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    Woman to woman. Mother to mother.

    Washington D.C:

    Annie wakes up sooooooooooo happy!! :) JR is happy too. JR gets a call from AJ, which snaps Annie back to reality. She says they should get ready for their meeting. After returning from their meeting, Annie tells JR they can’t pretend they are a real couple. It has to stop at least until his custody battle is over. She says they have to play by the rules. He starts to leave for his room, but turns around and tells her he doesn’t want to give her up. JR thinks if he can prove to Marissa he is the man she fell in love with, she will drop the custody suit and then they can be together. He wants a real future with her. Awww! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Annie is back in Pine Valley. She is eating with Emma. Emma notices how happy Annie is!!! Annie is just so happy happy happy! ROFL!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby comes in and sees a half naked Asher! . He says he was working out at the gym. She wonders why he didn’t go to the other gym. I didn’t even know they had a gym! Much less 2 gyms! Damn! :) Asher suggests she join him some time together. She gets uncomfortable and tells him they need to set ground rules. She reminds him she is with Damon and there is no reason for them to be around each other all the time. Asher leaves to shower and change. When he returns downstairs he recalls his moments with Colby and then finds her kissing Damon. After some awkward conversation, Asher leaves. Colby tells Damon she misses him and suggests some breakfast in bed. He has to go to the courthouse because Liza really needs him today. Colby gets really upset. Colby suggests he start thinking about what she needs. HUH?! He reminds her he’s working a lot and will try and find more time for them. She apologizes for going off on him, but she feels like things are different now with his hair and suit. He assures her none of it means anything to him without her. Awww! She says she’s fine and tells him to go to work. He says he likes that she misses him and leaves. Colby looks like she is about to cry.

    The hospital:

    Erica finds Liza talking to a reporter regarding David. Liza tells the woman her office will not put up with vigilante justice. It was not!!!! She didn’t go and find David to shoot him Liza damn! Erica starts to walk over to Liza, but Jack pulls her aside. Liza joins them. Erica is upset over Liza defending David yet again. Erica doesn’t think Liza has a case against her, but Liza assures her she does. Liza leaves and Jack suggests they talk to Caleb to discuss their options. Erica agrees, but wants to clear her head first.

    Casa D Lavery

    Erica heads over to Ryan’s rooftop, where Caleb finds her. He says he came to say goodbye. She tells him about her interaction with Liza and how the D.A. is making it personal. Caleb changes his mind about staying on her case. He says if he is to go after Liza he needs to know all the details of what happened that night. Erica reenacts the events of David’s shooting. Erica wonders if they should agree to some sort of charge, but no jail time. Caleb thinks she’s giving up, but Erica says she just needs to get her life back. She needs to be with her family and plan her wedding. Caleb isn’t interested in helping her if she’s just going to roll over. She just wants to do what’s best for her family, especially Kendall. Caleb warns if she caves now, Liza will destroy her. He calls her a quitter, but she insists she’s not. Caleb wants her to prove it. OH CALEB!!! Don’t EVER call Erica a quitter!!! :)


    Bianca learns Caleb isn’t representing Erica anymore. She’s upset, but Caleb knows Jack will be reinstated and Erica won’t need him. Marissa joins them and she and Bianca drive home the point that people actually count on him in Pine Valley and he’s making a life for himself there. Oh come on gals! Leave him alone with that!!! Bianca appeals to him again to talk to Asher to tell him the truth about Sonia. Oh I like this scene. :) Bianca leaves and Marissa returns telling Caleb JR and Annie are in D.C. Neither of them believe the two are there on business and Marissa says it’s hard to believe JR is the same man she first met. Marissa what are you wearing? Aren’t you cold?!!?! Flimsy looking jacket too!!! BRRR! It’s winter!!!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Bianca finds Asher and brings up Caleb. He doesn’t want to talk about it so Bianca asks him to come over and fix her computer but he wants to eat his lunch. Bianca says he will fix him lunch. He agrees, but only if she makes sure Caleb won’t be around. He wants her to make the call.

    Asher gets to work on Bianca’s computer as she goes to make him some lunch. Caleb returns to find Asher still working on the computer. Asher says he will finish another time and starts to leave. Caleb tells him he fixed his speeding ticket for him.

    Court house:

    Erica finds Liza. Erica wants to keep her lawyers out of this and asks her to talk woman to woman, mother to mother. And then Erica threatens her. :)

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