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    Valentine wedding.

    Police station:

    JR needs to leave so he pleads with Jesse and Brot to let him go. He promises to take care of everything regarding the ambulance crash. Tad pulls Jesse aside to appeal to him. Jesse agrees and lets JR go, but orders him to return to give them a statement. Once JR leaves, Brot takes off to visit Natalia awww! :) Tad and Jesse talk about Angie and joke about Tad the Cad being alone on Valentine’s Day. Angie calls and Tad tries to pretend to be Jesse ROFL! Jesse grabs the phone and says don’t listen to that fool ROFL! Great funny scene. :)

    Chandler Mansion:

    Marissa wakes up and then begs Annie to let her go from the attic. There is a gas leak!!! OH NO!!! Annie leaves and she locks the door!! Marissa tries to open the door, but has no luck. She then gets to work on fixing the gas pipe and then passes out. DOH! Great scene!!! Annie heads downstairs as JR returns. He tells her he knows everything she’s done. She insists she didn’t want to hurt anyone. JR knows that but says she needs to get help. She freaks out and says none of this would have happened if he loved her enough. Oh boy! Annie is nuts!! JR wants her to admit she needs help, but she can’t. JR hugs her as she cries and assures her everything will be fine. JR tells her they are in this together and suggests they go to Oak Haven tonight. Annie can’t believe he was behind those commitment papers. She breaks down over the thought of going there and says she won’t go and Oak Haven is a horrible place! She says she feels alone there and that JR won’t see her when she is there! He promises he isn’t abandoning her. He will bring Emma to see her everyday. Annie knows Marissa is responsible and shows him the papers with Marissa’s signature. JR tells her Marissa didn’t sign them, but Annie says Marissa needs to disappear. Annie starts ranting about how Marissa showed up there. JR gets very serious and asks if something happened between them. He demands to know what she did to Marissa. She tells him Marissa is upstairs in the attic. JR races upstairs and tries to kick the door down, as Marissa is still passed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ryan is shocked upon hearing Madison is pregnant. He asks if Greenlee knew about it and she says she just assumed from Madison’s behavior. Oh Greenlee come on!! Liar!!! Madison admits she’s pregnant and Ryan thinks it’s his. Scott jumps in and says he is the father. Oh boy! Scott that is sweet but come on Madison tell Ryan the truth!!! Ryan brings up the cramping. Scott wants to take her to the hospital. Scott and Madison walk away. Ryan notices how weird that seemed, but Greenlee offers that it could be the beginning of another epic love story. Madison thanks Scott for coming to her rescue because she did not want to play stork at Ryan’s wedding. Madison tells him he can back out whenever he wants and he says they’ll take it one step at a time. He wants her to drink her water because she might be dehydrated and that is probably why she got the cramping. They leave as Jack returns to tell Greenlee Krystal is taking care of all the food. Meanwhile, Reverend Ricky instructs Ryan and the kids to take their places. The music begins and Jack walks Greenlee down the aisle to Ryan. They say their own vows with Ryan telling Greenlee he hopes their marriage can heal some of the pain they’ve faced over the last year. He also knows they are strongest when they fight together. He vows to love and support her every day. When it’s Greenlee’s turn she says he is everything she always and never knew she wanted. They are forever and she isn’t afraid anymore. She’s free because of him. UGH! The only thing I liked about the wedding is Spike and Emma! They were adorable!!! :) Anyway Ryan and Greenlee exchange rings and then they kiss. Krystal shows up with the food and they all toast to the happy couple, as Annie sneaks in. Greenlee asks Emma to grab her makeup bag so she can touch up for the photos. Emma walks to the other room and sees her mother, who motions for her. Oh oh!

    Scott’s home:

    Scott brings Madison back to his place and gives her some crackers when she notices how hungry she is. She starts craving a crunchy apple and lemonade. ROFL! Scott runs out to get those things for her. When he returns, Madison says how relief she is over not having to hide the pregnancy anymore. She’s the most relaxed she’s been since she found out about the baby.

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    All good except for RYLEE! I ff through the whole wedding thing! When are tptb going to get a clue?

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    [quote=ldylkng]I ff through the whole wedding thing! When are tptb going to get a clue?[/quote]

    Awwww but then you fast forward little Spike!!! :) With that bow tie!! :) And I have no idea when they are going to get a clue.

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