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    You ARE the father.

    Greenlee’s hospital room:

    David urges Greenlee to take the phone and call Pine Valley to reveal his deception. Greenlee says he saved her life – she can’t blow his out of the water! She warns that the truth about everything will come out, and he’ll care what Marissa and Little Adam think about him. He needs to put an end to this now! Later Gayle in and says that David took off suddenly. She asks if he made a big decision. Greenlee admits he has – he is going back to tell the truth about himself, not her. Gayle hopes it doesn’t break him. They discuss Greenlee’s progress, and suddenly Greenlee remembers that it’s Ryan’s birthday. Gayle asks if she was with him on his last birthday. Greenlee says yes and recalls celebrating with Emma and Ryan. They flashback to it. Greenlee goes to sleep and dreams about Ryan,Emma and herself on his birthday.  She wakes up and feels her feet tingly. She calls out to Gayle and Gayle grabs something to see if Greenlee can feel anything. She can! The surgeon comes in and checks Greenlee’s legs – he’s pleased, and says they can start therapy in the morning. Greenlee wants to start tonight.


    Erica and Ryan are in her office. She tells him that he makes her feel alive and that’s what she loves about him! There is an awkward pause before she starts talking business again. Finally, she says that what she said was just a term of endearment – not a huge revelation. Ryan asks if she’s sure she didn’t mean it to be something more? He is just giving her a hard time. He likes to see her squirm. Randi buzzes the office and wishes Ryan a happy birthday. Erica says she had no idea! Hmmm? No idea?!!?! You have known Ryan for years and you have no idea?! Ryan thanks Randi and leaves the office and Erica gets on the phone with Opal talking about the party they are planning. OH so Erica DOES know Ryan’s birthday! :) Ryan gets a phone call from his daughter wishing him a happy birthday and wants to see him. He leaves.

    The hospital:

    Angie’s beeper goes off – she says the results of the other DNA tests are in. Wow! That is fast! David’s DNA test was almost finished when Jake and Jr went to get theirs done! As soon as David’s done Jake and Jr’s tests are done? ROFL! Maurey Povich shows up and says Jake you ARE the father! :) Not really but it would be really funny if that happened ROFL! Angie shows up again and says Jake is the father. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! :) David lying to everyone about the blood disease was brilliant! Cus Amanda tested Trever and it showed David is not the father and showed Jake is! VERY VERY SOAPY I LOVE IT!  Jake and Amanda are so happy! Jake shakes JR’s hand. Amanda kisses him. Frankie remarks that he’s glad about the good news. Jake tells everyone he’s going to take his wife and son home. JR asks Marissa for a moment to take care of something. Angie asks her if he’s alright. Marissa says he’s glad for Jake, but he might not have minded if the boy had been his. Still in the corridor, Angie and Marissa are discussing the outcome of the DNA testing when David walks in. Angie says Well, look here. That was a short trip to Malaysia? Angie leaves.  David tells Marissa that he never went to Malaysia, and he isn’t dying – he faked the whole thing. Marissa is angry. David also tells her that he’s not Trevor’s father. Marissa says she knows – they had a DNA test done while he was gone. David tries to reach out to her, but she goes off on him, asking how he could do this! David says he came to tell her first because she’s all he has left. David says he is a screwed up man. He pleads with her to forgive him. Marissa doesn’t know if she can do that right now.  She’s too angry. She agrees with his description of himself – he’s one screwed up man!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Adam is home from the hospital with Annie calling him her six million dollar man, and urging him to go rest. Scott and Colby are also there. Colby tells Annie she hopes she will stick to the doctor’s orders – meaning Adam is not supposed to get excited. Annie is defensive, wondering if she’s referring to their sex life. Colby says that Adam should be left alone at night. Annie informs her she has no intention of moving out of their bedroom or anywhere else. ROFL!  Emma runs up to greet Annie, and Scott asks Colby what do you think you’re doing, huh? Colby insists she’s keeping her father alive! He tells Colby that if she’s trying to play it cool with Annie, suggesting that she’s trying to kill Adam with sex probably isn’t the way to do it! ROFL! Colby defends her thinking. Ryan shows up and Colby lets him in, and Emma rushes to greet him. She tells him that her mommy told her to call him. They hug and kiss and have fun. Ryan eventually leaves and he thanks Annie for letting him see Emma. Annie wishes him a happy birthday then shuts the door. She joins Scott to sit in the living room. They discuss Adam’s condition. She’s worried that he’s sicker than he’s letting on. Adam appears and says that he feels great – he just needed a shower. Scott leaves and Annie asks Adam if he wants her to sleep in the guestroom tonight. She tells him that Colby suggested it. Adam tells her that he wants her by his side – tonight and every night – he can’t live without her! Adam? Don’t you mean that you DON’T want to live without her? That sounds better. :) Annie rushes off to get him a treat, and returns to hear him on the phone making arrangements to update his will! DOH! JColby is outside for some reason. Gee Colby aren’t you cold? JR shows  up and talks to Colby.  She tells him she needs his help. Colby points out that he came this far – he should come inside. JR turns her down, saying he can’t – Adam’s made his choice. He tells Colby he’ll always be there for her and urges her to call if he needs her.


    Ryan returns later looking for Erica. Madison asks if he’s okay. He says he just needs to get home. Madison confronts him about  him being at  ConFusion drinking – she should probably offer him a lift. On the way out, he talks to Madison about what she thinks about him and Erica. She tells him she thinks they make a great team – she doesn’t understand why they have to hide it. Ryan agrees – why would anyone want to hide it. Ryan says that Erica doesn’t play games. Hmmm? Say what?!!! YES SHE DOES!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Erica arrives and sees what Opal did for the birthday party for Ryan. Erica freaks out and thinks Opal has overdone the birthday party decorating a little. Erica says that it’s just way too much – he’s a friend – this sends the wrong message! Opal thinks Ryan deserves it.  Erica points out that the cake says ‘To my darling’. Opal  adds the word ‘fred’, instead of ‘friend’.  ROFL! Opal says there is no room! ROFL! Geez Erica what the hell is wrong with you?! Opal who just came back from Paris (that hat! ROFL! I love Opal!) and helps you with Ryan’s party for 2 and you are acting like a 13 year old!! COME ON!! Opal leaves and later Ryan shows up and sees Erica sitting at the table. She tells him that Opal helped her and went overboard, but the sentiment grew on her. Ryan reads his cake which reads, ‘To my darling Fred’. ROFL! Erica laughs and says he’s her best Fred! Ryan talks about how out of place he felt at the Chandler Mansion and how he’s been looking for a place to feel comfortable. Ryan looks at Erica and tells her he’s found it. She beams.

    Jake and Amanda’s home:

    Jake and Amanda get home. Jake is speaking to Tad on the phone as they enter, telling him the big news. Once inside, Jake admits to Amanda that he prayed for this every night. Amanda says that David can never hurt them again. There’s a knock at the door – it’s David! Amanda slaps him hard! David is saying he came to apologize, when Jake closes the door and punches David in the face! DOH!! WOW!!! Yeah sure he deserves it but they should hear him out! He didn’t know Trever wasn’t his son the whole time!!! And Jake and Amanda are not innocent in all this!!! After Jake and Amanda hit him, I show up and ask David if he is okay. I tell Jake and Amanda off and then take David back to Wildwind. I take care of him. :)

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