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    Goodbye Slater team!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Liza shows up at and talks to Ryan about the custody fight he is facing with Annie. She says he should consider shared custody. He does not want to!  Liza informs him that in the eyes of the law, Annie is no longer a threat. Ryan argues that she kidnapped her daughter, and she was in a mental institution. Liza warns that Adam will be pulling strings, and the court may feel that Emma is better off with her mother. Ryan tells Liza that Annie asked him to come over to discuss options – today.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Erica shows up where Annie is saying goodbye to her personal trainer, Sven.  Hey wait! Isn’t Sven Erica’s masseur? ROFL! Annie invites her in and offers her scones. ROFL! Erica laughs at Annie’s attempt to fit into Adam Chandler’s lifestyle. When Erica moves to go find Adam, Annie blocks her way. Erica asks if Adam is not allowed visitors? He shows up and sends Annie to take a bath, then asks Erica what she wants. She brings up Emma and Ryan, pleading with him to understand that Annie has no intention of sharing the girl. She asks Adam to leave Emma with Ryan, but Adam refuses. oh man! Why is Erica begging? Come on!! She says she knows what Stuart would say – he’d be disappointed in Adam! Later Ryan shows up with Liza to discuss the custody of Emma. They talk about the possibility of shared custody, but Ryan protests that Emma isn’t used to going from home to home like Spike is. Annie proclaims that he’s absolutely right – Emma should come and live full-time with them! Ryan argues that Emma should stay with him – that’s what she knows. Annie wonders if that means that sharing is off the table. Liza says of course not! But then she gets a phone call from Tad, warning Ryan not to say too much more. After Liza leaves, Adam suggests that they send Emma to a boarding school instead. Ryan is not happy about that and says no. They are going to court! Adam and Annie laugh, and she tells him how brilliant he is! Hahahaha Adam and Annie just manipulated Ryan! I didn’t see that one coming! Very soapy!!! The judge who helped Annie get her ankle bracelet off arrives, and they tell him they are filing for full custody of Annie’s daughter. Adam hands him an envelope. The judge says if it’s a bribe he won’t accept it. Adam says no. That it’s to help them get remarried. Oh boy! Manipulating the judge! ROFL! The judge excuses himself to make a phone call. Adam tells Annie it’s a done deal!

    Slater home:

    Kendall and Zak wake up in bed.  Zak needs to talk about his thoughts and feelings. He broaches the idea of a new beginning. He thinks they should step through ‘their’ door into paradise. It’s a warmer place than Pine Valley, with blue skies. Zak suggests that they go on an adventure with the boys – travel the world. Kendall realizes he’s serious. As they get ready for their day, he admits it’s asking a lot, but he’s worried they’ll get lost if they stay – her at Fusion, and him at the casino. And the baysitter raises the kids ROFL. Kendall tells him she’s in. Erica shows up saying she has something to tell her. Kendall tells her they have news as well. Kendall fills her in on Zak’s plan to leave town. They think Erica is mad but she is happy for them. She agrees this is what they need. They say it’s only going to be a couple of months. Erica thanks Zak for loving her daughter and saving her on more than one occasion – they hug. Erica then tells them about Ryan, saying that under the circumstances he may not want Spike to go. Zak says if he won’t let Spike go, then they will stay. Ryan shows up because they call him to come over cus they want to talk to him. He talks about Adam and Annie wanting to put Emma in a boarding school. Zak and Kendall feel badly for him and hesitate to tell him their plans. Kendall finally tells him what they want to do, and that they want Spike to join them. Ryan gives his permission. He says that it will be tough enough to shield Emma from this upcoming battle. He requests that they bring a computer so he can communicate with Spike regularly. They agree, and Erica and Kendall go off to start the packing. Zak tells Ryan he’s grateful, and Ryan asks him to take good care of his boy before leaving. Erica and Kendall come out with suitcases, and Zak takes them outside. Kendall cries to Erica that she’ll miss Pine Valley, but most of all she’ll miss her. Ugh! Kendall and her whiny cry!  Kendall worries that she’s leaving Erica all alone, but Erica says she feels close to her no matter where she is – and she’ll be back in a few months. Kendall tells Erica she’s an original. Erica cries and returns the sentiment, then leaves. Zak and Kendall prepare to leave the house. Zak asks if she’s sure, and she says she is. He comes back in the house and calls her a slow poke ROFL. She leaves and then comes back and calls Zak a slow poke! ROFL!  She heads to the car and Zak stands taking one last look around the house, before turning out the lights and saying. "Goodbye." For someone who is only leaving for a couple a months it sure seems like they are leaving for good from the way Zak is looking around the house and saying goodbye. I will miss them! :( I won’t be missing Kendall’s whiny cry that’s for sure!


    David catches Tad!!!  David asks him what he is doing there? Tad says he could ask him the same thing? Inside the room, Nurse Gayle is asking Greenlee if she’s trying to say something. Greenlee is!! She is mumbling Ryan’s name UGH! Gayle is overhearing Tad and David talking. Tad tells David that he knows Nurse Gayle stayed there all night – he challenges him to open the door to the room and say hello! David claims that his illegal drugs are kept in the room. Tad doesn’t believe him!  Suddenly, the police arrive and grab Tad – Gayle called to say she heard David arguing with an intruder!  ROFL ROFL! David goes along, telling the cops he wants Tad arrested for breaking and entering! ROFL! Oh David! Just admit you are in love with Tad!!! :)  Greenlee’s mind is going over memories of her wedding to Ryan. UGH! Gayle and David come in. She has told David that Greenlee said the name Ryan earlier. David checks her stats and sees that she’s definitely getting stronger! Suddenly, Greenlee starts asking for Ryan! Greenlee is freaking out calling out for Ryan with her eyes closed. Her body is shaking. David tells Nurse Gayle that when Greenlee realizes how much Ryan has changed this past year – it just might kill her! He drugs her so she goes to sleep. David decides they have no choice but to move her now. Tad calls Liza from jail! ROFL! He is asking her to come and help him. Liza shows up and helps Tad. He insists on returning to the bar and picking the lock of the secret room. Inside, they see Gayle checking stock! David is with Greenlee in the new location he’s taken her to. He whispers that she’ll be safe there. Greenlee continues to think of her wedding day. Suddenly, she opens her eyes. David welcomes her back. She asks where Ryan is, and David says he’s not there. She asks again, and David tells her they’ll talk about it later. Greenlee wants to know now. David puts drugs in her IV again and she closes her eyes.  Okay he did it the first time because she was upset and the last time she was upset, David and Gayle talked about how dangerous it was the last time. The second time David drugged him he just wants to calm her down and to relax. That’s fine. But I hope he doesn’t keep doing it. Cus really David promised he would protect her! He promised Leo!!!! David would never hurt her! I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.

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    Boy that was a quick send off for Zack and Kendall – One minute Zack is telling Kendall that he wants to leave and the next they are gone.  I would have liked to see somekind of send off for them.  I thought they were really leaving for good.  Will they be around for the reunion at all?

    I am starting to like how Liza and Tad are interacting – they are kind of fun to watch – reminds me of the days with Marcy Walker (oh how I miss her…)

    Thanks for the update.

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    Yeah, I thought the Zendall leaving thing was way too quick. What did they take with them?  I leave for a week, I’ve got 10 bags, they go away forever, they have 2 kids and a duffle bag!


    JR and Marissa=no chemistry.  I just do not like this girl, horrible actress.

    I love Tad cuz he’s comic relief!


    I hope to god Greenlee stays with David after she finds out what Ryhole did when she "died".  And turns back into MEANGREEN! 

    Can’t wait for the Anniversary show!

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    Glad to see Zendall gone… although Zach saying goodbye was a bit touching. I will not be missing them, too bad they didn’t take Ryass and his Granny-Lover with them.

    Wonder what will happen to Emma? If that creep Ryhole would have just let her go to her mother’s and share custody, everything would have been okay. This all sucks. I am also glad that Tad got his but thrown in Jail. They need to mind their own friggin business and leave David alone. But… as always, the lynch-mob has to follow him around like a dog on another dog’s butt… if they don’t watch it they just might get Sh*t on! I hope so. Can’t wait for all this crap to just go away, LB is my only hope. If this stuff isn’t better by March, I am definately gone!

    Happy New Year everyone!

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