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    Who is the father?!

    Miranda Center:

    Madison helps a beat up woman at the center. Madison says she understands and that people helped her and that they can help you. Frankie is there and he overhears. She introduces the woman to Frankie who she says he is a doctor.  Frankie talks to Madison alone and tells her how proud of her he is for what she’s doing there, and at Fusion. She admits that she’s partly doing it to show him and his family that she’s not the same horrible person, but now she sees that she might also be able to change lives – it feels good.


    Ryan is waiting for Erica to make a decision on a new advertising campaign. She is acting strangely.   she says she doesn’t want neither proposed campaigns! Ryan finds out what is wrong with her. She explains that her heart is just not in this anymore – how is any of what they do there helping anyone?! Ryan says she can still help people while keeping her finger on the pulse of Fusion. Randi calls Erica away to a phone call. She tells Ryan that Erica has been different since she went to Africa – she used to run the company differently. Erica is on the phone and is sounds like she wants to give Ryan a surprise party. She returns and tells Randi and Val to revamp the advertising campaign, and for Ryan to join her for a conference call. Madison shows up where Randi fills her in on the fact that they’re working on the advertising campaign. Madison has an idea!!! She suggests a line of cosmetics with the profits going to charity. Randi thinks it’s a great idea – she should pitch it. I thought Randi was going to steal Madison’s idea!!! But I was wrong!!! Madison says thinks she’s too new – she suggests Randi pitch the idea. Erica comes out of her office and Madison tells her that Randi just suggested that they do a whole non-profit line. Erica loves the idea, and runs off to get the ball rolling. Randi questions why Madison gave her credit for her idea. Madison says she owes her a lot. Yeah that was very odd. What is Madison REALLY up to? Hmm. Erica goes in her office and Ryan is still there. She tells him she just heard the most incredible idea, and she’s thinking of a whole string of Miranda Centers all over the country! Ryan is confused at first but likes the idea.  She explains that her new line of non-profit cosmetics will fund the building of the new centers! He says that he hasn’t seen her this happy in a long time! Ryan says they will make it work! Erica says he makes her feel so alive – that’s what she loves about him! DOH! She loves him UGH!

    The hospital:

    Marissa tells Jr that Trever could be his son and that he needs to submit to a DNA test. JR remembers how Amanda was working for David and seduced him, and how he talked her out of getting rid of the baby. He also remembers how disappointed he was inside when the dates didn’t match up. Marissa says she’ll love Trevor as much as Little A, if he turns out to be his son. Amanda tells Jake they were so busy trying to keep her baby from David, they missed something.  Jake could be Trevor’s father. She explains that they assumed that she went into premature labor, but maybe they had the due date wrong! Jake remembers all of the feelings he had while they were keeping the baby from David. He thinks maybe they have both dreamed that Trevor might really be theirs, but it’s likely too good to be true. Marissa and JR appear. Marissa says he may not be her little brother. Amanda says that she might be his stepmother! JR and Jake go off to give samples, and Amanda tells Marissa she must not think much of her – sleeping with three men in such a short time. Marissa says she won’t judge. Amanda asks how Marissa thinks JR will react if he’s his child. They discuss ‘real’ parents. Marissa says hers died – she doesn’t consider her real father to be David just because he slept with Krystal. She suggests that regardless of biology, Jake is Trevor’s father. Marissa wonders if David knows that Trevor isn’t his child. Amanda doesn’t know, but she saus that he loves Trevor, he may never give up pursuing him regardless! In the waiting area, Jake and JR discuss the time when Amanda thought JR was the father of her baby. Jake says that JR treated her terribly. JR admits it, and points out that Jake was her saving grace. JR tells Jake that regardless of the outcome, he will always be Trevor’s father. Wow JR wow!!!! :) Jake says he figured JR would have had a totally different attitude about it – he misjudged him. JR admits that he’s changed. Frankie appears to take their swabs, and Angie appears. She and Frankie discuss how ironic it would be if Jake turned out to be the father all along. Frankie tells Jake and JR it won’t be long before they know the results from David’s DNA. Angie comes out of the lab and announces to Amanda, Jake, JR, and Marissa that the results show it is impossible for David to be Trevor’s father!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :) Jake and Amanda are so happy! Jake turns to JR and says it’s down to the two of them. Now where is Maury when you need him?! :)


    In Greenlee’s hospital room Greenlee and David talk. He wants to know what he is not telling her. He finally admits the truth about Trever!!!  That he  is not his son! Greenlee doesn’t understand. David tells her how he was so sure that Trevor was his – he felt so connected to him – but recently he found out the truth. Greenlee asks how he could keep it a secret? David says that he still feels like his boy – nothing has changed in his heart! Greenlee asks if he knows who the real father is. David admits it could be Jake, but Amanda originally thought that it was JR. Greenlee wants to know What now? David says he was never going to tell anyone. Greenlee pleads with him to tell let them know, but David yells that he has no intention of doing any such thing! Greenlee points out that David has proved he can be a good person – what he’s done for her is evidence – so why can’t he save himself? David hollers that she doesn’t get it – he is saving himself – with Trevor, who is his last chance!  Poor David! :( David says that all he ever wanted in life was his own family. He goes on about watching your children grow up, and how many people take it for granted. Greenlee reminds him there’s a price to pay for lying to your child. David urges Greenlee to admit that she agrees with everyone else – that he’s evil, a monster. He tells her it’s the sick truth! Greenlee insists that they will always share a special bond, but concedes that the rest of them wouldn’t be likely to forgive him. I love Greenlee and David scenes!!! Greenlee even brought up Leora! And whenever someone brings Leora up I get emotional.  David tells Greenlee to go ahead and call them – tell them how he’s destroyed their lives – it’s up to her! Greenlee tells him he saved her life – she can’t blow his apart. :( Yeah they always had a bond!! :) 

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