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    Coming out of the closet.


    Outside the door of the Fusion office Greenlee is about to open the door!!!! But David stops her by grabbing her and covering her mouth!!!  He promises that he will let her go if she doesn’t scream. She doesn’t scream.  Greenlee insists that she wants to see Ryan now! He takes her to the other room and really tries to get her to understand that the time’s not right. He wants to talk to her up on the roof and she gives him 5 minutes. They go to the roof and  David tells her that in the real world, life doesn’t just stop.  He admits he kept certain news from her during recovery for worry that it would deeply affect her. Greenlee figures out that  Ryan’s is with another woman.  David says he thinks Ryan is with another woman – yes. Greenlee tells David to take her back to his place – before she changes her mind! In Erica’s office RyGranny (Ryan and Erica) are kissing. UGH!  Ryan tells her that what they have works. Erica agrees, and says she won’t make problems anymore! Ryan suggests they go back to his place – he’ll make her dinner. Erica tells she wants that almost more than anything. He asks what she wants more. She says he’ll see and walks out. He follows. She goes down and takes the microphone. Erica announces to the press that she and Ryan are involved. OY! RyGranny are out of the closet now!!! So now the world knows about RyGranny!!! Everyone claps. Very strange how the paparatzi claps!

    Jamanda home:

    Jake and Amanda are having fun at home. They have great scenes today!!! Someone is knock knock knock on the door.It’s Opal carying a tea leave reading – something from the past is coming back! They try to calm her, but she says she knows in her bones that David is about to return! Amanda and Jake are certain he’s gone – they saw Wildwind getting packed up. Eventually she leaves. When she leaves, Amanda insists to Jake that she’s fine. They start kissing,


    Liza and Tad are kissing!  Krystal is bothered by it and tells Rob to take him to his place. Tad wonders if Liza did what she did because she thinks there is something between him and Krystal. Yeah Liza is bothered by it. Tad insists that he and Krystal are actually cheering each other on. Liza says that him and Krystal have history and Tad says so do we.. Ha! Tad and Liza have more of a history than Tad and Krystal do! :)  Liza needs to be sure – she doesn’t want a repeat of getting hurt, as she did with Zak. Tad reassures her, saying they’ve been through a lot over the years, but it’s never felt like this.  Tad is kissing Liza when he sees something outside!! He sees David!! ROFL ROFL! Tad stops kissing Liza cus he saw David! Awww Tad! Are you exciting seeing the love of your life? Your one true love? :)
    TAVID FOREVER! :)  Liza is bothered that Tad was kissing with his eyes open! ROFL!  Tad calls Jake and said Hayward is back ROFL! That cracked me up because of what Opal said ROFL! Tadand Jake talk about meeting.


    Oh Wildwind looks a little different and dark! :)  David tells Greenlee that she needs to go back to Gloucester – Dr. Clayton thinks she needs another surgery. Greenlee wants him to tell her who Ryan is dating. David claims not to know, but Greenlee won’t give up!  She says she’ll ask Kendall, so David has to explain that she and Zak have left town, and Ryan let them take Spike with him. Greenlee thinks that David is covering. Greenlee talks about that he must be with someone who would hurt her the most. She thinks Ryan is with Kendall. Uh no not anymore Greenlee ROFL!  David admits that they did sleep together, but before he can explain further, Tad and Jake start banging on the door! Greenlee hides and then David lets them in. David tells them he just came back to tie up some loose ends. Jake calls him a pathological liar. Tad tells David there is nothing for him in Pine Valley. Tad and Jake are BOTH in love with David!!! Tad loves David more but won’t admit it!!! Tavid should have a love child! :) David agrees, with Tad and asks the two ‘nitwits’ to leave. ROFL! They go, and David realizes that Greenlee took off!RA RO!!!

    Jamanda home:

    Liza shows up and tells Amanda that Jake was protecting her. Amanda says Jake never lies to her unless it’s about David. Liza admits that Tad thinks he saw him. Amanda says she can feel it too – just like Opal! Tad and Jake come back and Amanda asks Jake why he didn’t tell her the truth about where he was going. Tad says David told them he was leaving, but Jake thinks he’s lying and they will have to go ahead with the lawsuit.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan and Erica go back to his place. They see the wine and cheese that Greenlee set out earlier. They think that Opal must have done this for them. Ryan is confused that Opal knows his favorite wine. He sees the drawing of the moon that was left out, and is even more confused. RyGranny starts to be all lovey dovey. She feeds him grapes.  She checks on the cider, and Ryan wonders  how Emma’s drawing just showed up. RyGranny have sex!!!!  Greenlee approaches the door!  She tries to open it but it’s locked.  She uses the key from the plant and opens the door!!! Greenlee sees RyGranny sex!!!! Interrupt them Greenlee!!! Interrupt the RyGranny sex! Say something!!! SAY SOMETHING!

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