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    Quit your job! Quit your marriage! Quit your apartment! Quit everything!

    The hospital:

    Jake tells Amanda he can’t rip his heart out anymore over her, and he won’t raise David Hayward’s child. Amanda feels that he’s just hurt. She tells him he so much more a father to Trevor than David! Jake says if their original plan had worked it might be different – but this all hurts too much. He tells Amanda that the more he fights for her, the closer to David she gets! Amanda disagrees but Jake walks away from her. He approaches Angie and tells her to cancel all his shifts – he’s quitting! Amanda and Angie both confront him, but Jake is angry and walks away from them both. Angie tells Amanda she’ll talk sense into him, and strides up to Jake, telling him she won’t accept his resignation or leave Amanda! Jake says it’s not her decision. Angie reminds him of his wedding vows – he says that Amanda broke them. Jake informs her he’s in survival mode and leaves.  David is in the room with Trevor when Dr. Hines shows up.  David says his son is going to be fine, and she reminds him of the DNA test. He says Trevor is his son – now and forever. The doctor is trying to get David to understand that the boy is someone else’s son! David threatens her, and tells her to shred the evidence and forget she ever knew him! And to go to California and start on her new job.  He walks out of the room in time to hear Angie urging Amanda not to let David win. David  asks what did I win? ROFL! David asks to speak to Amanda alone. He tells her Trevor needs to stay overnight. Amanda gives him a dirty look and says she’ll stay with Trevor. He follows her and talks about Trevor knowing that they’re both there for him always. Amanda is very angry and says  Outside! Now! Amanda tells David to go back to his creepy house, and informs him she will never love him or respect him after what he made her do. Oh please Amanda! Having sex with David was a CHOICE!  She slaps him! UGH! Come on David! Slap her back! It would be self defense!! I am getting sick of one sited slaps! Come on writers! She threatens to start screaming if he doesn’t leave! 



    Martin zoo:

    JR coughs up blood and when Marissa goes up to him she sees the blood and wonders what happened.  he lies and says he cut his finger on an ornament. Opal tries calling Erica but leaves a message.  Tad says she’s gone to L.A. Gee Opal and Erica are BFF’s but Erica didn’t tell her that she is going to LA? That sucks. :( Opal asks Tad why she left and Tad tells her it’s a long story. He briefs her about Kendall and Aidan, and Opal confides that she’s been having bad dreams. She says Adam’s confession isn’t the end of things. They all gather around for the lighting of the tree. JR plugs them in and the house goes dark! Opal says it’s the start of the rabbit going down the hole! ROFL! Opal gets the line of the day!!! Tad fixes the circuit breaker and JR wants to get going. Little Adam asks to sleep over. Jr agrees. Tad’s phone rings – it’s Amanda saying that Jake has quit his job, and asking him to intervene – he heads out. Krystal takes the kids for cookies and Opal picks up a newspaper of Kendall. Krystal comes back into the room to see Opal pulling out her tarot cards and complaining about a medicine-y smell. Oh oh! Opal smells the cloriform (sp) that Aidan put on Kendall! Opal tells Krystal that Kendall must be hurt – she’s got to go to tell Zak! Do you really think people will listen to Opal? No! ROFL!


    Jr and Marissa’s home:

    JR and Marissa get home and she is talking about her Christmas memories with her parents. That she never decorated a tree before cus her parents decorated it while she was sleeping. It was a tradition. That’s sweet but strange cus she never decorated a tree before. JR wants to start creating some memories like that  for Little A too. He suggests they put up a tree, and sends her to look for ornaments and lights while he goes to get a tree.


    The hospital:

    JR shows up and tells Angie about coughing up blood and leaving her a blood sample for testing. Angie assures him that she’ll get the results as quickly as possible. Poor JR!


    Slater home:

    Liza pulls away from Zak’s kiss  and asks what he’s doing? He says he is doing exactly what he wants to. Liza tells him she’s leaving – did he really think he could use her to get even with Kendall? That she is just a prop. Liza tells him she won’t be used to help him get custody of Ian either – he’s on his own. GO LIZA! Zak says Kendall made these choices – there’s nothing more to say! Liza tells him that there is nothing more to say between the two of them either, then leaves!


    Jake’s home:

    Liza heads to Jake’s house and is knocking at the door, when Tad arrives. He has a key and they go inside. She talks about her and Colby staying there or getting a hotel. Forget the hotel! She could stay at the Martin zoo! ROFL! Tad asks her  what is going on? He looks worried. They get to talking and she tells him about Zak’s behavior. Tad compliments her decision not to get involved with that. Liza tears up and tells Tad she thinks she’s going to lose Stuart to Bailey – what should she do? Tad agrees that Stuart is better off with Liza. She tells him she regrets going off on Zak. Jake arrives home to find Liza and Tad waiting. Liza tells him she needs a place to stay. Jake says she is welcome to stay there – he’s moving out! Tad asks what he means – is he moving into Wildwind too? Jake replies, What, are you on crack? ROFL!  Jake gives Liza a set of keys and turns back to Tad, who tells him running isn’t the answer. Jake insists he’s just rebooting – he should never have come back to Pine Valley in the first place. He tells Tad he will not be able to talk him out of leaving! Tad gives up and Jake prepares all his bags to go.  Jake is quitting everything!!!





    Zak has gone to his casino where he’s drinking there too!  The manager Francesca comes over and suggests that he call it a night. He informs her that he knows what he’s doing – she should mind her own business ! Opal suddenly comes running up to him saying she’s been having some very bad feelings about Kendall! Zak tells her that Kendall abandoned her family. As he starts disrespecting Opal, Jake appears and tells him to back off! They exchange a few words and Zak grabs Jake and tosses him in to the wall, breaking the framed photo of Myrtle! Her photo falling made me cry!!! :( Fix it!!! :( He bends down to pick up the glass as Opal and Jake watch. Opal sends Jake on his way, then talks to Zak about missing Myrtle. Opal comments that maybe she had to come there tonight because of him, maybe he needed someone. Zak listens with tears on his face as she reminds him not to crawl into the hole – he has children who depend on him. Zak picks up the photo of Myrtle and leaves. :( Myrtle basically talked to Zak when the picture fell. :(


    Liza’s home:


    Liza watches Bailey and Stuart together then takes her bags and leaves for Jake’s place.


    Jr and Marissa’s home:

    JR finally gets back home where Marissa is sleeping. She awakens to find him putting the finishing touches on their tree. They hug.


    Slater home:

    Zak has returned home, and sits with Ian reading to him from a book. That would have been a sweet scene if he wasn’t drunk!

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