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    Guilty or not guilty? THAT is the question.

    Jr and Marissa’s house:

    Colby arrives to talk to Jr about Adam’s trial. She is surprised to find him wearing a suit – she didn’t think he would be attending. JR says he’s going, but only to support Marissa. Colby tells JR how her life has been all over the place with everything going on – nothing ever feels like home, or feels safe. She says she needs Adam, and she loves him. Awww! :) Colby feels she has to accept her responsibility in the family. JR  tells her he loves her – she’s becoming a wonderful young lady. Colby asks when he is going to grow his hair back. He says you don’t like it? She shakes her head no ROFL.  JR goes to the bathroom and looks at himself in the mirror. 

    Jake’s home:

     Liza is in the couch sleeping. Tad shows up. Poor Liza is distraught over losing baby Stuart. Her phone vibrates but she doesn’t get it.  Her phone goes unanswered. Tad notices what a mess she is and tells her to take a shower and get ready for the trial.  To be professional. She does and then she comes out ready to go, and Tad coaches her to manage her grief and stress like she always does. They leave for court.

    The hospital:

    Adam is with Scott.  Scott warns Adam that he took the plea deal and will testify against Annie. Adam says it’s only testimony and goes in to see Annie. He tells her everything will be fine as long as she does what he tells her. Adam insists that he and Scott will get off, and then she’ll make the hat trick. Annie isn’t convinced, but he asks her to trust him. When Adam leaves, Annie turns on the TV coverage from the courtroom. Suddenly Ryan appears and tells her he’s there to be sure she doesn’t go anywhere! They bicker over whether or not she and Adam have cooked up a plan. Annie warns him if he tries anything, he’d better watch out for Adam. While they watch the coverage, Ryan says this is boring let’s watch the shopping channel. ROFL ROFL! Ryan gets the line of the day! :) Yes Ryan very good idea!

    The Casino:

    Erica shows up to find Zak. She tells him she doesn’t appreciate being avoided. Erica informs him that she saw Kendall, but Zak doesn’t want to hear it and behaves rudely. Erica sets him straight about how to speak to her, then tries to convince Zak that something wasn’t right with Kendall. Zak says she was with Aidan, and points out that she wasn’t being held against her will. Erica shakes her head, saying he’s right, she wasn’t. Zak tells Erica he was deserted by Kendall. Erica says she knows, and wishes she never went to L.A. Just then, Zak is approached by a man who tells him must come to testify at Adam’s trial!

    Court house:

    Marissa gets there but has been unable to find Liza. She leaves her a phone message telling her that she thought they were supposed to meet earlier, and saying she’ll see her when she gets to court. Jesse and D.A. Willis chat. Willis wonders why Kendall didn’t come back – Jesse says things have taken a personal turn. Scott comes in and tells Willis he’ll take the plea deal. Liza talks with JR and Colby, assuring them that she will get Adam off. Scott comes over and tells them he’ll be testifying on Adam’s behalf – it really was an accident. Adam arrives, followed by Erica. He sits down, and Liza points out that he’s very relaxed for someone on trial for murder – he’d better not have anything up his sleeve! The judge comes in and the trial begins.   Scott takes the stand. He testifies that a few of them figured out what happened and then Adam turned himself in. He says that Adam and Stuart loved each other, and he loves Adam too. Liza asks how he could love the man who killed his father? Scott says because he wasn’t in his right mind that night, and he’s forgiven him. Willis gets up and asks Scott if he’s testifying on his uncle’s behalf due to a guilty conscience – after all, he had an affair with his wife! Scott pleads ignorance, but admits that Adam briefly suspected them of having an affair, but realized it was unfounded. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. He tries to say that Adam has destroyed himself over what he did, but Willis cut him off. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. JR gets up and walks out. Tad goes outside the courtroom doors with JR. He asks if he’s alright. JR says it’s just hard to see Scott let Adam off the hook so easily. Tad points out that JR isn’t looking well – perhaps he had to leave because he’s not feeling good due to cancer. JR says he’s not telling Marissa. He says she’s on her way to becoming a great lawyer and doesn’t need this. He goes back into the courtroom. Tad turns to see Zak, who says he’s there to testify. Tad brings up Kendall, but Zak won’t discuss her.

    Angie testifies about the drugs Adam was given and the confession made by the nurse. Jesse takes the stand and talks about the night of the murder and the investigation. He tells Liza that Adam confessed to him and D.A. Willis. Willis asks Jesse if he worked alone. Suddenly, Zak appears in the back and says, Come on Jesse, everyone knows I was all over this, and they know why.  Willis calls Zak, his only witness, to the stand. Zak says he knew there was a secret in the Chandler house and Annie, Scott, and Adam were hiding it. Willis wonders if Adam knew all along then. Zak testifies that it’s very possible that Adam knew what he did, and kept the secret, all along! Liza cross-examines Zak and points out that he may blame Adam for the misfortunes in his marriage. Zak denies it, saying he only blames himself.  Zak leaves the courtroom while Liza, Tad, and Erica follow.  Liza apologizes to Zak for having to bring up Kendall – she had to destroy Willis’s argument. Zak asks them all to stay out of his life. Erica turns on Liza, asking her how she can get Adam and Scott off after what they’ve done. Back in the courtroom, Liza gives her summation, saying that Adam hated himself and what he had become, and fired the gun at his own image, thereby killing the only man who loved him unconditionally. She says he buried it, since it was so horrific. She reminds the court that he was drugged. Willis tells the jury they must determine guilt or innocence – and though he weeps for the brother he killed, there is nothing innocent about Adam Chandler!  ROFL! Outside the courtroom, Adam apologizes to Erica about Kendall. Erica isn’t feeling charitable – she tells him he could have prevented it, and Annie could have too. UGH this is so boring!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! There is no drama!? No fist fighting? No twists? No shocking revelations?! Geez AMC used to have courtroom drama!!! They are called back inside for the verdict. The file in and everyone is seated. Adam is asked to stand to hear the decision. A guy who stands up from the jury box and says we find Adam Chandler…. And then it goes black! NOW THAT IS SOAPY! :) This should have been on Friday!! Cliffhanger Friday! :)


    Ryan shows up to talk to Zak.  Ryan  tells him that he thinks Adam and Annie have something up their sleeves. Zak tells Ryan he guesses that’s his problem.

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    Thanks for the great update.

    I can’t wait until the Aiden/Kendall story line is done.  I cannot beleive Fish -n-Chips is a kidnapper all of a sudden.  He has always been a nice guy…”

    This whole thing with Stuart’s murder has been such a snooze from the beginning.  They all keep saying the same things over and over and it goes nowhere.

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    Pastamom says Thanks for the great update.
    You’re welcome. :) 

    I can’t wait until the Aiden/Kendall story line is done.  I cannot beleive Fish -n-Chips is a kidnapper all of a sudden.  He has always been a nice guy…”
    Yeah this is stupid! I can’t wait until this is over!

    This whole thing with Stuart’s murder has been such a snooze from the beginning.  They all keep saying the same things over and over and it goes nowhere.
    I enjoyed some of it. I knew it was going to be Adam who shot Stuart. Great twist. I’m glad it’s Adam cus I would never forgive the person who killed Stewie!! With Adam he was messed up on drugs, so this is good! I forgive you Adam! :( Stewie would too! :( 

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