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    Martin family Christmas.

    Martin zoo:

    Opal, Jake, Amanda, and Krystal are there!  Tad talks about David faking his illness.  Amanda defends David AGAIN! UGH! Tad talks about yeah and Santa got stuck in the chimney ROFL! Tad says it’s merely his opinion. RUTH AND JOE SHOWED UP YAY!!!! They talk about the weather in Florida and that they’ll be moving there next week. :( Opal talks about Petey is with Palmer in Switzerland and that Petey has a crush on Swiss ski bunny. ROFL! Everyone is having fun except Jake who is pouting in the corner. COME ON JAKE IT’S CHRISTMAS!  Tad takes Jake aside and warns him not to go to Gloucester – he’d be making a bad situation worse – he needs to let it go for now! Colby, JR, and Marissa show up!  Tad gives Joe a red speedo to wear in Florida! ROFL! Tad says it’s a joke and that their real gift is that he will fly them back for a visit in the summer. Joe and Tad discuss Jake – Joe hopes he will stay and pick up the family reins at the hospital. Tad says he’s just dealing with the Hayward mess. Tad asks Joe his advice about the David Hayward tip. Joe says he should follow his instincts. Jake and Amanda play with the kids, then discuss David – Jake says his instincts are on high alert because he’s burned them before. Tad asks Krystal to watch the kids so he can make a quick trip out of town. She agrees to watch the kids.  Tad gives her a gift for Marissa – it’s an ornament like her sister’s. Joe and Ruth  speak to Jake about leaving Pine Valley. Jake is sad at the idea of them not being around. Joe says there’s nothing he can do to change their minds – and Pine Valley will always be home. Joe made me cry. :(

    Jake’s home:

    Jake, Trever, and Amanda are together. Little Trever is grabby grabby ROFL. She is glad they didn’t fight today – this Christmas celebration has meant a lot to her. She says that when David is gone, Trevor will truly belong to them. She says that when she looks at her son she sees so much of Jake. Jake says there isn’t anything of him in the boy though. Amanda asks him to let her dream.

    Slater home:

    Kendall is happy to be home!   Kendall asks Erica if she can ever forgive her about everything Kendall did to Erica in the hotel room. She tells Erica that Aidan had a gun – she was trying to get her out of there before Aidan killed her! Erica understands. Kendall tells Erica she can never repay Zak for not giving up on her. Erica says it’s who he is. Erica tells Kendall she’s going to leave and let them enjoy their Christmas as a family. Zak walks her to the door and they hug. Erica asks him about their experience the night before. He says they had a dream, and the same wish for one another. Erica leaves, and Zak tells Kendall that she asked about their miracle. Kendall says it’s unexplainable. Zak thinks it means be happy with what you’ve got. The kids have gone to sleep and he asks what she wants to do – watch TV or order pizza? Nope Kendall wants to make love! ROFL!  They make love YAY!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Emma notices the broken butterfly and asks if that was Greenlee’s ornament. He says it was, but their memories are in their hearts. Awww true. Knock knock on the door! It’s Annie!  She says that she’s there to see Emma for Christmas. Emma hears her and rushes over. Emma goes to get her present for Annie, and Annie asks Ryan when he was going to tell Emma the truth – that she’s a free woman. Ryan asks what she brought – a knife to do him in? Annie says those days are over. Emma gives Annie a picture frame she made for her – Annie suggests putting a photo of the two of them and Adam in it. Emma opens her gift from Annie – a book Annie made! Princess Anna line.  Annie hasn’t made those in a long time. Annie starts reading to Emma as Ryan watches. When the story is finished, Ryan wants Annie to leave.  Annie says they both want to be with Emma, so they should act like adults. Erica appears and asks You? Act like an adult? ROFL!  Annie says that Ryan will work with her on this – he has no choice. After she walks out Ryan tells Erica she’s right, but Erica sees it differently – she says Ryan can beat Annie. He feels like anything is possible with her on his side. Ryan goes up to see Emma, and Erica says she’ll wait. She looks at the Christmas tree and sees the broken butterfly ornament. Oops she hurt her finger and now she is bleeding. DOH!


    In a small room where Greenlee is,  David tells Nurse Gayle that Greenlee appears to be making a full recovery. Gayle is concerned that she might wake up and go crazy. David has no such worries. He talks about Greenlee’s supposed loved ones writing her off without a second thought. He mentions Kendall and Zak worrying about covering their own butts, and Ryan sleeping with her best friend within a week! David tells Gayle that he tried to follow Greenlee that night, and was the one who found her later, washed up on the riverbank. He says he vowed to care for her and let her know how she’d been betrayed when she awakened. Awww David saved Greenlee! HE IS A HERO! :) Gayle asks if David loves Greenlee. He says yes but not in the way she thinks – Greenlee was once married to his brother Leo. He says he couldn’t save Leo, Babe, or Leora – so when he found Greenlee, he knew what he had to do.  David made me cry when he brought up Leora!! And of course he loves Greenlee! They are family! He leans down toward Greenlee’s face and asks what she’s thinking in there. They show us what Greenlee is thinking. SHE IS THINKING OF RYAN UGH!  Greenlee thinks of Ryan’s proposal, and standing in front of a mirror in her wedding dress. Tad shows up and watches David and Nurse Gayle coming and going from a room in the back. OH so Greenlee’s room is at the bar! At closing time, he watches them go back into the room, then he leaves.  Tad is in love with David!! ROFL! He just doesn’t want to admit it! ROFL! David doesn’t want to admit he is in love with Tad too.  I love my Tavid!  :) 

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    Had a good chuckle over Tad’s gift to Joe – a speedo.   I will miss Joe – maybe LB will bring him back..

    Why couldn’t Tad wait a day to find David?  He left on Christmas – couldn’t he have at least waited until after the festivities were over??  Especially since this will be his last Christmas with his parents. 

    I also would have liked to see Tad give Marissa the ornament – it would have had way more meaning that way.

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    I am sick and tired of this manhunting on this show. Leave David alone for peace sake! What was so important that Tad needed to leave then? He hasn’t got anything else to do and really needs to get a life.

    I am also so angry that they just have Ryhole in Greenlee’s head. I hope David does tell her everything before she goes charging back to PV, it makes me sick that they are really going there. Let Granny have that creep, oh… speaking of whom, I could have wrung her neck for her comments to Annie. She needs to step-off! Can’t wait for Greens to get up in her face, bring on the old wars and make that woman get some morals and not only the ones that she twist to excuse her sickening behavior.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Erica because she is now the only original cast member but as an actress, she has learned nothing. She overdid her lines so much I kept screaming at my screen for her to EXIT stage Right.

    Truly hope that this Pratt stuff is over soon, but we will have to suffer a bit longer… unfortuately.

    Thanks for the Recap!

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