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    Drink your tea.

    Police station:

    Erica is with Jesse.  They talk about what happened at Fusion.  They talk about David and that she knows how to work him.  Ryan shows up and says he doesn’t want Erica to talk to David.  Erica insists that she is going.  Ryan tells her to be careful. Oh come on Ryan! David is not going to hurt Erica. Jesse and Ryan think about what possible reason David could have for doing this – it’s right out of left field!

    The hospital:

    Angie, Jake, and Amanda talk about the surgery David is planning on doing for "Nurse Gayle"  Angie tells them that David is not going to be doing surgery there after all. Amanda says that’s great – he’s got no reason to stay then! Amanda wants Jake to let it go once and for all. Jake still wants to go ahead with the lawsuit.  Jake assures her they’ll have peace – as soon as he knows David is gone. Really Jake? Are you and Amanda really going to have peace?

    Martin zoo:

    Tad is teasing Krystal about her sex accident. ROFL! Opal insists that her tea leafs say something bad is going to happen and whatever is getting started has wicked written all over it! Tad and Krystal think of David, but says he is supposed to be leaving town. Krystal  points out that he’s lied before. Tad says if David stays, then Jake will take care of him! Jake and Amanda come in – Amanda announces that David is leaving. The Martin boys tease Krystal about her sex accident ROFL!  Jake asks where Liza is, and Amanda says that Jake is going to drop the lawsuit. Krystal urges them to hold off – they have two years to file it. Opal gets back on the topic of the tea leaf reading, and Tad gets a call from his man at the airport – David’s plane just took off for Gloucester! Opal wants Jake and Amanda to drink their tea to see what their tea leafs say ROFL!  Ryan shows up and  fills them all in on the latest about David. He admits that they need to figure out what his motive would be for sabotaging Fusion. Amanda tells Ryan that she and Liza saw a tabloid at Wildwind with him and Erica on the cover – it was torn in half! Opal wants Ryan to drink tea. He says no thanks but she insists he does to read his tea leaf. ROFL!  He drinks it. When he finishes everyone yells at him to swirl clockwise three times! ROFL ROFL! He asks if he twirled it three times. ROFL! Ryan starts to worry about Erica, who is with David right now. He leaves, and Jake, Amanda, and Tad decide to go to the police station. Opal reads Ryan’s tea cup and tells Krystal that something is going to happen to him that will change his life for good! The whole scene of them teasing Krystal and the tea leafs were funny! It cracked me up ROFL!


    David looks out the window and smiles. David goes to see Greenlee in the chapel. She wants David to picture his wedding to the mystery bride – everyone will wonder who it could be! She laughs at the thought of their shock when she reveals herself to be alive, and marrying David. David smiles, and they both agree that they’re committed to the idea. As Greenlee talks about battling Erica for her company, David reminds her that she’s recovering. She says she has nothing left but payback, and she’s going to get it – with his help. David wonders if there’s been enough pain. Greenlee is surprised him of all people want to take the high road.  She also urges him to fight for Marissa – they’ll fight together as Dr. and Mrs. Hayward! David admits the idea has a certain appeal. When David won’t kneel and propose, Greenlee does it! He accepts and they hug.  She tells him the wedding will take place on the anniversary of her death – Valentine’s Day! David points out that it will be challenging getting people to attend – especially Erica and Ryan! Greenlee isn’t worried – she says Erica won’t miss an opportunity to appear with Ryan as the town’s new glamour couple. She also wants to invite Kendall and Zak. David says You miss her. Greenlee wants to start planning her vows – for revenge! David leaves, and Greenlee imagines the wedding and the reactions to the reveal!  Revenge wedding! I LOVE IT! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE EVERYONE FACE INCLUDING RYAN WHEN THEY SEE GREENLEE ALIVE!!! THIS IS SO VERY SOAPY!  David goes back to the house and Erica visits. He asks what he can do for her. Erica says that she has a problem. David says, Fusion. He asks if she really thinks he did it. Erica says  that if he did it, he wouldn’t leave town, he’d stick around and watch the fallout.  He says that the flash drive was stolen from his briefcase. Erica points out that he is the number one suspect – he should let her help him! David tells her he doesn’t need help, and he would never believe she would offer it from the goodness of her heart. Erica admits that he needs to get from under the suspicion, and Fusion needs a jolt of cash. He asks if $20 million would buy him the truth! He laughs at her expression, and he tells her the negotiation is over – his house was robbed, end of story. Erica says it’s quite a coincidence that his flash drive ends up crashing her computer system! David points out that he has no motive whatsoever to sabotage Fusion. He offers her some money to help, and she leaves.

    Police station:

    Tad, Jake, and Amanda offer up the ripped tabloid to Jesse as a motive for David doing in Fusion. Jesse says they still don’t have anything other than circumstantial evidence. Jake lies and says that he saw David that night – going up in the elevator! Jesse is skeptical. . Jesse steps away and Tad says that he’s going to call Liza – someone needs good legal advice. Amanda is upset that Jake is lying.


    Ryan shows up looking for Erica. David tells him she already left, but Ryan pushes past him and says he’ll take a look around just to be sure! David wants him to stop. I thought when Ryan showed up he was going to punch David but he didn’t.

    Erica’s home:

    Erica is home when there is a knock on the door. She opens it and smiles.  She says Oh my God!  They don’t show who it is.. Must be JACK!!!! :)

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    I don’t know about anyone else but I am really starting to get back into AMC and  it’s all bc of David and Greenlee

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