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    When there is smoke….. There is fire.


    Ryan and Erica are there when they realize that the entire computer system has crashed. Jesse, Brot, and Natalia arrive. Ryan asks Jesse if he thinks it’s related to the rash of break-ins. Jesse says that whoever did this had a key – and deliberately crashed the system. Erica is stunned when she is told the backup drive was the first to be wiped clean – everything is gone! Ryan feels that whoever did this wasn’t after corporate secrets – they wanted to destroy the company! The police leave, and Erica calls the staff together. Ryan speaks to the parking guard, who saw a nice car, with a dark-haired driver take off fast! Erica gives a press conference telling whoever is responsible for sabotaging Fusion that she will find out who they are and look them right in the eye!


    Poor Greenlee is in so much pain. David gives her a shot to ease the pain in her back. David calls Dr. Clayton and asks him to come see Greenlee in Pine Valley. David’s pilot brings David the box that he picked up at Fusion. David opens it and oh oh! It’s shoes! ROFL! Jake’s shoes!  David is upset.

    Liza’s home:

    Liza is there working on her computer. She is working on the lawsuit against David. Tad shows up and she is distracted by her work. There is a knocky knocky on the door. Well what do you know? it’s Marissa. She tells Liza that Tad asked her to come by, saying it had to do with her father. Tad tells her that David is back in town and wonders if she would be willing to try and find out why he came back. Marissa agrees. Tad gets a call from Opal asking him to come home – something is going on with Krystal. That Krystal sounds strange on the phone. Tad leaves. Marissa tells Liza she will help find out what David is up to so no one else gets hurt. Liza asks how far she’ll go – will she testify against him in court? She shows Marissa the lawsuit. Marissa says she’ll testify – he deserves everything he gets. Jake calls and says David showed up at the hospital. Marissa decides to go to confront him.

    The hospital:

    Krystal is there with a neck brace. Frankie is talking to her She warns him that if he breathes one word of this to Tad Martin he’ll be sorry! Frankie wants her to at least call her house and let someone know she’s okay. Krystal phones and gets Opal, who says she was starting to worry – she just wants a heads up if she’s staying out late with Rob. Krystal tells Opal she needs to take care of a couple things and then she’ll be home.  As it turns out, Rob and Krystal had a sex accident! ROFL ROFL! Meanwhile Jake and Amanda show Angie the box of drugs that David was having delivered to him at CONFusion. Angie sees Frankie, who gives her a hard time about how many hours she has been there. Angie informs him it’s not his business. Jake and Amanda argue about David. Amanda doesn’t think that the drugs have anything to do with them. Jake wants to know more. David goes to the hospital, where he seeks out Jake, Amanda, and Angie. He wants his medical file and says he is treating a young woman with spinal injuries. Jake wonders about all the secrecy – is this someone else he’s hurt? David tells him it’s Nurse Gayle Walker who refused to come to Pine Valley Hospital after the way she was dismissed. David tells Jake that the box he’s holding belongs to him – and he’s got his stinky sneakers in the car!  ROFL! He gives David the meds. Amanda says to Angie that Jake won’t stop worrying about David. Dr. Clayton shows up and David introduces him to Angie. Amanda is angry and wants Jake to stop and forget about David for one night.  And to go home with her and be with Trever. He finally agrees.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad finally shows up where Opal is trying to tell him about Krystal’s strange phone call. Frankie phones and tells Tad that he should come down to the hospital – Krystal is there and has had an accident.

    The hospital:

    Tad shows up  and is shocked to see Krystal in a neck brace. He asks what Rob did to her! She says he didn’t do anything to her – it was the bed! ROFL ROFL!  Krystal is forced to explain what happened. She says, Low railing, high bed!  Rob has an injured winkely doo! Tad teases and says So, who came out on top?"  ROFL! Meanwhile Marissa arrives at the hospital and confronts David about coming back and hurting people. She says she is embarrassed to be his daughter, but asks him to tell her the truth for once – why did he come back after he promised to stay away! David can’t tell her, so she angrily tells him to go to hell – and this time he shouldn’t come back! OH SHUT UP MARISSA! DON’T SPEAK TO YOUR FATHER THAT WAY! Jesse and Angie cross paths. They chat a bit but then he gets a call from Brot saying that one of the prints on the flash drive belongs to David Hayward. Jesse finds David and asks for an explanation!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad gets home with Krystal and they tell Opal that she just slipped and fell at Rob’s – nothing to worry about. Opal runs off to check her baking,  She bakes when she is nervous. :) Tad teases Krystal about what happened. Liza comes in and Tad tells her it’s fine – Krystal just had an accident and it looks like the other guy won’t be doing any driving anytime soon! ROFL! I think Tad ment sex driving ROFL!

    Casa D Lavery:

    Ryan goes home and takes the ornament off the wall. He remembers that David was touching it when he was there. Ryan has the flash drive and places it under the tape – he realizes that it fits there!


    Greenlee wakes up while David is gone. The pilot fixed the door and says that nobody can break in it now. He asks her if she wants to watch TV. She hallucinates that he is Ryan and shouts at him to get out or she’ll call the police! Greenlee turns on the TV and watches the footage about Fusion with Erica calling out whoever destroyed the computer system! Greenlee is so angry that she throws the remote and knocks something into the fireplace!!!  OH OH! WHEN THERE IS SMOKE THERE IS FIRE!!!  Greenlee is asleep and Ryan shows up. He gets no answer at the door and is about to leave, when he hears the smoke alarm going off inside!  SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE!!! Ryan is not going to be able to break that door!!! Unless he is superman!!! Oh wait I forgot! HE IS SUPERMAN! WAKE UP GREENLEE! WAKE UP!

    Police station:

    Natalia is with Jesse and she teases him. because he doesn’t know as much about computers as she does. He says she’s supposed to, and then admits he’s tired. Natalia urges him to go log some time with Angie.

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