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    Not a good man.

    Court room:

    The jury finds Adam not guilty on all counts due to diminished capacity. YAY! The judge tells him he is free to go, but Adam wants to speak. Liza warns against it, but Adam insists. He tells the court he is not a good man. ROFL! Well we all know that hahahaha! he says but his brother was a great human being, and he took his life. He says he will do his time in his own mind – what he has done will visit him everyday of his life. Colby comes to hug her father as everyone else leaves.  Angie tells Jesse that what Adam said is true – imagine having to live with that. Colby tells Liza she’s the best, and then leaves with Adam. Marissa congratulates Liza as well. On his way out Adam tells the reporter that he’ll get through this with the support of his family. Erica appears and tells Adam she’s not mad about him not going to prison. Marissa tells JR it’s a good ending. He says he hopes so. Adam tells JR his wife will become a great lawyer. Marissa says she was glad to help. Adam and JR share a moment when JR says he’s glad it turns out this way, and Adam compliments JR on being his own man. Awww sweet scene. Scott appears with a phone – it’s Annie. Shoot sweet scene over! Adam talks to Annie. Annie wants Adam to go see her.   Adam leaves, and Colby heads back in to see Liza. She finds out that Bailey has decided to leave town and take Stuart with her! Colby can’t believe that Liza would fight so hard for Adam, but not fight for her baby. Liza says it’s Bailey’s baby, and the law’s on her side. Colby pushes her to fight. Liza tells her the outcome would be the same, and Stuart would suffer. Colby tells her she’s making the wrong choice. Tad has been listening and suggests Liza come back to Jake’s. She says she can’t keep leaning on him. He tells her she can.  Still in the hallway, JR tells Marissa he almost got sucked in again – if it weren’t for Annie’s phone call he would have been! Colby appears and says their parents don’t put them high on the priority list. JR asks what’s wrong with her? Colby tells them about Stuart, saying she’s not going to let her mom roll over like this. She wants Marissa to help her. JR says it’s Liza’s choice. Colby feels she can try to change someone’s mind. Colby leaves, and Marissa suggests they go celebrate at Adam’s house. JR says they can’t be a family until Adam gets rid of Annie for good. Yeah good luck with that.

    The casino:

    Damon is there! UGH! I WANT TO SLAP HIM! I DON’T TRUST HIM! He stands watching the outcome of the trial in the casino. The manager comes over and tells him to go home – Mr. Slater doesn’t want underage employees hanging around after their shifts.ROFL!  Meanwhile, Ryan and Zak bicker about Cambias, Kendall, and other things. Zak tells Ryan he won’t like how this ends. Ryan tells Zak that he refused to forgive Kendall for too long – that’s what led to her running off. Zak doesn’t care about all that – he just wants to focus on business. Zak just smiles away! Ryan tells him where Cambias is concerned, Zak can go ahead and try to do his worst!  Erica shows up and  Zak tells her if she came to ask him to back off her precious Ryan, she can forget it. Erica asks what he thinks he’s doing. He informs her he’s going to destroy everything Kendall held dear so she has nothing to come back to!

    Jake’s home:

    Tad and Liza hang out.  Tad has found some Chinese food that has been in the fridge for a week! ROFL!  They joke about the risk of eating it. Tad says he did the sniff test. Tad tells Liza a funny story about Jenny calling him a booger ROFL. and she laughs. He says it’s great to see her smile again. Liza tells him to go home to be with his kids – she’s got to go home and face her life too. Tad offers her a lift – down the elevator.

    Liza’s home:

    Damon UGH is there with Bailey who has just got off the phone with her parents. She tells Damon that they won’t give her a place to live or help her raise the baby. Damon says he’ll look after them, if she agrees to stick around. Bailey says  that she can’t do that to Liza – she can’t stay there and rub her face in it. Damon tells her that if she wants to leave, he’ll go with her. Colby comes in and confronts Bailey about what she is doing. Damon says they can take their baby wherever they want. Colby encourages her to stay in town so they can watch him grow up. Damon thinks that would just be so they could keep an eye on Bailey. Colby says Bailey might change her mind again – she’s had doubts before. Colby warns if she leaves she shouldn’t ever change her mind and come back to tear her mother’s heart out again! Damon informs her that they are leaving town to start a new life. Bailey explains that her parents don’t want her back. Colby pleads with Bailey to stay in Pine Valley.  Liza and Tad go into her house where they see Damon and Bailey. Liza asks if they need more time to pack up, but Colby comes down the stairs holding Stuart. Bailey asks Colby to tell Liza. Colby says it’s good news – Stuart and Bailey will be sticking around! Hmmmmm.. This can’t be good.


    Ryan meets Erica. They do a quick kiss UGH!  He tells her that Adam and Annie aren’t the only ones coming after him. They want Emma, but Zak is also proving to be a problem. Erica asks what Zak is doing. Ryan says he wants to destroy everything Kendall ever touched! Erica wonders what Cambias has to do with Kendall. Ryan feels he just wants to reset his whole life without Kendall in it. Ryan warns Zak will go after Fusion as well.

    The hospital:

    Scott asks Angie and Jesse if Annie will be well enough to appear in court next week. Angie says she should be fine – no need to postpone.  Adam is in with Annie, who asks him if everything is still going according to plan – Ryan seems to think something is up. She is concerned he may have someone watching her. Scott comes in and Adam says he’s leaving to celebrate with Colby and JR. Annie is surprised that he’s leaving so soon. When Adam is gone, Annie tells Scott that she’s worried that Adam might turn on her – he may still be angry about the tape of them. Scott suggests that she fill him in on their little plan! She tells him, then rants about the possibility of Adam turning everything around on her. Scott tells her to stop it – Adam will go through with everything she just told him – there’s no doubt in his mind!   Later Annie dreams about Adam taking the stand and testifying against her, saying she fooled around with his nephew behind his back! NOW THAT IS MY ADAM CHANDLER! To bad it’s just a dream. :(

    Stuart’s grave:

    Adam visits Stuart’s grave! :(  Adam tells Stewie that she was found not guilty. He remarks that he’s always had a ‘diminished capacity’ to care. He says he visited the Christmas tree lot and it was sad without him. Adam shares a memory about JR, and suddenly hears his son’s voice behind him. JR tells Adam he wanted to forgive him today, but as long as Annie’s a part of his life he can’t be – and neither can his son. Ryan appears and says it’s a smart move – no child is safe around Annie! Adam tells him he has no business there, but Ryan tells him he saw enough of the trial to recognize the part of Adam that still has a heart!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa arrives and Scott shows up too. She tells him she thought JR might change his mind and come by. Scott says no one in this family changes. She asks about Adam. Scott says Adam may change for a bit, but he’s still a Chandler. HA! Is that foreshadowing?! :) Will Adam turn on her?! I hope!

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