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    What a great show today!

    Gift basket lady.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad got a gift basket full of goodies. It’s from Liza. Liza calls him. She is at CONfusion, He thanks her for the gift basket and she thanks him for talking her into destroying those photos. He says she made the decision – and adds that she can get the D.A. job on her own. They hang up, and Opal comes into the room. ROFL! Opal is wearing a feather shirt! Man I love Opal and her outfits! ROFL!  Tad tells her that Liza gave him the goodie gift basket and she is all smiles. She says That’s my boy! He gives her a look! ROFL!  Tad say it’s just a way to say Merry Christmas, but Opal says it looks a little more like ‘meet me under the mistletoe’! ROFL!  Tad insists they’re just friends, and Opal wonders why he has to deny the truth. Tad, in turn, wonders why she just can’t go along with what he’s saying – just for five minutes! Opal agrees with him and she tries to hug him but he backs away from her! ROFL ROFL! I love their scenes! ROFL! She hugs him.

    Slater home:

    Erica got a couple of guys to bring in the tree. Wow that brown haired guy is HOTT! Ryan shows up Erica says they are on their way home and Aidan has been arrested. Ryan is glad Zak and Kendall are coming home. As he is about to leave,  Erica insists he should stay. Ryan doesn’t think Zak will want to see him there, but agrees to help her set up. As he holds a wreath in various spots for her he teases her about using him as a manservant. He puts the wreath around her when Opal comes in! Erica and Opal are chatting about how excited the boys are about Kendall’s impending return when the phone rings in the house. It’s Kendall – she says they’re in Ohio – their plane was diverted due to a storm. Erica listens as Zak tells her that they will rent a car. When Erica hangs up, Opal tells her to call them back – she has a very bad feeling about Kendall and a car – they cannot drive there! Erica and Ryan discuss the situation with Opal, who continues to plead with Erica to call Kendall back to ask them to at least be careful.

    Hubbard home:

    Angie and Jesse talk about the fact that Madison is sleeping in their guest room. Angie says that’s who they are – the saviors of Pine Valley! They get a call that James Beardsley has been arrested. Madison appears just then and they ask if she thinks she’ll be up to testifying? Jesse says he’s heading down to the station. Angie tells Madison that this is the hard part, and if she doesn’t stand up, it will just keep going on. Madison tells Angie that if they go after her father – he’ll destroy the Hubbard family! Angie admits there’s a risk, but there really is no choice – her father has to be punished!  That he is an evil man. ROFL! Gee Angie. David is an evil man, Madison’s father is an evil man, who else is Angie!? :) Angie says she’s going out to get them something to eat.

    Police station:

    Liza shows up where she finds James Beardsley waiting to speak with her. He tells her if she can get Adam Chandler off on murder charges – she’s his girl! They sit down, and he assures Liza that he’s innocent, and that he’ll be released very soon. Jesse comes in and notices that Beardsley has hired a talented lawyer – he’s going to need her! Beardsley says that this is pointless. He warns that a trial could get ugly. Liza wants to see a victim statement. James asks to speak to Jesse alone. Liza steps outside of the room, and James threatens Jesse’s job – due to obstruction of justice! Jesse vows to bring him down. Wow Mr Beardsley is so creepy! Again I ask, CAN WE KEEP HIM?! :) Natalia walks up to Liza and tells her that they just found D.A.Willis – he crashed his car into a barrier – he’s dead! DOH! Liza calls Tad and he calls her the basket lady and he wants another order ROFL. Liza says that Willis is dead! He says what?! She asks, What if it’s not an accident? He tells her to sit tight. As Jesse leaves, Liza goes in to see Beardsley – she tells him he’ll have to spend Christmas in jail. As she walks out, Tad appears.

    Hubbard home:

    Jesse gets home from the police station to find Angie coming in with takeout food. She laughs and says it’s for her and Madison. She says she will share it with him. They soon realize, however, that Madison is not there! They agree – they hope she isn’t doing anything stupid! OH OH! WHERE DID MADISON GO?!

    Police station:

    Madison walks in. OH OH! SHE IS GOING TO SEE HER FATHER!  Natalia tells her that she might want to make herself scarce – her father is still being processed. Madison lies to Natalia about Jesse wanting to see her I think. Natalia walks away and Madison goes into the room where her father is sitting. She informs him that he will not hurt the Hubbards or she will reveal a lifetime of secrets! WOW!!!

    Zak and Kendall:

    Zak and Kendall are flying home. And boy their arms are tired ROFL.  She needs to know that when this plane touches down they will begin a new life together. Zak says it already started yesterday when he put the ring back on her finger. Just then, the plane shakes. I’m thinking turbulence? . Zak looks around and says, Whoa. and so did I!! :)  The pilot says they have to land at the nearest airport due to a storm.  At the airport, Kendall sees a woman with an upset little boy. Zak and Kendall saw that little boy in the airplane. The lady explains that she was on her way to take her nephew to see his mom for Christmas – she’s just gotten home from Iraq – but she couldn’t get a rental car. Kendall tells Zak she wants to help them. Zak gets a rental car for the woman and child, and then asks for one for him and Kendall. Awwww they helped that family! Sweet!!! The man working there tells them he has nothing left that will have the traction to get through the mountains. Zach will take whatever he’s got. So they have a car that sucks and they are going to drive with that sucky car in the storm?! ARE THEY CRAZY?! Zak encourages Kendall to sleep while he drives. She tries to call Erica and realizes her battery is dead. Suddenly, Zach swerves and the wheels screech! When the car stops, Zak tells her they’ll have to wait until morning and try to flag someone down. They snuggle up and he tells her a Christmas story. Outside the car it’s FATHER CLARENCE YAY!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Erica speaks to Ryan, who is back home with Emma. She tells him that Zak and Kendall are not there yet. Erica hangs up and worries with Opal – she can’t get Kendall on the phone. Opal says that the storm in Ohio is a doozy!


    Liza and Tad are there. She feels so guilty about what happened to Willis. Tad tells her it’s not her fault. She didn’t use the pictures.  Suddenly her phone rings – it’s the mayor – he wants her to run for D.A. DOH!

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    I thought it was a bit too convenient that the DA got wrapped in his car, wonder who is behind that?

    Madison really put the screws to her daddy yesterday, I hope he doesn’t retalliate with her head!

    So, now Liza has been a lawyer how long? Now the Mayor wants her to run for DA? Ha????

    This Ryka crap has GOT to stop! I hope when Greenlee comes back she shoots his balls off, I did like that Aiden told those two that they took Greens from him and he wanted revenge. At least he didn’t go bats without a reason and I was thinking that could be the only reason behind it. So sad that he is gone and that before Greens comes back. Hope she finds out everything and rips her Best Friend a new one. Was so angry that the cop let them just walk out without a statement, didn’t know that Jessie had that much power. Over it!

    Amanda does not deserve Jake, poor guy. Oh well, just glad he didn’t get the can—

    I ffd through most of the episode, it is just tooo hard to watch. Wonder when Zen are gonna be found.

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    Outspoken-  I AGREE!  I don’t like the Ryka pairing AT ALL!  Hated that the whole Aiden thing was about him wanting Zendall to "feel his pain" over losing Greens!  I’m with EET, I hope Greens sticks with David and he lets Amanda loose.  I HATE this whole fake "I’m dying." thing.   AGREED- Amanda does not deserve Jake!  That girl is NUTS to let David play her…..AGAIN!

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    [quote=Outspoken]Amanda does not deserve Jake, poor guy. Oh well, just glad he didn’t get the can—[/quote]

    Jake didn’t get the can? What? :) 

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     Hi FFIT and Sonya! I am with you…. Ryka is the most disgusting thing happening since bnb! Really! I can’t imagine both of them being as exited about this SL as is being reported, but who knows? He has been through the whole family, doing Grandma after just having shagged the daughter a couple months ago… that boy is in every scene and SL… I wish he would happen over to Llanview so that my friend Mitch can put him out of our misery… maybe Erica will wise up and start seeing a man that hasn’t screwed everything with a skirt on. YUCK! Sorry for being so blunt but a day without Ryhole is a day with promise on AMC. 

    About the Aiden story, why didn’t he go after Ryhole? I think he disrespected Greenlee just as much as Zendumb. Didn’t even leave the morgue before having sex with her… phooey! If anyone needed to get fried, Ryhole should have because he instantly forgave Kendumb for running his woman off the road and went on a rampage against Zach. Not ever admitting that it was his lies that got Greens up and riding in the first place. He busted up a marriage on the basis of his dirty mind and then bedded the best friend???? He needs to die! I would have loved it if Aiden would have made sure that Ryhole had more to worry about than sleeping with his son’s grandma on X-Mas eve… but wouldn’t you guess? Aiden made this all about Zendumb. Go Figure!

    Amanda is really making me sick! Where is Janet when you need her? The way that Amanda is dissing her husband, Jake should just do like his brother did with Kryptonite… pack her bags and deliver them at Wildwind… gone–bye! There must be some nice nurses at PVH who would be more than happy to have this fine doctor. She is just too dumb for words. 

    One thing for sure, David knows a sucker when he sees one… she takes the cake!

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    OMG, Amanda is getting on my last NERVE!  Telling everybody, "Don’t be mean!  David is dying!"  SO WHAT!? (If he really was). I just want to scream at her!  Now that Greens is back MAYBE David will leave Amanda alone, but Damn!  Jake needs to tell her to piss off…just for a minute…for being so DUMB!  Outspoken- Everytime Ryka is on screen together, I yell, "Gag Alert!"    It’s seriously gross.  Sad to see Aiden go, he’s purdy! (But nuts!)  Hate, Hate, Hate, Adam taking Annie’s side!  "Stupid Ass Alert!"  And I miss STUART!! 

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    When Ryan went in for the kiss, I found myself waiting for Erica to say "Come to Grandma, baby" LOL

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    O…..M…G… I am laughin’ like Hell!  "Come to Grandma".  LOVE IT!

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    Outspoken Hi FFIT and Sonya!
    HI! :) 

    I am with you…. Ryka is the most disgusting thing happening since bnb!
    What’s bnb?

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    [quote=EricasEvilTwin]When Ryan went in for the kiss, I found myself waiting for Erica to say "Come to Grandma, baby" LOL[/quote]


    the thoery of opposites
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