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    Cocoa Sprinkles!

    Police station:

    Natalia tells Brot that she can’t stop thinking about that DVD they found yesterday. Brot says it makes sense – they are targeting the wealthy families. Natalia talks about  the Martins aren’t rich. Jesse shows up and says that he thinks it might be an inside job. He says why he thinks it could be Damon – they have enough to make him a suspect at least!

    Martin zoo:

    Liza talks to Tad about Damon. She asks him what he thinks about Damon when he came to work.  Tad says that he was petulant and bored, like always. Liza asks him if he saw a bandage on his hand and Tad says no.  A light bump turns on in Tads head and he realizes she thinks he may be the person who broke in. He wants to tell the police, but Liza says they can’t – he’ll lose his job and won’t be able to support Bailey and Stuart! Tad says that’s not her problem, but Liza says Bailey would never forgive her. She asks Tad to let her talk to Damon first. She heads down to the man cave where Damon is painting and asks how he got the cut on his hand. She says that someone broke into the house last night and they cut themselves on glass. Damon gives attitude and says then it must be him! He asks if this is her way of getting rid of him for good! OH SHUT UP DAMON!  Meanwhile Jesse shows up and asks Tad about Damon. Tad tells Jesse about the bandage on his hand. Liza and Damon walk into the room, and Jesse asks him to come to the station. Liza tells Jesse that she is Damon’s attorney and is coming with him! Liza is upset with Tad!!!

    Police station:

    Jesse talks to Damon about his boss being hit over the head – saying he could have prevented it had he shown up for work. Liza asks if Jesse is going to book him or let him go. Jesse notices the paint on Damon’s shoes – it’s the same paint Pierre was using the night he was attacked. Damon says he uses the same color all the time! Liza tells Jesse that Damon would have cleaned his shoes if he was guilty, but Jesse thinks criminals are generally too dumb to think of that! Liza leaves, and Jesse talks to Natalia and Brot about how the lab testing is coming along. Natalia urges him to leave it to her – he should go find Angie and spend some time with her. Damon and his stupid attitude! I want to smack him!

    Martin zoo:

    Liza shows up and Bailey is there upset. She asks where Damon is now. Liza tells her that they let him go – they only have circumstantial evidence. Bailey says that this isn’t fair. She takes Stuart and tells them she’s going to find Damon. Liza is angry with Tad! She thinks he called Jesse!!! HE DIDN’T LIZA!!!  Tad tells her he didn’t call Jesse or Bailey. They came to him. She says to him she trusted him and then walks away. ACK! This is NOT Tad’s fault!

    The hospital:

    Madison and Angie are talking.  Madison tells her she just got done from therapy.  Angie assures her that she is proof that people can change. Madison says she had to take responsibility for the things she did – or she’ll continue to be a victim.

    Miranda Center:

    Frankie and Randi are there. Randi has decided to volunteer there. Frankie says she’s been where these women are – she could do a lot of good. He also says that she is doing this to try to impress Erica! He’s worried that this will become a competition between her and Madison. Randi assures him that Madison has gone out of her way to make things up to her. Frankie says she probably feels guilty. Madison shows up and Frankie goes back to work. Randi asks Madison where she should start. Madison tells her about one of the women who came in last night, and suggests that Randi go introduce herself. She speaks to the woman and then tells Madison that she should get back to Fusion – although it’s not like Erica will notice she’s gone! Ra ro! Randi having a pity party?! Madison says Randi needs to stand up for herself and let Erica hear her.


    Ryan is with Erica.  He is really pushing the trip planning hard and Erica notices.  Ryan wonders if she thinks he’s just trying to distract himself from thoughts of Greenlee. Erica says if he wants to go to an island and do all sorts of activities, that’s great, but she doesn’t need all of that to have fun. They begin a brainstorming session for the new line with Val! Val’s ideas aren’t working. Randi and Madison walk in and Randi suggests that they use real women for the ads. Erica loves it, and tells Randi she’s on a roll these days. Randi tells Madison she deserves to take some credit too, but Madison says her work at the Miranda Center is all the satisfaction she needs right now.

    The hospital:

    Frankie sees Angie  and she tells him she is still trying to decipher the mess that David left her. Angie is complaning again about being chief of staff. They discuss Randi and Madison. Frankie says that they are getting along – Randi’s even volunteering at the Miranda Center with her. Frankie asks about her and Jesse – reminding her that nothing should come before family – she’s been focusing on work. Frankie takes her files from her and tells her to go spend some time with dad.

    Hubbard home:

    Angie and Jesse both get home and share how the kids pushed them to spend time together. While they are talking I notice a box of cocoa sprinkles on their counter!! ROFL ROFL! What the hell is Cocoa sprinkles? ROFL! Every time I see the box I laugh. :) Boy AMC likes to make up names for products don’t they? ROFL!  Anyway They discuss how busy they’ve each been lately. Jesse says it’s never seemed this tough before – maybe they need to take a good look at the decisions they’ve made. Angie wonders if one of them should think about stepping down. Jesse says he just misses her. I think Angie should step down! She always complains about being Chief of staff and didn’t like how she got it in the first place. Angie misses him too and doesn’t want to talk about their jobs – she wants her husband’s sexy lips all over her! ROFL! They begin to kiss and the phone rings!

    Police station:

    Jesse shows up and tells Natalia that Angie got called in for an emergency. He assures her that when this case is wrapped up they’ll have plenty of time to spend together.

    The hospital:

    Frankie sees Angie and says he told them not to call her in! Angie asks what is going on. Frankie tells her there are multiple victims in a bus crash – Angie says she and Jesse are fine – those people aren’t!


    Gayle is with Greenlee and she tells Greenlee to do a couple more reps, then goes to read the paper near the door. David shows up and snatches it away, asking what she thinks she’s doing – if Greenlee sees that, who knows what it would do to her! Just then, Greenlee cries out. She tells David that something hurts! She tells David that she knows Erica is running Fusion – and everything she touches always becomes about her! David tells her to focus on her therapy and forget about Erica – or she may never walk out of there! The surgeon comes in and checks Greenlee. He tells David she needs to focus. Greenlee continues to question David about Erica, and Pine Valley, but he tells her that worrying won’t help her control anything. She has to concentrate only on her legs! He brings her something to eat. Mmmm hospital food. Looks good. NOT ROFL! She tells him that Fusion is her baby – she would rather see it burn to the ground than see it go to Erica Kane! Greenlee falls off to sleep, and Gayle asks David what will happen when Greenlee finds out the truth. David says that when she learns Ryan has moved on with Erica Kane she’ll fall apart – but he’ll be there to pick up the pieces! Like he has before. Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

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