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    They didn’t show all of the show today. Part of it was interrupted by the President talking about Haiti. The poor people down there. So very sad. :(

    Trever’s paternity. What if?

    Martin zoo:

    Krystal is very antsy and asks Tad if the phone rang while she was in the shower. He says no, and notices that she keeps asking. She is very nervous about Marissa’s results. Marissa told her not to go to the hospital but she says she is a mother of course she is going.  She leaves.  Liza shows up with Bailey and Stuart. I thought Bailey and Stuart were going to live at the Martin zoo. I had no idea what is going on there cus of the president talking. She isn’t living there they are just visiting. I’m confused. I will have to watch AMC online. Bailey goes upstairs to lay the baby down, and Liza tells Tad that the baby had a great check-up.. Liza and Tad so some smooooooching when Damon (UGH) walks up from the basement.  He tells Liza his boss got hired to paint Tad’s basement. That surprised Liza. Bailey comes down and  sees Damon. She has no idea that he is going to paint the basement. Bailey and Damon go upstairs to see Stuart. I wish Damon would stop kissing Bailey! It’s annoying! He really has got to go!  When they go upstairs Liza thanks Tad for hiring Damon, then they talk about Colby. She tells him about Colby’s jealousy of Bailey. Tad advises Liza to buy a big house for them all to live in! They start doing the smoochy smoochy again  and Bailey and Damon come down and kiss too. The painter comes to find Damon, and flips out because he’s not working. He fires him, when Tad announces that Damon convinced him to paint the whole house! The painter is so excited and happy! Ohhh so is that how they are going to explain why Tad’s house is so different? Cus they all did move to LA. :) The painter kisses Tad and Damon ROFL! Damon thanks Tad and returns to work. Liza and Tad go back to making out!!! They end up on the couch to make out more. She puts a halt on it because someone might walk in.. It might be Damon or Opal coming home with the kids.  Tad suggests that they need to go on a date – the two of them alone with no painters, children, or baby daddies lurking!

    Marissa and Jr’s home:

    Marissa  and Jr wake up in the morning. She asks him if he slept and if the chemo has affected him still. She tells JR she’s thinking about her DNA results. They discuss how great it is that Little A was cleared and that the delay at the lab didn’t affect his results. Marissa tells JR she’s upset that David didn’t tell her about the genetic marker – what kind of a father keeps that information to himself? She wants to know

    Amanda and Jake’s home:

    Jake is holding Trever. He is talking to Trever with a fake Spanish accent ROFL! Jake is talking to him about the sun. :) Amanda comes upon them and Jake goes up to her. Jake puts him down for a nap. Amanda is so worried about the 85% chance that Trevor will turn out to have David’s disease. And what kind of God does this? Jake says he wouldn’t do that to Trever.

    Greenlee’s hospital room:

    David is on the phone leaving Amanda a message. He tells her that he is in between treatments and that the time difference is no big deal. David hangs up and is surprised  to see Greenlee is awake and has been listening. She asks what treatments he’s referring to? He says you were eavesdropping? She says the door was ajar. :)  He says he told Amanda he was treating a rich patient out of the country because he’s afraid she’d try to visit if she knew he was in Gloucester. Greenlee calls his bluff – he’s not afraid of her visiting! David  says he’ll tell her the truth – but no one in Pine Valley can know! Greenlee urges him to tell her – she won’t judge him, he saved her life! He tells her, and she talks about how he led Amanda to believe he’s dying. Greenlee laughs and says he’s bad, but he’s good!  OH YEAH HE IS GREENLEE!!!! :) She wonders if David will return to Pine Valley and says he beat death in hopes that everyone will be nice to him. David says it could happen. Greenlee offers to help – he saved her life, now she’s going to save his! AWWWWWWWW! :) I love Greenlee and David scenes. :) They are BFF’S! Well they should be. :)  He doesn’t want her to be involved in all this. David explains that bringing her back from the dead won’t be enough of a miracle to save him from what he’s done! Greenlee asks him to tell her the rest.

    The hospital:

    Adam tells Annie that his family is coming. He wants all his family members there to talk to them. She thinks he is going to die and tells him he can’t leave her – she can’t live without him! Jake, Marissa, Krystal, and Amanda gather at the hospital to read the results from the lab. Jake opens them and says that none of them have the marker for the blood disorder. DOH! They are all relieved, but Jake says something isn’t right – it’s almost impossible that none of them would have inherited it. Jake feels it means David is lying! Marissa is in disbelief, but Angie backs him up. Marissa says there could be another reason – she then asks if Amanda is sure that David is Trevor’s father? DOUBLE DOH! They discuss doing DNA testing for paternity. Marissa learns that JR could be the father – she says she’ll speak to him about giving a sample. Jake tells Angie he’ll get David’s DNA from his locker! Colby and JR speak at the hospital as they wait for the family meeting with Adam. Annie walks up to them and Colby is sweet to her, but then walks away. JR remarks to Annie that she should install a stripper pole in the house. Scott shows up. Jr wants to leave. Adam  announces that there’s not much time – they’re going to operate soon! Adam explains that the doctors are putting in a pacemaker – very routine, but there are some issues that need to be resolved. Oh my!!! A pacemaker!!! Adam wants them all to put their differences aside and behave like a family. He wants them to embrace Annie! He tells Colby to find what makes her happy – a career or love. Wow sounds like a goodbye to me.  JR says all Adam’s ever tried to do is stop him from having his own life! Adam agrees that’s true, and says he regrets it. He tells his son that someday he’ll figure out that the Chandler name is a blessing, not a curse. Adam turns to Scott, saying he’s had a hard time since he came back to Pine Valley, but he belongs there, in that family! The doctor comes in and says it’s time. Colby and Scott both hug Adam goodbye. I am so glad Colby changed from her Catholic school girl/nun without the habit outfit. She should give that outfit away! Give it to a Catholic school or to a nun. :) Scott holds Annie and assuring her that Adam will be okay. Colby watches.  Marissa catches up with JR in the corridor and tells him she is fine. He’s glad, but she says there’s more. Either David is lying about having the disease, or one of them isn’t David’s child. JR asks what she means. She says he could be Trevor’s father! Jake and Amanda are in the waiting area with Trevor. Jake says that David’s hair has been sent to the lab. Amanda wonders what if Jake’s connection to the child is more than what they think – what if he is Trevor’s father?

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