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    Valentines day shock of the century.

    Jamanda home:

    Jake is fixing his tie and Amanda comes out in a red lingerie. They kiss but he is not distracted enough! He is obsessed with David!  Amanda is frustrated!  Liza shows up and knows something is up. Liza figures out they are arguing about David. Jake leaves. Liza tells Amanda that Tad has gone to Gloecster.  They talk about Liza’s relationship with Tad – Liza says they’ll see where it goes. They talk about Jake, and Liza says Amanda should understand the way he feels about David. Amanda doesn’t want Jake to become caught in any crossfire. Liza urges her to go and stand by his side if she wants to protect him!


    Greenlee and David are getting ready for their wedding.  She is worried Jack is going to ruin her plans but says all will be fine as long as Ryan shows up. David reassures her, then gives her some gifts – one is a long stemmed red rose for valentines day. David gives her gifts for something old something new something borrowed and something blue.  He give her a blue butterfly in glass, which she says reminds her of who she is. Another gift is Leo’s St. Christopher medallion. David urges her to stop this if she’s having any second thoughts at all. Greenlee regrets that she doesn’t have a gift for him. He says she’s given her friendship and trust – that’s enough. She promises to help him get his daughter back. Jake shows up!!!! Jake and David have a nice chat! ROFL! Jake tells David that he isn’t letting him do this. He’s not buying the mystery bride bit, and thinks he has reason to be worried about his family again. David calls him paranoid, but Jake lists off all the things David did to them. Greenlee listens from the next room. David tells Jake he’s getting married to prove he’s moving on. Jake starts hollering out to the mystery bride not to marry this guy! ROFL! Oh shut up Jake and leave!!! David thinks you are rude and so do I! Jake leaves, and Greenlee comes out. She confronts David about having sex with Amanda. He says the sex was consensual, but he did manipulate her. David points out she will hear a lot more from the rest of them after the wedding – she’ll alienate all of them from her life! Greenlee still intends to be his wife – she can live with the fallout. He tells her he guaranteed Ryan will attend by sending a dead butterfly. Greenlee says they need to do more – it won’t be the same if Ryan doesn’t show! David gives her a suggestion on what she can do to make sure Ryan comes – she says she’ll do it.


    Ryan shows up where Erica asks why he has a black eye! Ryan explains about his visit to David, then complains that David put a dead butterfly in his invitation – he wants to kill him! Oh stop whining Ryan!!! Ryan explains about the significance of the butterfly to Greenlee, and says David is trying to get to him. Ryan admits to Erica that he feels Greenlee’s presence somehow – it’s weird!

    Jr and Marissa’s home:

    Jr is feeling better!!!! Marissa wonders what they should do tonight. Jr suggests that they go to David’s wedding! ROFL! Marissa is surprised! Jr feels she is basing her decision to stay away on anger rather than with a cool head. Plus, he’s really curious who David has blackmailed into marrying him! Marissa can’t say no to her husband!

    Martin zoo:

    Opal and Krystal chat about David’s wedding today. Krystal feels sorry for the poor, pathetic bride! Well you were once a poor pathetic bride too Krystal! Opal asks Krystal if she wants to go. Krystal says she’s not invited, but Opal says she can bring a guest! Hahahaha! Perfect! Awww why wasn’t Krystal invited? ROFL!

    Police station:

    Jesse, Natalia, and the hacker  M. Night Shayamalan are accessing a web cam that got knocked on the floor during the crisis at Fusion – it looks like Hayward and a woman were there! Tad comes in, with Ryan, and says that Nurse Gayle isn’t the woman – and she said something very interesting – that she should have pulled the plug on the bitch when she had the chance!  DOH!!! Gayle is angry!!!! ROFL! Ryan and Tad see the video and they see that David is carrying the woman – they talk about her being seriously injured. They are all puzzled about the woman’s identity. BAHAHAHAHAHA!


    Jack is planning a celebration with one of the staff. Erica comes in and greets him with a kiss. JERICA FOREVER! :) She then tells him she couldn’t help but overhear his plans – she wonders who is the lucky woman? Erica says it’s obvious he’s met someone – and it explains his strange behavior with her earlier. Jack won’t divulge the person’s identity. Erica tells Jack that David is getting married in less than an hour, but no one knows who the bride is. Jack runs out of there like a bat out of hell! ROFL!

    Jamanda home:

    Jake comes home and sees that Amanda is dressed for the wedding. She says she decided that they need to find out who this woman is, and what David is up to.

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan goes back home and looks at the dead butterfly.  His phone rings and he answers it. Greenlee says, "Happy Valentine’s Day, Ryan." She hangs up quickly and Ryan stands there shocked! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Perfect!!!! :)

    Wedding chapel:

    Opal and Krystal both arrive together. Krystal’s dress! ROFL! She looks like a biker chick! Jr and Marissa show up.  Opal has the chills. Tad, Liza, Amanda, Jake, and Jesse come in. David appears and thanks them for coming, but says the bride isn’t quite ready yet. Marissa asks him who the woman is, but he says he can’t tell her. David tells everyone that they are ready to begin. OH LET THE GAME BEGIN!!!! The wedding march plays, and Greenlee makes her way up the aisle, heavily veiled. Tad is squinting trying to see who the bride is!! ROFL! I thought maybe someone was going to take the veil off! ROFL! David begins his vows, saying they found the will to live in each other. He promises never to desert her, or let her down. OH MAN MY STOMACH WAS TIGHT!!! I can’t WAIT to see everyone’s faces!!! When it’s Greenlee’s turn, Jack runs in with Erica. Greenlee lifts her veil and everyone is in shock!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO Finally, Jack asks what are you doing?! Greenlee says I’m getting married dad. Ryan comes in. He stops in his tracks and he and Greenlee see each other. Ryan is in shock!!! He says Greenlee!?!?! I LOVE THIS! SOAPY SOAPY DELICIOUS!!!! :) I can’t wait for Monday!!! This is the Valentinday’s day shock of the century!! :) 

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    I loved it and am loving David and Greens completely. The whole bunch of idiots just waiting to pounce on David was making my blood boil, but as Greens unveiled herself, the best laugh was the last one. Great Weekend Cliffhanger… so worth the anxious waiting. If this keeps up, I may start watching the show more regularly.

    Good Recap, right down to the last detail. Thanks Sonya! Toooooo Good!

    Oh BTW, I said the same thing about Kwak! She stood out like a sore thumb, I could have just slapped her while David was saying his vows, as if she has anything to be self-righteous about… old SLORE! I just can’t stand her!

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    Outspoken says

    Good Recap,
    Thank you. :) 

    right down to the last detail. Thanks Sonya! Toooooo Good!
    Well thanks to another website I get the last detail! :) I can’t remember every little thing. :) 

    Oh BTW, I said the same thing about Kwak! She stood out like a sore thumb, I could have just slapped her while David was saying his vows, as if she has anything to be self-righteous about… old SLORE! I just can’t stand her!
    I know! Krystal was married to David!! So she was an idiot too! Old Slore? What? ROFL! What is old slore?

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    David & Greenlee! Love it!
    They will be the next really IN love couple!
    That’s my prediction.

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    The last DC ABC Podcast and the ABC promos convinced me tune into AMC last week.  Though I didn’t enjoy everything, I definitely saw the improvement.  For me, the catalyst for this was Ms. Greenlee.  Greenlee, Greenlee, Greenlee….I am looking forward to the next ABC and Performer of the Week Podcasts because Luke Kerr is going to have a field day.   

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    Also, I also want to give a shout out to Erica and Jackson!  

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    Great recap.

    Can’t waiit for Monday – I’m hoping that Greenlee rips Ryan a new one…and that he stops being so self rightous (a girl can dream can’t she??)

    What do you think Erica will say to Jack when she finds out that he knew Greenlee was alive??

    Definately seeing improvement in the show – I can’t belleve how fast I’m getting sucked back in (but I’m not complaining:)

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    What do you think Erica will say to Jack when she finds out that he knew Greenlee was alive??


    She will probably be very upset with him. Just like always when he doesn’t tell her something. ROFL! She will probably ask, why didn’t you tell me?!!?!!

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