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    There was no AMC yesterday because of the president speech.

    Congratulations it’s a boy!

    The hospital:

    Caleb tells Erica he wouldn’t blame Asher if he came to town to get even with him. Erica urges him not to close the door too quickly on this, but Caleb thinks he might not have a choice. Erica knows what it’s like to have a child come back into your life full of anger. She encourages him to face it head on because it could turn out to be wonderful. She knows it’s not easy, admitting it was the hardest thing she ever had to do. Meanwhile Colby visits Asher who is unconscious. JR is there and he tries to reassure Colby that he will be fine. Colby is upset at JR for getting Asher involved in this mess in the first place. Colby talks to Asher and apologizes for not seeing what he was going through. Damon joins her, worried because she didn’t call. She says she didn’t want to leave Asher. She updates Damon on Asher being Caleb’s son and Damon is unhappy that he lied to them and dragged them into his mess. Colby defends him and they fight about it. Damon wants to go home, but she won’t leave because Asher doesn’t have anyone else. Damon wants to at least go get something to eat and Colby goes with him. Caleb sees a photo of Palmer in the hospital and wonders what he’s supposed to do about Asher. He says Asher hates him and thinks maybe he’s better off without him. Caleb sees the doctor who tells him Asher will be fine. The doctor also adds that the DNA test he secretly performed confirms the boy is his son. JR confronts Caleb and finds out Caleb knows now that Asher is his son. JR says congratulations it’s a boy. ROFL!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Jack walks in and finds Greenlee sitting at the bar. They argue about her trial and she says once she gets on the stand she will fix everything. He warns her Liza will come at her with everything she’s got and suggests they go prepare. Greenlee has something to do first. After she leaves, Erica enters and sits with Jack, who is worried about Greenlee. She supports him and his abilities. He appreciates it even if she doesn’t believe in his daughter. She supports him no matter who his client is. Erica knows of a way she can help and leaves.

    Slater home:

    Zak and Kendall talk about the holidays and Zak suggests they keep it just them and the kids. Kendall thinks Erica would disown them, but Zak points out she’s done it before. Kendall wants the whole family together and Zak reveals he’s already ordered the biggest turkey he could because he knows she likes things big. ROFL! Greenlee forgot her key when she shows up. Zak leaves them to talk. As they discuss finding the Digitalis in Ryan’s pocket, Zak returns and overhears.OOPS! :) Zak is angry they are keeping this a secret, but they beg him not to say anything. Zak hates it but agrees to keep quiet. For Spike’s sake and for their sake. Kendall and Zak then offer support and advice to Greenlee about taking the stand and she leaves. Zak tells Kendall, Here we are again. They argue about Kendall being involved in Ryan and Greenlee’s drama again. She knows she should have told him, but she can’t turn her back on people when they need her help. She needs him not to shut down on her about this. He asks if there are any more secrets. She promises there aren’t.


    Erica finds Greenlee having a drink at and lashes out at her for being there when Jack is working so hard to get her acquitted. Greenlee wonders why Erica cares. She assumes Erica thinks she killed David and Erica confirms it. Erica wants Greenlee to realize how lucky she is to have a father like Jack and to help him with the case, not fight him on it.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Greenlee returns to meet with her father. GOOD! :)

    The beach house:

    Annie tells Emma how she helped JR and AJ while at the beach house. Emma is so proud of her mommy! :) She says mommy you are a good person. Awww! :) As Emma sleeps, Annie tells her daughter she wants to be the mother she deserves and to be the best version of herself. JR stops by and tells Annie Asher is in the hospital and that he is Caleb’s son. JR wouldn’t be surprised if Caleb pushed Asher down the stairs. JR thanks Annie for covering for him because now his son is back where he belongs. After JR helps put Emma to bed, he thanks Annie again. She is glad she could help and that the judge ruled in his favor. He says for now anyway. She worries her and Emma staying at the beach house will hurt his custody battle, but JR is happy to do it especially after what she’s done for him. JR would like to visit her and Emma once in awhile and she tells him to come whenever he likes.

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