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    The teleport is in use.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Superhero Ryan assures Greenlee if he finds out Zak was murdered they will make sure those people pay. He apologizes for keeping her in the dark, but she knows he was just protecting her because that’s what they do. Ryan promises full disclosure from here on out and she agrees. Yeah superhero Ryan! Full disclosure on your part but not on hers!!!

    Slater home:

    Kendall, Bianca and Opal help Erica plan her wedding!!! Jill Larson (Opal) sounds like she has a cold! Bianca thinks it’s difficult to plan it since Erica is facing attempted murder charges. Erica doesn’t want to discuss David, but Kendall admits he is haunting her dreams. Opal thinks they should get to the bottom of it, but Erica insists they will do no such thing. She wants to get back to the wedding and Kendall brings up the guest list. When Caleb’s name comes up, Erica doesn’t think he’ll show up. Bianca acts strangely! Kendall thinks they should still invite him, but Bianca backs Erica up on not sending him an invitation. Kendall gets suspicious!!! Geez Bianca! You should really chill out!

    Bianca check on the kids with Opal. Erica and Bianca talk about Caleb. Erica wants her to stop freaking about it. Opal overhears them and tells Bianca the kids need her. Bianca goes to the other room and Opal asks Erica about the nonsense with her and mountain man. She thought whatever was brewing between them was harmless, but now she’s sensing something more. Opal and Erica leave. Greenlee stops by and Kendall and Greenlee have a visit.. They discuss David and Greenlee’s future with Ryan. Kendall is happy for her but admits it hurts a little bit. Kendall wants to be a part of the wedding. Oh goodie! Kendall part of the wedding how sweet NOT! Greenlee says it won’t happen any time soon because there’s too much happening right now. Besides she needs to get divorced before she can get married. Ryan calls Greenlee and tells her Zak’s death has been linked to a faulty fuel valve. After the phone call was over and Greenlee hangs up, Kendall tells her not to waste another second away from the man she loves. Greenlee thanks her and runs out. Then she runs back in to hug her BFF Kendall! UGH!


    On the beach Ryan meets with an NTSB agent who confirms that Zak’s death was just that – an accident.. Ryan sits on the beach thinking about the night Zak died. He then sees Greenlee who used the teleporter to get there!!! Ryan is happy to see her! They talk about Zak and how random the explosion was. Greenlee wants him to let go of the guilt over Zak’s death and wants to help him move on. He thanks her for understanding and thinks they should make something good come from this. He wants her to go somewhere with him and leads her away. The NTSB agent calls someone to says the Slater case is officially closed. Lavery won’t be looking into it anymore and neither will anyone else. DOH!!!! THE NTSB GUY IS BAD!!!

    The hospital:

    Griffin checks out Kendall. She admits she isn’t sleeping well and is having nightmares about David. He says Cara told him she’s been sleeping on the couch, which probably isn’t helping. He suggests she start sleeping in her bed again so she gets a good night’s sleep. He thinks Zak would want her to take care of herself. It’s time. Wow this is so very boring! Zzzzzzzzzz. Oh look Griffin is sucking on a lollypop!!! He is acting like Telly Savalas! ROFL! And he is giving Kendall a lollypop too! A green one! Meanwhile In David’s hospital room, Liza confides in David that she really screwed up with Colby.That she slept with her daughter’s boyfriend and wants David to help her!! Oh don’t worry Liza I think David can help you if you know what I mean *wink wink* :) Griffin enters and tells her David is being transferred to another facility because there’s nothing more they can do for him there. :( Liza will miss him because he was the last person in town who actually needed her. Griffin leaves, as Colby rushes in for help on getting Damon back. She admits part of her wants to tell Damon to leave her alone forever, but she can’t.

    Slater home:

    Kendall returns home and brings her pillow and blankets into her and Zak’s room. YAY! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Erica and Opal are there to further discuss the Caleb situation. Erica admits they kissed, but explains it was due to stress and high emotions. She insists it will never happen again. Mmmm hmmm sure Erica! :)


    Erica confronts Liza about the trial. She wants the trial date moved up so she can get on with her life. Liza tells her she’s got a lot going on with Colby right now, so it’s not a good time. Tad is there and listening in.. Erica tells Liza she acted out of impulse when she shot David and wonders if Liza never acted on the same instincts. Tad approaches them and tells her how they’ve all done things they can’t take back even though they wish they could. The point isn’t lost on Liza, as Erica urges her to go to her daughter and really be there for her. Erica knows she won’t regret it and heads over to the bar. Tad sits down and wonders if Liza really needs to be the cause of so much suffering by prosecuting Erica. He wants her to remember the Liza he used to know. Liza walks over to Erica and tells her she will drop the charges because winning isn’t so important to her anymore. DOH!!! Tad finds Liza and assures that was the right thing to do. She knows she has a lot to make up for, but wonders if it’s possible to accomplish it. Tad thinks she’s taken a step in the right direction.

    The hospital:

    In David’s hospital room, Erica tells him it’s over. As she is leaving his room ComaDavid opens his eyes!!! YAY!!!!!!!! :) And then he says Erica’s name. She turns around! :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Damon stops by where Colby tells him she wants to move past what happened. She wants to know about this other girl he slept with and she will find a way to handle it. Oh I don’t think you will Colby!!!! Go ahead Damon! Tell her you slept with her mother! :) Damon doesn’t want to try and work it out. She thinks all that matters is that they love each other, but he tells her goodbye and leaves.

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    Ryan/Greenlee….I can’t stand these two. It all seems so forced, it came on too quickly. Can we just fast-forward to the part where Ryan finds out Greenlee didn’t tell him about Madison being pregnant with his child (and the fact that she tried to railroad Madison out of town), and be done with it?

    Erica….haha! She tells sleeping David that he can’t hurt them anymore, and voila! Eyes open!! As much as I wasn’t liking David of late,it was funny seeing him wake up when he did. LOL

    Liza/Colby/Damon….this is another story I would like to fast-forward through. Let’s get to the part where the secret comes out. Have Colby leave the show to go “find herself”. Can’t stand the character at all.

    I really have to think to try and figure out what I like about the show. LOL So many people don’t like Caleb, but I do. And, I love Annie! LOL The new Marissa isn’t even bothering me as much as the “old” one did. Oh, and let’s not forget Tad! Always love him :)

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