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    Congratulations to the new chief of detectives in Philadelphia

    Yacht club hotel room:

    Annie ADMITS to JR she took Marissa’s things. WOW!!!! She explains what happened when she accidentally knocked Marissa out. She thought everyone would accuse her of attacking Marissa in a jealous rage, so she made it looked like she was robbed. JR can’t believe she lied to him and just left Marissa lying on the floor. Annie says she panicked and thinks Marissa is out to get her as evidenced by her sending Dr. Burke after her. Oh dear!!! JR says he called the doc from Oak Haven. Annie accuses JR of thinking she’s crazy. Well YOU ARE!!! JR denies it of course but still thinks it’s a good idea if she talks to someone. Annie insists she will be fine once they are together. Yeah uh huh! JR says she doesn’t get help there will never be “an us.” DUMP HER JR! He reminds her this is all about hanging on to AJ, but she wonders if she’s supposed to wait around forever. NO DUMP HIM! JR tells her to pull herself together and says talking to someone will help her get her feelings out. She feels like he’s pawning her off on Dr. Burke. JR insists he cares about her and asks her to do this for them. Later, Dr. Burke comes by and after JR tells Annie how proud he is of her, he leaves with Marissa’s things. Annie takes the knife out of her purse and hides it in her sleeve as Dr. Burke asks if everything is okay.RA RO! She puts on a fake smile and pretends everything is fine, as she plays with the knife. EEP!


    JR is late to meet Tad but JR finally shows up and apologizes to Tad. Tad is concernd over Annie, who is spinning out of control. JR says it’s handled, but Tad knows better and suggests he cut her loose. I AGREE TAD!!! JR won’t abandon Annie because he understands where she’s coming from. Tad says he’s nothing like Annie, but JR says he won’t do what Adam did to Dixie. Tad says he isn’t Adam! Meanwhile Jack finds Erica and Caleb talking. Erica sees him and tells him David escaped, but he was taken into custody. They all leave together. Natalia meets Brot and tells him she got a new job as chief of detectives in Philadelphia. She insists it won’t be goodbye because they will each other on the weekends. This way, she will be able to save everyone’s job. Brot tells her he already quit the force. Hmm I wonder how far is it from Pine Valley PA to Philly PA! An hour? :)

    Police station:

    Jack, Erica and Caleb show up as Jesse, Natalia and Brot bring David in. Jack takes Jesse aside, as David threatens Erica with hidden messages ROFL! When Jesse and Jack return, David says he is innocent! Brot takes David away and then returns to urge Jesse to fire him so Natalia isn’t caught in the crossfire. Jesse orders Brot to let him handle things. Jesse walks away and Brot starts writing a letter. He takes off his badge and places it, along with the letter, in an envelope. He asks someone to take it to personnel. Oh oh Brot is quitting!

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Erica, Jack and Caleb walk in. Erica thinks Jack should check in on Greenlee. Jack is suspicious, but steps out to call his daughter anyway. Erica takes the opportunity to worry to Caleb about David exposing Kendall. Caleb assures her they will keep Kendall safe. Erica gets emotional and starts boo hooing into Caleb’s arms as Jack returns. Jack gets very very upset cus he knows something is going on between Erica and Caleb!! She denies it and tries to explain. Jack tells them next time they should get a room and he storms out.


    Erica follows Jack and she insists there is nothing going on between her and Caleb. LIAR!!!!!!! He doesn’t believe her and he he won’t be humiliated. When she can’t get him to understand, Erica finally reveals that Kendall was the one who shot David, but she doesn’t remember it. Jack wonders why she didn’t tell him, accusing her of not trusting him. Erica says he is the officer of the court! Yeah very convenient Erica!!! Jack brings up Caleb and how he knows. She says he came in it by accident!


    Marissa shows up to see David in jail. She tells him she quits as his lawyer.Oh well that isn’t surprising! Course she would do that! *rolls eyes* David explains how Ryan set him up. Jesse joins them and says a van is on the way to transfer him to the state pen. David insists he’s not well enough and Marissa warns Jesse if something happens to David while he’s in prison she will sue them. WOW! well good Marissa very good! Altho I am telling you she is so bi polar!!! David thanks her for believing in him, but she warns him not to make her regret it.


    Marissa interrupts JR and Tad’s conversation After Tad leaves, JR gives her the stuff that was stolen from the break in. He says he found them at a pawn shop. ROFL! Do you really believe him Marissa?

    Police station:

    Natalia and Brot run into the station to find Brot’s resignation letter, but Jesse stops them and says he intercepted it. Natalia tells her father all about the new job! Jesse hugs her. Alone with Brot, Natalia reminisces about starting out at the PVPD. She gets emotional over how far she’s come. She promises to come back every chance she gets to see his sweet face.

    Slater home:

    Kendall comes home and finds Cara, who calls her out for not going to her appointment with Griffin. DOH! They talk about David and Kendall has another vague flashback of the shooting. Cara leaves and Ricky comes by!! YAY RICKY! She wants to know what he is doing there. She asks is it church business. He says yes and she wonders what kind of church business. He doesn’t know what to say ROFL! He made it up! :) He just wanted to see how Kendall’s first day back at work went. Kendall tells him it went great. Ricky suggests they go out to dinner to celebrate. Kendall asks if he’s asking her out. He assures her he likes her, but there’s no other agenda. Just friends. Kendall feels stupid and says anything other than friendship is too soon. They plan to have dinner next week. After Ricky leaves, David calls Kendall. I love Kicky!!!! Of course it’s too soon for any relationship! But would love Kicky to be together someday! :)

    Police station:

    Kendall rushes into the station to see David. He makes cryptic remarks about what she did and Erica’s involvement. Kendall has another flashback of the shooting and all of a sudden she is having a problem and passes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! David keeps calling out to her!!!!

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