa. He reminds her that David may be faking. Krystal sits down beside him, and he puts his arm around her, saying whatever she needs, she should just ask. Tad reminds her that they’re friends. Krystal says she’s going up to kiss the kids. Tad asks if she’s ever kissed the architect. Krystal says goodnight.

    Marissa and Jr’s home:

    Marissa gets home and tells JR that Little Adam is spending the night at Tad’s. She breaks the news that the blood disease David has is hereditary. JR is floored and asks about Little Adam – she confirms he’s at risk too. JR hugs her.

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