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    Tomorrow and Friday AMC will be repeats.

    Flower power

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Jake and Amanda are eating when oops Jake gets paged from the hospital. Amanda don’t like it. He ignores his page but then Amanda’s phone rings! It’s the hospital!! They call Amanda?!!?! What the hell?! Well hot damn they must be so desperate to get Jake!!!

    The hospital:

    Jake shows up and oh oh sees Cara!! She assures him she will be out of there as soon as all the red tape gets cleared up!!! They get called to work on an injured man. As they are working on him they recall some of their crazy times in Africa. While that is happening the camera is moving all over the damn place!!! I can’t even enjoy the scene cus I am distracted over the camera moving!! BAH! Stop moving!!! Once they are done Cara tells him it was nice working with him again and that he hasn’t lost his touch. Jake feels the same. Cara looks at a photo of him on her phone. Oh Cara stop mooning all over him. Jake walks up to her and he tells her she did a good job today, but they shouldn’t make working the same shift a habit.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie walks in and sees a box of long stemmed pink roses!!! OH YAY SHE GOT ROSES FROM JR! JR is there and acts like he bought her flowers! YIPPIE!! SHE GOT FLOWERS YAY! She reads the note.. Awwww the flowers are not for her after all!! BUMMER!! They are for Marissa! Rats! JR has to explain himself. He says until the custody papers are signed, he can’t take any chances. He needs to be nice to Marissa. Annie urges him to hurry up and go give the flowers to Marissa so this can all end.


    After an all night stakeout, Brot, Natalia and Tad are there tired. WAIT!!! Stop the presses!!! Didn’t Jesse tell Brot and Natalia that they can’t be in the same case since they are dating!?!?!!? Well I like that Tad is helping. :) Poor Tad is sooooooooooo tired. :) Tad tells them the job is great, but it’s more important to have a life and people you care about outside of work.Awwwwwwww! :) Tad leaves and Natalia gets ready to take off as well. Brot stops her saying Tad is right – life is too short so they should at least take the time to have breakfast together. After eating breakfast Brot tells her he wants to spend more time with her and to be able to kiss her, which he does. YAY! :) He wonders if she can seriously give them a shot, because he is ready to. She says she is and kisses him. She still worries about getting hurt, but she is ready to take the risk. As Tad says, they need to seize the day. Meanwhile Annie meets with her BFF Amanda to whine about JR and the flowers. Oh and the cheek kiss that JR gave Marissa. Annie says she trusts JR but NOT Marissa!!! Wrong person to not trust Annie!!! Hey look Jake walks in! Amanda and Jake do some kissy kissy! Jake talks about Cara and that they worked together today. Annie looks surprised.

    Jamanda home:

    Jake and Amanda are home and she is concerned about Cara and Jakey poo working together. He offers to have Angie schedule them at different times. She says it’s not necessary and he brings up practicing to have another baby. She thinks it sounds like fun, but he has to take a shower first. Once he’s out of the room, Amanda makes a phone call pretending to be Cara checking on her international travel papers. DOH!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    JR walks with the flowers looking for Marissa. Krystal tells him she’s busy, but she might stop later. JR asks Krystal to give her the flowers as a thank you for agreeing to joint custody. Krystal orders him to hold up his end of the bargain or else she will get her broomstick and come after him! ROFL! He sees another bouquet of flowers for Marissa and reads the card, which is from Scott. DOH! He asks Krystal about Marissa’s work with Scott, but she suggests he take it up with her daughter, but urges him not to let his grudge with Scott get in the way of their newfound truce. JR assures her he does not hold any grudges against his cousin. LIAR! Later, Tad finds Cara sitting alone at a table with tears in her eyes. Oh stop crying Cara!! He asks if she’s okay and she admits she needs to get out of this town. She tells him about working with Jake earlier and how distance is probably best. Krystal walks up and they explain how they are divorced but still live together. Cara and Tad talk about the sad state of their love lives and she says they should have lunch.


    Marissa visits Scott in prison to tell him Caleb got Cortlandt back and Chandler was severely fined. Scott is thrilled and also congratulates her on passing the bar exam. He thinks she can use her new lawyer status to get him an early release. He wants OUT of jail badly!!! He asks about AJ and Marissa informs him she and JR have agreed to share custody because he’s come around recently. Scott will take her word for it, but he isn’t convinced. She tells him he should get a job lined up to help convince the parole board, but points out he doesn’t have many options. Scott looks forward to the challenge and vows not to back down. After Marissa has left, JR pays him a visit, demanding to know what he’s doing with Marissa. Oh boy!!! Jr vs Scott!!! LOVE IT! :) Love IT!!! Scott points out JR hasn’t changed as much as he is pretending. JR taunts Scott about being locked up, but Scott says he hasn’t thought about him once since he’s been in there, but it’s obvious JR still feels threatened by him. Scott assures him he is solely focused on himself and feels good about himself when he looks in the mirror. He wonders if JR can say the same. Great Scott and JR scene!!

    Hotel room:

    Annie walks into her room and finds it filled with flowers. NOW the flowers are for her!! ROFL! She is so happy!! JR tells her about his visit with Scott and how they have to take things slow until the custody papers are signed. She pushes him away saying she can’t keep sneaking around like this. He promises it won’t be much longer and tells her they will go out for New Year’s and make it one to remember. He leaves to make a call and Annie enjoys her flowers until she sees pink roses, which she tears up. BREAK UP WITH HIM ANNIE!!!!

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