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    First before I start this, yesterday with that cereal box that Angie and Jesse had, It wasn’t cocoa sprinkles.. It was Cocoa Sparkles. ROFL! Okay on with the showwwwwwwwwwww! :) 

    Movie theater fun!

    Damon and Bailey’s hotel room:

    Damon and Bailey are together. He’s packing a bag because he is running away! UGH!  Liza knocks on the door and he warns Bailey if she opens it, they’re all going to regret it! SHUT UP DAMON! GAH! Liza hears baby Stuart cry for crying out loud! Bailey knows that. Damon lets her do it.  Liza asks if they’re leaving. Damon says she just wants to get his kid – it’s not happening! SHUT UP DAMON!  Liza tells Damon that they have nothing on him – it’s purely circumstantial. Damon and Bailey argue about Liza’s offer of help. Bailey wants her in their life. Liza tells Damon to give her a chance, but Brot and Natalia show up just then. DOH!

    Martin zoo:

    Krystal come in with Kathy, who gives Tad a big Valentine. He tells Krystal it’s probably the only one he’ll get – he and Liza imploded! Tad tells Krystal what happened… She agrees that he was right to tell Jesse the truth. He wants her to explain that to Liza. Krystal laughs and says no no no.. She tells him to go after her himself – women want men to fight for the relationship! Bailey shows up and needs to see Damon. She wants Krystal and Tad to watch Stuart. She tells Tad that Liza told her she could always count on him! After Bailey leaves, Krystal tells Tad to do what he does best. He says In the middle of the police station? ROFL!  Krystal says no not that. The OTHER thing you do best. She says make Liza laugh. I got worried! I was thinking oh oh is Tad going to wear a chicken suit just like he did with Dixie?!!?! I HOPE NOT!

    Police station:

    Jesse is trying to get the bouncer from the bar to provide an alibi for Damon but the man doesn’t remember him – it was packed!  I am so glad that the writers didn’t have the bouncer to remember Damon! Cus that would be stupid! There was what? 50 or 60 people there? How would the bouncer remember him? Good job writers. :) Liza and Damon come in with Natalia and Brot. Damon still has that attitude! UGH! Damon sees the bouncer and talks to him. The bouncer says he doesn’t remember him.  Damon says that he didn’t do anything wrong! Bailey arrives as Liza is telling Jesse that Damon will submit to a DNA test to prove his innocence. Jesse agrees.Geez Jesse!! You don’t have any proof that Damon did anything! I don’t like Damon! I don’t want to be on his side so don’t make me be on his side!!!! ARGH!  When Bailey asks Damon if he was really at the bar, he accuses her of not believing him and takes off in anger!  Jesse tells Natalia and Brot their shift is over. Natalia volunteers to follow Damon – free of charge! Jesse sighs and threatens to put her in a holding cell. ROFL! She finally leaves. Brot follows her. :) Meanwhile  Tad shows up and asks a cop lady for help. He goes into the room where Liza, Bailey, and Jesse are and has handcuffs on him ROFL!  Tad says he got arrested. The cop lady says for being a flasher ROFL! Tad says no no not that! They discussed it. The cop lady says she couldn’t resist ROFL! Tad says he got arrested for being a jackass!  Liza laughs! They start the kissy kissy.  :)


    Natalia and Brot are there drinking beer. She rants a lot about her father. Brot thinks she’s crazy, and tells her she needs to get a life. He urges her to forget about work and have fun tonight! He tries to talk about movies, but she hasn’t seen any lately. Brot gets up and tells her to go ahead and wallow – he’s going to enjoy his life! Natalia leaves.

    Movie theater:

    Natalia goes to the movie theater to see a romantic comedy. ROFL! Brot follows her and has popcorn!!! ROFL! He throws popcorn at her ROFL! She gets upset and turns around. She didn’t know it was Brot. Someone else in the theater says shhhh ROFL!  Brot sits next to her and teases her ROFL! Hmmm is this a date now? ROFL! They are so cute!!!  What movie are they watching I wonder!?!!? Hahahaha!

    Damon and Bailey’s hotel room:

    Tad, Liza, Bailey, and baby Stuart go in the room. Bailey talks about how special it is that Tad pretended to get arrested to win Liza back. Liza sends her to look for Damon. Liza and Tad stay to watch Stuart.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Adam is interviewing a young man for Chandler Enterprises. His name is Chase Archibald. ROFL! They can’t go in the parlor because Annie is renovating it so they are in the library. Hmmm another hint that there is going to be a new set. :) Adam  tells him to have a seat, Scott will be in shortly. Annie comes in and asks who that is – Adam says he thinks he’s found Colby’s husband!  As Adam is explaining his thinking, the alarm goes off! It’s just a glitch in the security system. Colby comes in, and Adam introduces her to Chase.Hmmm forget the guy bartender for Scott! ROFL! Chase would be good for Scott!!! ROFL! I also noticed, that Chase and Scott are both tall and they look a little alike!! Hahahaha! Anyway when chase leaves, Colby completely overreacts and goes off on Adam for trying to set her up!  Damn Colby! Take a chill pill! PMSING?!!?! Colby asks to speak to Adam alone. Annie steps out, but listens as Colby rants on Adam.  Scott comes up and tells Annie that Adam should have left this alone – Colby was already angry enough! They hear a vase break! Colby opens the door and Annie and Scott are standing there ROFL!  Colby attacks Scott for going along with this – he says that he didn’t! She storms out of the room! Adam tells Annie and Scott he really doesn’t understand why Colby is so upset. Scott says Adam should deal with this. Adam goes to check on the security system. Annie tells Scott that Colby will eventually do what Adam wants – everyone has a price – even him! Colby goes to her bedroom and lays on her bed. She looks up and realizes that her window is open. She carefully looks around – Damon is hiding behind a chair! DOH! She asks what he’s doing there – is he the serial burglar? Colby notices that Damon has some valuable in a pillow case. Damon doesn’t expect her to believe him, but he’s not the robber – he was just taking a couple of things to sell so he could get out of town and that Bailey and the baby are better off without him!  Geez why didn’t Damon sell HIS things? Why Colby’s?!?! Oh man!!! Damon and Colby are so cute together! RATS! :( I want him gone!!! Colby says maybe he is a loser if he won’t stay and fight. Colby threatens to call the police, but Damon pulls the phone cord out of the wall! She goes to push the panic button, but Damon appeals to her to give him a chance. Just then, Adam knocks at the door!

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