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    Tomorrow is a repeat. They are going to show Erica and Jack’s wedding. This is the last repeat we are going to get. They won’t be showing a repeat once a month anymore. Crap! :( They say because of negative fan reaction. Uh uh sure. ROFL! That is the excuse they are going with?

    Paparazzi Spike.


    Jack and Erica see each other on the street. Jack’s dressed for Greenlee’s wedding, but he notices Erica is not. She calls him handsome and she thinks she is beautiful. She tells him she’s not going and thinks Greenlee will probably even appreciate it. Reverend Ricky finds them to discuss Jack’s part in the ceremony. He then asks about their own wedding. They say one wedding at a time and that their wedding will happen soon. Once Ricky is gone, Erica tells Jack they will survive this bump in their relationship because they love each other. Awww!!! :(

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Bianca sees Caleb. She says she’s looking forward to Reese’s visit and can’t wait for Reese to meet him. Hey Bianca! Make sure bi/lesbian Reese doesn’t make out with ottomans this time! Anyway Bianca invites him to a family dinner she has planned. Caleb appreciates it but doesn’t want to go. She calls him family but he disagrees. Erica walks in and Bianca leaves to pick up bi/lesbian Reese up at the airport. Erica thanks Caleb for helping her protect Kendall. He says she’s thanked him enough. She doesn’t want there to be any tension between them. He wonders if she knows what she really wants. He suggests she live her life and be happy. She starts talking about her tough day with Jack, but Caleb won’t be her girlfriend. However, if she wants to really talk about what’s going on…She says nothing and he leaves.

    The hospital:

    Amanda and Jake meet up before the wedding. He shows her the rings he’s in charge of, but he is reminded of Cara’s confession. Jake says he likes weddings and she wonders what his and Cara’s wedding was like. He didn’t really get into to much detail. He says they have to get a move on.

    Greenlee and Ryan:

    Greenlee calls Ryan from home and he is at the Slater home. They discuss how great their wedding day will be. She wonders if it’s bad luck to talk to each other over the phone. He says there is no such thing as bad luck when it comes to us. REALLY RYAN?! REALLY?!!?!?! UGH! Amanda stops by with something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue from Kendall, which includes earrings Zak gave Kendall. Greenlee remembers she has something to take care of and rushes off.

    Slater home:

    Jake visits Ryan and Spike. Awww Spike is adorable!!! That little bow tie!!!! :) I teared up! So sweet!!! Little Paparazzi Spike is taking pictures and took a picture of Jake! ROFL! Poor Jake’s eyeball! ROFL! Jake brings up Paparazzi ROFL! Jake gives Ryan the rings and tells him he is at his service. Emma joins them and says she can’t wait to see Greenlee. Emma is adorable too!

    The park:

    Jake and Amanda meet up. She gives him a gift. He says what is it I like it ROFL! It’s a photo album she had made of Trevor. He in turn gives her a key to the honeymoon suite at the Yacht Club. He asks if she’ll be his Valentine. She says forever and ever.


    Madison walks into work and Randi wonders if she really wants to be there. Madison thinks she’ll be okay and can deal any reminders of Ryan’s wedding. Scott shows up again offers to help distract her from the day. He points out the wedding is happening right downstairs, but she thinks she needs to accept the reality of it. Oh Madison just go with Scott!!! :) Scott leaves and Madison works. Eventually Randi is heading out and tells Madison it’s time to go because it’s going to be busy here with Greenlee getting ready for the wedding.

    Casa D Lavery:

    As Greenlee gets ready with Jack, she gets a call and learns the food caterer has food poisoning. ROFL! The food caterer has food poisoning?! How did that happen? ROFL! Jack wants to handle it so he leaves.


    Madison heads downstairs and looks around and sees the bouquet. She picks it up. Oh Madison stop tormenting yourself! Go be with Scott! She sees Greenlee. Greenlee wonders why she’s there and Madison hurries off, but leaves her phone behind. Greenlee also leaves. Later, Scott enters looking for Madison and finds Ryan with the kids. Madison returns for her phone and Scott helps her by calling her phone to see if anyone picks up. Emma answers and Madison sees her in the next room. Madison walks over to Emma as she stands with Ryan and Spike who talk with Ricky. Madison motions for Emma to come over and takes the phone. As she does, Madison gets a pain. Ryan hears the noise and asks if she’s okay. Oh boy! . Madison says she is fine. But then has more cramps. She says it’s too soon. Ryan asks what’s going on and Greenlee tells him Madison is pregnant. DOH!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Annie walks downstairs. She tells JR how happy she is that they can spend Valentine’s Day together. She says that she is happy she woke up next to him this morning. WOAH JR! Did you have sex with her?!!?! Are you crazy?!!? She runs back upstairs to get dressed, as Tad stops by to ask if JR talked to Annie yet about committing herself. JR just wants to make sure it’s handled right and wants to talk to her after their dinner. Tad thinks he’s crazier than she is. Upstairs in the attic, Annie tries on Dixie’s earrings. Her vision of Marissa taunts her saying JR would never want her to wear those. Annie thinks JR is going to propose tonight and there’s nothing Marissa” can do to stop them from getting married. Oh oh!! She has lost it!!! OAKHAVEN WHERE ARE YOU?! Tad leaves the mansion, but then returns with commitment papers for Annie that the judge and doctor signed off in case JR’s plan doesn’t go well. JR tells him he’s got it handled. YOU KEEP SAYING THAT JR! Listen to Tad!!! Tad leaves when Annie comes downstairs. Woah what is with that outfit of hers? Is she going to flap away somewhere? ROFL! JR hides the commitment papers and Annie asks what JR wanted to talk to her about. He tells her he knows about her accident with the ambulance. She gets nervous, but he blames himself for what’s happened. The cops knock on the door and Brot tells JR he is wanted at the station. JR calls Tad to have him meet him there. Back inside, Annie looks for the engagement ring she thinks JR has for her, but she finds the commitment papers to Oak Haven instead. RA RO! Dr Burke’s name is on it but she doesn’t see his name on it! She hallucinates Marissa’s name on it!!! She is furious!!! Marissa comes to the door and Annie tells her JR is in the attic. In the attic, Marissa realizes Annie set her up and tries to leave. Annie won’t allow it and they fight! Annie throws Marissa off her and she hits a wall and falls to the floor. OH DEAR!!!! JR THERE IS TROUBLE!!!!

    Police station:

    Brot questions JR about the accident with the ambulance. JR says he has something urgent to do and will come back later. Tad shows up!!! JR needs Tad’s help! JR demands to be released, he gets a little out of control and Brot arrests him!!!!!!!!!!

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