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    Funny faces.

    Yacht club room:

    Griffin shows up to get his phone he left behind. Cara teases him about all the calls he’s received from his many women. He tells her he likes to keep things light romantically and turns it on her by bringing up Jake. She defends her reasons for coming there and says she is okay that Jake has moved on. Griffin isn’t convinced. Boy the actress who plays Cara is very movable! ROFL! I like that. :)

    Slater home:

    Hey the hat lady isn’t wearing her hat!!!! :) Anyway Kendall gets very weak. Is it her heart? Is she pregnant? :) Superhero Ryan sees her being weak and forgetting things and wants to help! She doesn’t want him to help at all! She wants to know why he is here! Ryan reminds her she called him to come over for Spike. She says has to get Spike ready because he has a play date, but Ryan points out he just came back from one. Kendall says he has another one. ANOTHER ONE?! How many play dates does he have in one day?! Spike must have a lot of friends.


    Greenlee won’t leave Madison alone!!! Greenlee confronts Madison about her pregnancy. Madison wonders if that is even legal. Greenlee doesn’t care!!!!! Of course she doesn’t!!! She just wants to discuss whether or not she’s going to tell Ryan. Madison admits she’s pregnant and that it’s Ryan’s, but she doesn’t know if she will tell him. Greenlee tells her a baby won’t get Ryan back! Oh shut up Greenlee!! Greenlee knows what she was capable of once though. She just wants to start over with Ryan and she was on her way to doing that, but now Madison’s pregnancy is throwing a wrench into things. Ryan walks up wondering what’s going on. Madison just says they had a fight about the same old thing and Ryan suggests they do in fact keep their distance from each other. WELL DUH!!!! Madison agrees and walks away.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Griffin meets Bianca who tells him the donors of the Miranda Center are nervous about his involvement. He knows he doesn’t play by the rules but he gets results. Bianca tells him how important the center is to her and now that Zak’s gone she’s there to oversee things. Kendall has her hat on again!!! The hat lady strikes again!!! The hat lady is upset that Bianca has left her out of this meeting. Griffin admits the investors are having issues with him. Kendall thinks she can get them to listen to her since she is Zak’s wife. She demands no more meetings or decision are to be made without her. Kendall leaves and Bianca worries about Kendall to Griffin. Bianca wants to wait to discuss further business, because she knows her sister will be able to handle it. Griffin doesn’t know why people allow themselves to fall in love so deeply their lives are ruined when they lose it. Oh boy! Does this mean Griffin is gonna fall in love eventually? :)

    The hospital:

    Amanda shows up and gives Jake his Christmas presents!!! They are cheesy puff puffs and beef nibs. OH YUMMMMMM! :) He loves it and can’t wait for their family holiday meal. I wonder if Tad is gonna steal any food for Christmas! Amanda mentions she invited Cara and Griffin. Jake isn’t sure about this but Amanda thinks they should make the best of this situation. Jake says that doesn’t mean he wants to hang out with his ex-wife. Amanda wants to make her a friend instead of an enemy and that’s why she is going out to lunch with her. Jake isn’t thrilled about it, but Amanda can’t wait to hear all the stories about him back in the day. They playfully discuss Christmas and then they do some kissy kissy as Griffin and Cara enter and see them.

    Griffin protectively pulls Cara aside, but she assures him she is glad they are happy. She says Jake is where he’s supposed to be and soon she will be to. Griffin assures her she doesn’t have to pretend with him, but she continues to blow it off. Griffin leaves as Cara approaches Jake saying she is covering Dr. Hubbard’s shift. Jake says he’ll get her up to speed, but then brings up her having lunch with his wife. She insists it was Amanda’s idea. Jake knows this because his wife is very upfront about things. Cara knows it’s a dig at her, which leads them to bantering about their past. DOH! Nice scene. :) They talk about how she always has trouble apologizing but surprises Jake when she apologizes for everything! He asks her to make lunch with Amanda brief. Jake tends to a little boy at the hospital who needs a shot. Cara walks by and Jake introduces the little boy to Cara. Jake brings up a game to the little boy called funny faces! :) Jake even buck bucks! ROFL! Great scene. Cara and Jake make a great team! :) Jake gives the boy a shot. :) Amanda shows up again and Jake decides to leave early so he can spend time with Amanda. They leave and Cara pulls out her necklace with her wedding ring on it. EEP! Griffin finds her and asks how it’s going working with Jake. She lies and says it’s fine – she hardly ever sees him.

    Slater home:

    Kendall returns home, but stops at the door trying to catch her breath. Oh oh something is wrong with her. :( Reverend Ricky shows up!! YAY!!!!! More Kicky scenes!! :) She apologizes, but explains what just happened at Krystal’s and how lost she feels without Zak. He suggests she try again with the Miranda center and if she falls apart again he will help put her back together. Awwww! :) Ricky leaves and Bianca stops by. She wants to help Kendall get ready for the holidays and finds a box of presents from Zak. Kendall finds one for her, but can’t bring herself to open it.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan and Greenlee return home and as he worries about Madison. UGH! Super hero Ryan will just not stop! Greenlee seems ready to tell him the truth. However, she doesn’t say anything when Ryan tells her he just wants to focus on them and shut out the rest of the craziness. OY!

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