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    KANE and her cub

    Chandler Mansion:

    Damon and Colby argue! Damon calls Colby a rich-spoiled brat and doesn’t know what it’s like to have pay for her mistakes without daddy bailing her out. Adam knocks on the door. Colby lets him in and he asks if he heard voices. Damon hides.  Adam apologizes to Colby for trying to set her up on a date with Chase. Colby accepts his apology if he agrees to no more setups. Adam agrees. Damon has a little pity party for himself and whines. UGH! Meanwhile Annie toasts Scott on the new wing of the house being finished soon. Jesse shows up because someone in the house called 911. Nobody knows that Colby did that. Hey that is a very good follow up to the 911 call yesterday! That’s what happens in real life! Even when someone accidentally calls 911 the cops come. Adam enters and thinks it must be a glitch in their new security system. Annie asks why Jesse is all dressed up. Jesse says there is a party at CONfusion. Jesse leaves and Annie is upset that they weren’t invited.  Adam admits he declined the invitation. Annie wants to go as a family, but Scott reminds her that Erica gave her a swirly at the last party. Adam laughs about that but Annie thinks it would be a good way to show their family is united. Adam leaves to get dressed and Scott tells Annie people can smell desperation a mile away and refuses to go. Later Damon is still there!!! He sneaks in the library and oh oh he hears something! It’s Scott! Scott takes something from Adam’s desk and then leaves. I think Damon is going to steal something! 

    Amanda and Jake’s home:

    Jake and Frankie are there. Jake tells Frankie he thinks Angie is doing a great job as chief of staff. Frankie worries that his parents are working too hard, but doesn’t want Hayward back as his boss. Jake says to Frankie that he has missed his physical therapy appointments. Frankie gets upset and defensive and claims people think he is in his position just because of his parents. Jake thinks leaving is not the answer. He admits he actually misses his parents now that they have moved to Florida. That sucks that Dr. Joe and Ruth didn’t get a goodbye party. :( And that they didn’t show memories of the past. :(


    Greenlee notices the full moon from her hospital window and thinks it is a sign for her to go home to Ryan. David arrives and orders Greenlee to take it easy. Greenlee is ready to go home but David yells that she is not ready. Greenlee tells him that she is walking!  David reminds her she hurt herself during her last therapy session. He finally tells her he will talk to Dr. Clayton. Outside, the nurse tells David he can’t hold her in the hospital forever. David worries that the truth will crush her. Dr. Clayton tells David that Greenlee’s MRI shows that the physical therapy must be immediately stopped or another surgery will be needed. OH OH!  Dr Clayton tells David that Greenlee will have to be in bed for 30 days!!!!  David is worried that they will have to tie her to the bed.  Yeah David cus Greenlee will NOT like to hear this! As David tells the nurse Greenlee won’t like the news, an anxious Greenlee listens on outside the door. David warns the nurse to watch herself, as Greenlee is known to throw things. ROFL! They enter the room and see that Greenlee is gone!!! OH OH!


    Erica and Ryan sort out last minute logistics for the party.. She tells Ryan she has a great feeling that the party for the Miranda center will be a night to remember. Randi and Madison show Erica and Ryan a tabloid story on Erica and her cub Ryan!  BAHAHAHAHAHA! That was funny! ROFL! Erica thanks Madison and Randi for all their hard work, and Randi admits it all was Madison’s idea. Erica asks both of them to just be honest with her.  Erica also tells Randi and Madison not to be nervous about reporters, but Madison doesn’t like the idea of talking to people about her story. Erica says she wouldn’t get up in the morning if she worried about what people said. Madison admits all she cared about was approval and it’s a hard habit to break, but promises to try. Erica is moved that she is doing things on her terms and then throws the tabloid away. Madison and Randi continue working on last minute details for the party. Madison thanks Randi for giving her the credit for her idea. Randi doesn’t want to have to owe Madison anything. Madison asks if they are competitors and Randi says may the best woman win. Annie, Adam and Colby arrive at the party and Annie asks Madison why there are no paparazzi. ROFL! Colby is angry when she sees Chase at the party and asks if Adam will ever quit! When I first saw Chase at CONfusion today, I thought it was Scott! :)

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan goes home to get dressed for the party. He stops and watches the full moon. Greenlee arrives outside of Ryan’s door and tells him she is alive and hopes he’ll have her. He pulls her into a kiss and tells her it was the moon. They kiss!! OH WAIT IT WAS JUST GREENLEE’S DREAM ROFL!  Erica arrives to pick up Ryan and he thinks she is smoking hot! She admits she’s a little bit bothered by the tabloid headline. Ryan thinks the press will get bored and go away if they ignore it. Erica doesn’t want the pressure. Ryan asks if she wants to go public with their relationship. Erica says she wants to deny there is anything happening to protect what they have. Ryan wonders if she is ashamed, but Erica doesn’t want the press to chronicle their every move. What is the REAL reason Erica?!!?!!

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