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    Friends again.


    Erica visits Caleb on Christmas Eve and encourages him to reach out to Asher. She tells him her story of how Kendall was conceived. That she was raped. Wow! That is brave. :) Caleb calls her Dorothy again and says she is an amazing woman and suggests she go home and be with her daughter.

    Slater home:

    Father Clarence tells Kendall his car stalled. Kendall thinks this is a sign and asks him to bring Zak home for her. Uh he can’t do that Kendall!!!! She reminds him he has always helped them in the past, but Father Clarence tells her a priest can only do so much. Yeah Kendall!!!! He suggests she listen to her heart, but her heart is screaming for her husband. She’s not ready to say goodbye to him and let him go. He reminds her she doesn’t have to and encourages her to listen to Zak’s message, which is in his journal. The journal opens to a specific page and as Kendall reads it, Father Clarence poof disappears. Kendall reads Zak’s words, which point out Fusion is her safe haven and where she finds her way again. Later Erica shows up but Kendall isn’t there! Father Clarence is!!! Erica finally meets the good father. He says he knows Erica is a generous, caring, strong woman who will do anything to protect the people she loves. He brings up Jack and how much he loves her, but Clarence thinks her heart is taking her to a place she never expected to go.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby gives Asher a Christmas present. Oh it’s sneakers. Why Colby? Does his other sneakers make his feet stink? She asks if he is going to see his father. Asher says he doesn’t care about him, but Colby says yes you do. Colby gets a call from Opal who is volunteering at the hospital and needs some backup. Before she leaves, Colby encourages him to call Caleb. Asher starts to dial, but then puts his phone back in his pocket.

    The park:

    Madison is out!!!! Greenlee tries to wake her up. She then tries to call for help when Madison wakes up!!! She is so very worried about her baby. Greenlee helps her up so she can take her to the hospital.

    The hospital:

    Colby finds Caleb looking at the newborns and quickly calls Asher. Hey I thought Colby as supposed to be volunteering?! Well anyway she calls Asher and tells him to get there quickly. Colby leaves him alone with Caleb, who invites him to watch over the babies with him. Caleb tells Asher how small and perfect Asher looked as a baby. Caleb thought he’d be better off without him, but he was wrong. Awww! Come on now HUG! :) Caleb apologizes, but Asher just walks away. Colby stops him and informs him that Caleb donated money to the neonatal unit in honor of his mother Sonia And there is a plaque!! Aww! :) Meanwhile Greenlee learns Madison and the baby will be fine!!!! Madison thanks her for bringing her to the hospital. She admits that before tonight, the baby didn’t seem real, but now that she could have lost it, she knows she wants her baby. However, she doesn’t want anything from Ryan and would like to just leave Pine Valley, but she can’t afford it. OY! She also said that she never had anything that was just hers!!!! Uh Madison? The baby is Ryan’s too!!! Not just yours!!! Greenlee offers to help her find a job and an apartment in New York. Madison accepts because it’s too hard to be around Ryan. Oh boo hoo!!!! Tell him he is the father damn it! Greenlee makes her promise not to ever let Ryan find out about his. Oh Greenlee!! If you don’t tell super hero Ryan and he finds out, oh boy!!! He won’t be happy!!! Madison says she owes her for saving her in the park tonight, so this is their secret. Frankie and Randi rush to Madison’s side and learn she wants to keep her baby. And she gets an ultrasound.

    The park:

    Asher is at the bench and Colby shows up. Uh and again I ask, aren’t you supposed to be volunteering Colby?! Asher tells her he might have been wrong about Caleb.


    Caleb tells the portrait of Palmer he will fight for his son no matter what it takes. YAY! :)


    Greenlee calls Ryan to tell him she’s stopping at Fusion cus she forgot Christmas gifts, and will be home shortly. She gets on the elevator, but it gets stuck. DOH! Kendall shows up and hears her yelling for help. Kendall is angry with Greenlee, who vows she would take away her pain if she could because she loves her. Oh there is so much gushing in this scene! UGH! Greenlee wishes she were dead instead of Zak, but Kendall doesn’t want her to die because she loves her too. UGH! Kendall calls an elevator repairman to get Greenlee out. Once she’s free, Greenlee feels horrible Kendall had to save her once again. So much boo hooing and gushing! BLECH! Kendall assures her friend they are fine and cries as she admits Greenlee isn’t the reason Zak is gone. She’s angry, but she never should have blamed her. She misses her friend and hugs Greenlee, who says through tears this is all she ever wanted for Christmas. BLECH! Hey where is the repairman? ROFL! He went into the elevator to try to fix it and poof he is gone! :) Was he sick of hearing the gushing too? :) Kendall thinks Zak sent her there to find her and wants to think of this as a Christmas miracle.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Emma tells Ryan and Jack she wants a baby sister. DOH! Well you will be getting one soon! :) Ryan tells her their family is perfect the way it is and Emma heads off to bed. Jack asks Ryan if he’s okay with Greenlee not being able to have children. Ryan just needs to be with Greenlee because he loves her. Erica rushes over to Ryan’s place and jumps in Jack’s arms to tell him that she loves him. Awww! YAY JERICA! :) Greenlee returns home with hugs for everyone, including Erica. She then reveals Kendall is with her and that they are friends again. UGH! Jack brings Erica to the rooftop so she isn’t haunted by what happened up there. He assures her everything will be alright. Awww! :) Yeah it’s very therapeutic for Erica. :)

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