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    Get a letter from a convict and then tell him you’re pregnant.


    Oh look a guard is bullying Scott! Gee does the guard want to date Scott? Yeah he does cus the guard heard that Scott broke up with Bubba! The guard walks away and then Scott pulls out the cell phone hidden in his sock and texts Greenlee to summon her to the prison. She tries to get out of it, but Scott reminds her she needs him.


    Matchmaker Greenlee is with Superhero Ryan, Amanda, and Jake. She lies to them and tells them she has to get to work. So off she goes!


    Greenlee goes to see Scott who tells her his parole hearing has been moved up to tomorrow and he needs her to testify on his behalf. She tells him it’s not part of their deal and it will look suspicious. Scott needs her help so he can come through for her with Madison. Scott asks her if she’s planning on attending the hearing and she just glares at him and leaves. Well gee how rude she is! :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan goes home and he finds an envelope on his doorstep. He walks inside and opens a report on Zak’s crash, which says the case is closed.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Randi and Frankie are on a double date with Brot and Natalia. Brot and Natalia talk about their case. I thought they weren’t supposed to work together!!!! Randi sees Madison sitting by herself reading a letter. She walks over to her and Madison tells her Scott wrote to tell her he wants to see her. Randi is surprised, but then invites Madison to join them at the table. They walk over as Natalia and Brot go back to work. Madison tells her Randi and Frankie she’s going to work for Kendall at her house for Fusion. They think it will put her right back in Ryan’s path, but Madison thinks she’ll be able to handle it and says she’s doing what’s best for her baby.


    Ryan returns and runs into Madison. DOH! They talk about Ryan’s suspicions about Zak being murdered. Madison wonders if the boys are in danger. Ryan doesn’t know but he will protect everyone if they are. Oh Ryan you gotta don your cape if you are gonna do that!!! Ryan says the case is closed, but he wants to go to California and reopen it if he has to.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Greenlee and Ryan are together where she tells him how she is helping Scott. Ryan thinks she’s amazing by giving Scott a second chance. He then tells her he’s going to California for business, but suggests he go to the parole hearing with her tomorrow first. And today they have to concentrate on them. They make out UGH!


    Madison shows up to talk to Scott about his letter. He hopes he wasn’t too forward, but he wanted to tell her how he felt and informs her he’s getting out of there tomorrow. He’s starting a new chapter in his life and thinks she can give him some tips on starting over. He lists her attributes and says there’s nothing she could tell him that would change his mind about her. She tells him she is PREGNANT!!! She asks him not to tell anyone and leaves. Scott says to himself he has a good idea who might already know about this. Oh yeah Scott? Who? :) Greenlee? :) You are right if you are thinking that. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie starts to open the door when she accidentally knocks out Marissa, who was just leaving. DAMN! :) Annie panics as Marissa passes out cold. She says oh you are still breathing good keep it that way ROFL! JR calls Annie while she tries to drag Marissa’s body out the door. ROFL ROFL! Annie can’t even drag her! ROFL! Then Annie pretends there is static on the phone and says she can’t hear him ROFL! She did it twice hahahaha! This is so funny! Great scenes!! Their scene is cracking me up hard!!! While on the phone with JR Marissa moans! JR tells her everything has changed and he wants to be with her. He’ll see her at the house in a few minutes. They hang up and Annie has to think of what to do! Marissa moans again and Annie says shut up I’m thinking! ROFL! Annie gets an idea and smashes a vase, tosses the room and smashes in a window to make it look like a burglar was there. As she starts to walk out she trips the alarm on purpose. Annie hides, as JR walks in and finds Marissa lying on the floor. Brot and Natalia rush in and look around the house.

    Marissa wakes up and Annie walks in acting surprised. Natalia questions Marissa, but she doesn’t know anything. Natalia questions Annie who says she just got there. Annie imagines JR saying he wants to be with Marissa and then calls Amanda to come over to help her. Amanda and Jake arrive as the EMTs update Jake on Marissa’s condition. Jake says she’ll be okay and Brot and Natalia leave. Amanda pulls Annie out in the hallway and says Annie is relying on her too much lately and she wants to cool off their friendship. Awww Amanda is breaking up with Annnie!! ROFL! Awww poor Annie.. Annie can’t believe she’s dumping her as friend, but Amanda just wants to stop with the panicky phone calls. JR tells Marissa she is staying at the mansion tonight. Jake suggests someone check on her every few hours and then leaves with Amanda. Out in the hall, JR informs Annie he had a trip planned for the two of them, but they can’t go now because he can’t leave Marissa and AJ alone. ROFL! Now look what you did Annie! :) The look on Annie’s face!!! ROFL! Annie is having a terrible, horrible no good, very bad day. :) Hahaha is anybody familiar with the book called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day? :)


    Jake and Amanda head back to ConFusion. Jake thinks something seemed odd about what happened to Marissa. You think?! :) It felt to him like someone was desperate in order to pull something like that off. ROFL!

    The hospital:

    Mayor Blanco shows up!! THERE YOU ARE!! Where have you been? Have you visited David yet? She finds Jesse and Angie at the hospital together. She thinks Jesse spends more time there than at work. Jesse thinks she is being insensitive considering what Angie is going through, but Angie jumps in and tells her she agrees that Jesse is hovering. Blanco leaves and Angie points out the mayor was just baiting Jesse and has someone waiting in the wings to fill his job. Jesse gets paged about the Chandler break in and rushes off.

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