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    Martin brothers passion and instincts.

    Martin zoo:

    Jake is just going on and on and on about David and Tad! ROFL!  How he should have gone with Tad! ROFL!  Amanda tells him then he and Tad would both be in jail. Jake talks about how the Martin men have passion. :) Opal comes into the room and announces that she is having a bad feeling. She says whatever it is, she hasn’t felt like this since the tornado!  RA RO! Jake suggests that perhaps there was too much MSG in Opal’s meal. ROFL! She doesn’t think so.  She explains that she has this huge feeling – something is coming back to Pine Valley! Just then, a siren sounds! The news report reassures residents that there is no tornado – it was a malfunction of the warning system. Well that is good!!! YIKES! Opal says that it was a sign. The light goes off! Suddenly she has a vision of Emma looking up at a helicopter. She tells them that something is coming – and it’s headed straight for Emma Lavery! OH OH!!!! Krystal says if there’s something coming back to Pine Valley, she hopes it’s Tad. Jake tells Amanda that his New Year’s resolution is to be a better father. Amanda says her resolution is to never give him any reason to doubt that he’s the man she loves. Krystal says she remembers love. They ask her about Rob the architect.  Krystal thinks he was freaked out by David’s death speech on their date – she hasn’t heard from him again. I was thinking she should buy the book he is just not that into you. Jake is trying to explain how the male mind works. ROFL! There is a knock on the door and HEY IT’S ROB! He has flowers!  Rob talks about how he is sorry for not calling her, he had to go be with his ex wife and child cus there was a problem.  Jake grabs Krystal’s jacket and pushes her to Rob ROFL! Krystal and Rob leave! ROFL!

    Casa D Lavery: 

    Erica is upset bout Kendall, Zak, and the boys leaving. She says she knows it’s not forever, and Ryan says that they’ll find something to do in the meantime. They kiss!! UGH! Ryan says I want this. Erica says she wants it. I say out loud, I don’t want this!!!  They start dancing and kissing! UGH! That fake tornado alarm scares poor Emma!  Ryan reassures her and tells her to get her PJ’s on and go to bed.  The doorbell rings – it’s Brot and Natalia with a court order for Emma to come to Annie’s house! Erica is appalled and says the judge is in Adam’s back pocket – it’s the same one who ruled that Annie was sane! Ryan gets on the phone and leaves a message for Liza. Later when Opal shows up she asks the person who is there where Emma is. The person says that Ryan took her to the Chandler Mansion. Opal sees the vision of Emma again, and worries that the last time she envisioned something there, Stuart was murdered!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Adam and Annie tell the judge that the cash he’s just been handed isn’t a bribe – it’s an honorarium for him to renew their vows. The judge agrees, but says they’ll need witnesses. Annie starts manipulating the judge and says she wishes there was a way to have Emma there. Adam and the judge go into the study and Colby shows up. Woah that’s a nice dress! I am a straight woman who is not afraid to say this, Colby looks hot. :) Colby wants to know where Adam is..  Annie tells her where he is, and Colby accuses Annie of going after Ryan, asking what the going rate for bribing a judge is? Colby tells her she’s going to a party, but Annie stops her by saying we’re renewing our vows! Scott comes into the and he and Colby discuss whether or not Adam will get hurt by Annie. Colby asks if he’s there for the renewal of the vows. Scott says oh is that why I was called to be here?  Colby brings up his relationship with Annie. He says him and Annie are over. YEAH RIGHT LIAR! Just then, Adam appears, smiling. He asks if Colby and Scott will stand up for them! Ryan walks in and Emma rushes to greet Annie. Brot and Natalia leave, and Ryan is not happy with Adam. Adam says he wants all of their loved ones in attendance. Ryan says that Adam’s loved ones look like they’d rather be somewhere else. Adam turns and sees Colby and Scott not looking very happy. The judge begins the ceremony, but the door opens and Opal rushes in, saying, Stop! Stop, everybody! You can’t do this! Ryan smiles. Opal tells them of her vision and Annie says that she’s making it up because she doesn’t like her. Erica wonders why Annie doesn’t take a warning about her own daughter seriously – Opal saw death in the house before Stuart was killed! Just then, they all hear a noise. Emma has run out onto the terrace and is looking up.  Opal gasps that it’s just like her vision!  Ryan rushes out and picks Emma up. It’s a helicopter.  She points at something in the sky. She isn’t pointing to the helicopter. She sees the moon that she saw earlier. It’s bigger than before.  Adam gets a call from security saying that a copter landed on the property and someone is headed to the door. The doorbell rings and Opal screams at Adam not to answer it. He does, and everyone gathers behind him. Adam looks at the person on the doorstep and blurts, Hayley?! I wish he hadn’t said her name. They should have had Adam and everyone just look and are shocked and then the show is over. OR Adam should have said YOU! That would have been good too. But saying her name just ruined the suspense.


    Liza watches as Tad picks the lock of the back room in the bar.  Liza and Tad go in and Gayle asks what they think they’re doing – she’s holding a clipboard and counting stock. Tad says looking for answers." Liza confronts her about being the one who drugged people for David and warns she could be in a lot of trouble. Gayle asks what they want. Tad says they need to know what David is hiding. As Tad is asking Gayle about David picking up his illegal drugs in the bar, David returns. Liza says that she just wants to get back to Pine Valley, but Tad and David get into it. David asks why he won’t let him live his last days in peace. Tad says it’s because he knows him and have him and he’ll always be making people’s lives miserable regardless!  Tad admitted it!!! Tad says I have you! Now come on Tad! Tell David you are in love with him and that you want a bromance with him! ROFL!   David challenges them to search the bar, and they continue to bicker. Tad informs him that he made his life miserable in the past, and now he’s returning the favor! Liza gets Tad out the door as David smiles and says I know, I know, you’ll be watching me." After they’re gone, David laughs and tells Gayle they’re not going to find Greenlee. In the car, Liza and Tad argue about whether or not she should have dragged him away from David. She points out that he was the one who was always warning her not to get sucked in by David! Tad says that he knows David is lying. That he has an instinct! Liza wonders if David could really be dying. Tad feels it’s a manipulation of Amanda, and reminds Liza of all the things David did to her. Liza points out that they still have no proof. Tad feels they should listen to his instincts. David  and Gayle are back with Greenlee. He explains to Gayle that he put her back under to keep her from asking questions – she still thinks it’s her wedding day, and has no idea that she’s been in a coma for a year! He wonders how he’ll ever explain that her whole life has changed. Gayle leaves and David leans over Greenlee and she opens her eyes. She asks if she is getting married today. David tells her she’s not, explaining that she’s been in a coma for a year, and that Ryan believes she’s dead!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad and Liza walk in as Jake and Amanda are kissing. He informs them that David claims to be keeping his illegal drugs at the bar in Gloucester. Amanda says that’s reasonable, and Liza suggests that they just accept David’s explanation and move on. Jake then tells them that Opal ran out of there with a warning about Emma Lavery. Amanda and Liza talk alone while Jake and Tad talk alone. Liza tells Amanda that Tad is more convinced than ever that David is lying.

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     Hi Sonya! I have to give it to you for watching and then recapping this show! You crack me up! Loved your comments; I agree… I don’t want Ryca either! LOL!

    I wish that Ryhole would just share custody, it would be better for the child in the long run, heaven knows she is more with Rachel than with him while under his care. GMAB. He is gives up one child just like that and still wants to play father of the year.

    Erica needs to keep her mouth shut! UGH!

    Loved your comment about Tad just telling David that he wants a Bromance! ROTF! No wonder he hasn’t got a partner, he is too obsessed with David. I still don’t know why he feels he has to follow the man all over the place, he should know that if David is up to no good, it will come out anyway.

    Krystal was on why?????

    I haven’t seen the episode yet, I guess it is enough to read about it here… I can’t stand that Greens is still going on about Ryhole.. that boy forgot about her right after seeing the ring on the hand of the person they identified. If it were my loved-one, you can bet that I would have looked at the face of the person. Too stupid!

    Thank you for recapping.. the best part of the show because you tell it like you see it  with lots of funny comments.
    The recaps are way better than the show!

    Happy New Year to you!!

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