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    Turning over a new leaf

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan is so very upset over the thought of David helping Annie! Greenlee asks Jesse to arrest David right away. Jesse says it’s too early. He’s not sure David knew Annie was going to kidnap Emma. Oh wow!! That is shocking Jesse. You always jump at the chance to get David! Are you feeling alright? Have a 102 fever? Ryan is sure David knows something. Jesse says he’s on it and leaves. And there it is!!! Jesse jumps at the chance.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa talks to David. He asks for her help and asks her to believe in him. That he wants her help with the rehabilitation of him ROFL! He wants her to be by his side and wants to prove to her that he can really be a good man. She warns him about playing her. He thinks he could do some volunteer work while he’s waiting to be reinstated. Volunteer work! ROFL! Greenlee, Ryan and Jesse walk in. Jesse asks to talk to David. Marissa leaves the table. David tells Jesse that he heard about Emma being missing. He asks if they have any news. Greenlee says that perhaps he’ll tell them! He says they need proof to connect him to Emma’s disappearance. He says he can’t help them, wishes them luck on their search and leaves. Greenlee says we should have shown him the picture! And why didn’t they? Ryan thinks David will think up another lie. Ryan wants to apply pressure to David. Jesse leaves and Ryan says that David will lead them right to Emma.

    Chandler Mansion:

    JR and Asher have a chit chat! JR wants hourly updates from him about the situation. Colby finally comes out of her room. She gives Jr attitude. She asks JR if he’s ever looked in the eyes of Annie when she’s lost it. She blames JR and his ego for all of this. JR claims it was all a mistake. She yells at him and says he’s dating a psychopath. She says he can’t head the family because he hurts people. He says he’s apologized, Annie will get the help she needs and everything will work out. OH JR JUST STOP IT WILL YA?!!?! Anyway she doesn’t buy it and leaves the room. Marissa arrives and tells JR that her eyes are wide open. They argue and he asks her to sit down. He wants her to move into the mansion. OY VAY!!! She asks if he’s out of his mind. Quite possibly Marissa! He plays the AJ card. She says the place is toxic and she will never move back in. She leaves. JR tells Asher to make his own reality. He’s sure Colby will forgive him and Marissa will move back into the house. Oh brother JR! Wake up!!! Stop living in a dream world!

    The hospital:

    The Feds have arrested Cara while Amanda is still listening in. They read her the Miranda Rights. Jake tries to explain. They say that they’re going to deport her and say that passport fraud is a serious charge. He says they shouldn’t piss off the authorities because if they send her to México before they’re ready, she’ll be dead. Jake advises Cara to be quiet and wait for a lawyer to arrive. The Feds lead Cara away. Tad sees Amanda and explains the situation. She says it’s all her fault. Tad says it’s his fault. Amanda explains that she wanted Cara out of her life. She admits she called the police. Amanda feels terrible. He says if the wrong people find Cara, she’ll end up dead. She says she wanted to protect her marriage! DOH! Tad is in shock because of what she did! She asks how she can help. He says she’s done enough and leaves her. Greenlee sees Marissa. Marissa claims David has changed. Greenlee says Marissa must listen to her.

    Police station:

    Jake and Jack arrive and Jack asks the police to bring him up to speed. They leave Jake and Cara alone. Jake assures her that everything be fine. She tells him that the situation has moved beyond an immigration issue. They think she’s a terrorist. DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Feds read her the charges. Cara had to explain to the feds that she’s a cancer survivor. As a child she was very sick and almost died. Because of this experience she became a doctor and joined Doctors without Borders but she eventually had to go into hiding. After she left, she got sick again!!!! She was out of remission! Jake assures the cops that they will clear her name. He explains to Turnbull that they have to keep her under humanitarian grounds or else she’ll be murdered. Cara tells the story about a drug cartel shoot-out, how she was operating on a little boy and how she was knew who was responsible for the murders. Jake is angry at the officials and argues on her behalf. Jack pulls him aside, then assures him that he will do everything he can. Jake tells Cara that he’ll get her out of this mess. They get a call from the judge. They’re going to have a chance to plead their cases. They put her in handcuffs. Tad walks in and says, Take your hands off my fiancé! OH TAD! :) YOU ARE AWESOME! :)

    The park:

    Colby’s phone rings. It’s Damon. WOW!!!! That is a surprise! I didn’t expect to see Damon again! :) He asks if she’s okay. He wants to try again. He misses her. She says her cell battery is dying and she hangs up.


    David sees Liza. He claims how he has turned over a new leaf.ROFL! Liza doesn’t buy it. He wants to have a drink with her but she declines. Oh come on Liza!! Go out with him! :) As Liza is leaving she runs into Colby who says she just got a call from Damon. Liza tells her not to get hurt again. Colby is optimistic about them getting back together. Liza says some things never work. Like her relationship with Tad when they were young.

    Martin zoo:

    Jake comes in and tells her that he’s working to keep Cara in the country. Jake tells Amanda she’s an angel. Amanda really wants to tell Jake the truth about what she did!

    The park:

    David gets a call on his cell, sees that it’s Annie and asks where she is. That she is supposed to be at his cabin and he gave her directions. WOAH THE CABIN?! Is that his old cabin or new one?! :) Ryan shows up and shows David the device of Anna’s voice! WOW RYAN TRICKED HIM! That was clever but how the hell did he do that? Come on David are you really going to let him get away with that?! You let him get away with getting you up the roof and setting him up!

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