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    Writers today:

    Charles Pratt Jr

    Loranne Brodrick

    YEAH LORANNE!! Glad to see you back!!! :) 



    Ryan visits David. This time Ryan didn’t break in. Ryan is looking for Erica. David tells him she’s already been and gone. Ryan is about to look around but David stops him. ARGH STUPID RYAN! Greenlee comes in. She quickly hides as David and Ryan argue. Ryan says he just can’t figure out what his motive was. He asks about the ripped up tabloid found there. David says, Maybe it’s not about Erica. Maybe it’s about you.  They argue some more and Ryan all of a sudden says Greenlee!  Ryan brings up Leo and thinks David still has resentment. Ryan tells David that Leo and Greenlee are both gone – if that’s what this is about, he’s even more pathetic than he thought!  OH SHUT UP RYAN!! DAVID HIT HIM Ryan leaves. Greenlee comes out of hiding and she says she realizes now that Ryan thinks of her as part of his past. David reminds her that he thinks she’s dead. Greenlee says a fling or two would have been forgivable, but not with her best friend and her enemy! David tells her he has to go give a statement regarding his fingerprints being on the flash drive at Fusion. Greenlee apologizes for that. That if she wasn’t in pain she would have gotten the flashdrive. He says if she wants the wedding, he’ll give it to her. There is a knock at the door and David tells her to hide – he’s expecting a delivery. A stack of gold boxes are brought in. Greenlee comes back out, and he tells her they’re all for her! After he leaves she opens the boxes. They are wedding dresses. She looks at 2 dresses. The first dress, ACK! No no no!! Yikes! The second dress, the front is pretty but what the hell is with the back of the dress? It doesn’t look well.

    Police station:

    Amanda and Jake argue about his plan to lie under oath to incriminate David.  Jake is such an idiot. Liza is there regarding Damon’s case, and Tad rushes over to ask her to talk sense into Jake! Liza hurries over to where Jake is about to sit down with Jesse. Jake says he’ll give her a minute. Amanda, Liza, and Tad all try to make Jake see that he could be prosecuted for lying to the police. Liza warns he will get tripped up, and then he’ll go to prison for perjury! Jesse comes back into the room and asks if Jake is ready. Jake says, Let’s get this show on the road!  Amanda and Tad walk out and talk about how Jake  is self-destructing. Jake gives Jesse his statement, saying he saw David get on the elevator at Fusion and go up. Jake tells him it was Monday night, and Jesse tells him that Fusion was attacked on Tuesday. Liza realizes that Jake deliberately got the day wrong – he saw the light. Well. :) Jake isn’t an idiot after all. :) Well not about this. :) Ryan shows up and talks to Jesse. Jesse asks about what happened at Wildwind. Ryan says that it sounds like Erica got nowhere, and David then suggested that Ryan was the reason Fusion was targeted. Jesse still thinks it doesn’t make sense for David to dredge up feelings about Leo or Greenlee now. They wonder if there is a grain of truth in it, what it could be? David shows up at the police station and tells Jesse he’s ready to be completely co-operative. David tells him the flash drive was stolen from his briefcase – it’s not his fault what happened to it once it wasn’t in his possession. Jesse plays the tape of Jake saying he saw him getting into the elevator. David says  everyone knows Jake would say anything to put him away – that’s why Jesse isn’t going to arrest him – because he didn’t do it!  David walks away. NICE TRY JESSE!!! HA!  

    Erica’s home:

    Erica opens her door and it’s JACK!!! YAY! :)  Good to see you Jack!  He says he is there for her. She thinks he is there because he heard about what happened to Fusion. Jack shows the a tabloid magazine of RyGranny kissing. UGH!  She thinks he is jealous!! That’s not true and he wonders if she’s considered the implications. Erica says she spoke to Bianca and Kendall after making the announcement. Jack wonders if she spoke to Spike. What he will think of his daddy and mommy kissing!  Erica is about to slap him but he caught her hand. What’s wrong Erica? Can’t hear the truth? Jack didn’t even say grandma!! He said mommy!!! BAH! Erica is angry that he is using Spike to humiliate her!  Oh please Erica!!! It’s the truth!! Erica wonders if Jack’s real issue is out of some kind of loyalty to Greenlee? She asks what he wants – Ryan to go on grieving for the rest of his life? Jack says that Ryan isn’t over Greenlee, and if she thinks he is, she’s in for a surprise. Erica insists he is holding something back – him flying there to protect her from a man who has been wonderful to her doesn’t add up! Jack tells her that he has been in Ryan’s shoes – what they had was life-changing and hard to get over – and one looks for escapes. Jack tells Erica she deserves more than to be Ryan’s escape!  Jack tells her how hard it was for him to get over her. Oh come on Jack!!! YOU are not over Erica and she is not over you!!!! The look you give each other! You are still in love with each other! So, don’t try to fool me!!! :) Erica’s phone rings. It’s Ryan. Ryan wants to see her today but she says she is busy. He says he can come later. She says tomorrow will be better. They hang up. Jack says maybe this wasn’t a wasted trip after all! He grabs his stuff and leaves.  Erica picks up the tabloid and looks at the cover.


    Jake, Tad, Liza, and Amanda all hang out.  Jack suggests that they come up with something better to incriminate David – like a putting a cufflink in Fusion next to the computer. Tad says they aren’t there to talk about nailing David – this is an intervention – Jake has to stop! YES INTERVENTION! FANTASTIC! :) Amanda tells Jake she is with him because he’s not like David. Jake says he didn’t start this – he’s just making sure it’s over! Liza tells him to think about losing family. Tad hits Jake on the back of the head and follows Liza who has walked over to the bar. She tells him that Bailey left with Stuart to live with her parents – she’s gone for good. Liza doesn’t want to see another family ripped apart because of David. The gang is sitting at a table when David walks in. David tells them about hearing Jake’s statement.  Amanda tells him to just leave. David tells them that he’s getting married on Valentine’s Day – and if they want to know who the bride is, they’ll have to show up! The look on Tad’s face!!! ROFLMAOPMP! Tad’s jaw dropped!!! Awww Tad. Are you disappointed that the love of your life is getting married? Awww! ROFL! TAVID FOREVER! :)

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