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    Chocolate yum yums!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad, Krystal, Opal, Jenny, and Kathy are eating their Chocolate yum yum cereal! ROFL!  Damon comes in and high-fives the kids. Awww! :) Opal asks him if he’s ready for his community service. He says he is – he’s headed for the hospital. Tad suddenly gets up and warns Damon about his attitude! Tad is upset!! WOAH! Tad where did that come from? Eating to much of the chocolate yum yums? Wow! Damon says he won’t disappoint him and leaves. Krystal asks Tad what got into him?  He admits to her that Damon may be his son! Krystal wonders how that could be? Tad tells her he saw Hillary right before she got married again. Krystal asks what he’s going to do. He says Angie rushed a DNA test for him – that’s why he’s on edge. Krystal is stunned when Tad admits that he hasn’t told Liza yet and he won’t unless he has to. Liza comes in and  wonders why she received no phone call about the good job she did for Damon in court. Tad apologizes. Liza asks him to join her for lunch later, but he declines. He is acting strangely to her and she notices.  When Tad leaves the room, Liza asks Krystal to tell her what’s going on. Krystal pretends not to know what she means and leaves the room. Opal comes in and Liza asks if Krystal is seeing anyone. Opal says you don’t care about Krystal.. That this is about Tad, and warns her to get a grip on her green-eyed monster before it ruins her chances with Tad!  ROFL! Liza leaves and Opal goes to warn Krystal, telling her to watch out for Liza Colby – she wants what she’s got! Krystal thinks it’s funny but Opal says she’s serious – and asks Krystal if she’s sure she and Tad are just friends!

    The hospital:

    Angie and Jessie talk about Frankie.. About how she has to fire him because of budge cuts and that he has to do a test today and if he fails it, that she will have to fire him. Randi and Frankie come in and are all lovey dovey. His hand hurts and she asks if he’s taking his pain pills – he says he can’t take them before a procedure. She heads back to Fusion, and Frankie looks at his hand. What are you going to do Frankie?!! Jesse tells Angie that she’s a healer, and urges her not to let the other stuff get in the way of that. He says that Frankie can look after himself. Angie goes to find Frankie, and asks if he’s nervous about the surgery.  Angie asks him why he’s distant. They discuss how she took the heat for his mistake before – he says again that it was him who messed up. Oh boy. How many times are they going to have the same conversation? Frankie puts some pills into his hand – he stops himself from taking them, though, putting them in his pocket. When he comes out of the surgery, Angie is there to tell him he did great! Frankie smiles. When Angie walks off, Frankie looks at his pills and then throws it in the garbage. YAY!  Tad arrives where he sees Damon and apologizes for being so tough on him earlier. I’m glad Tad apologized to Damon. :) Damon says he can’t believe Tad knew his mom – she never said anything about him or Pine Valley. Tad says how wonderful Hillary was. Damon thinks he’s let his mom down. Tad says that no one was a bigger screw-up than him. They discuss Tad’s background and Tad tells him about Joe being the man he considers his father – the other one beat him up for sport. Damon goes back to his mopping as Tad says he’ll see him at home. Tad turns back to watch him. Tad goes and gets his DNA results. OH BOY OH BOY!!!!  As Damon starts cleaning the garbage he sees the bottle of pills and puts it in his pocket and starts to clean the garbage. Angie sees Damon put something in his pocket and confronts him.  Damon says he was going to turn them in, but Angie asks for the truth! Oh oh!


    Greenlee tells Madison to ignore Erica if she asks her to do something. Madison doesn’t know what to do.. She likes both her and Erica.. Greenlee tells her it’s either her or Erica! Madison tells her that she was abused from her father and husband and Erica helped her. Greenlee feels that there must have been something in it for Erica. Madison and Greenlee keep working and talking.  Greenlee laughs when Madison says she always thought Greenlee had the most normal life growing up. Randi comes in, and Greenlee sarcastically talks about Randi’s irregular hours. Greenlee then gets a text asking her to come to the Chandler house – it’s addressed to Bathsheba – King David’s wife! ROFL!  Madison goes to talk to Randi after Greenlee leaves. They talk about what this competition will mean for them. Randi warns Madison she’ll be watching her.

    Chandler Mansion:

    Adam serves David breakfast in the attic.. For a split second I thought maybe Adam put something in the eggs ROFL!  Adam says he made it himself. David eats his breakfast and he asks what spice is in the egg, and Adam says he may have pulled the trigger on his brother, but David’s the one who put the gun in his hand! DOH!!! Adam DID put something in the eggs ROFL! David stops eating and they argue about whether or not Gayle or David drugged Adam. Adam says keep eating your eggs. Hmm did Adam put truth serum in the eggs? ROFL! David says that she did it to help David get custody of Little Adam. Adam tells him the boy goes by AJ now. David tells Adam he can cure his heart problem, he needs to remember that! David goes back to eating the eggs as Adam he could poison him and bury him in the tunnels and no one would ever know! Hahahahahaha! David tells Adam he needs him – just as much as he needs Adam right now! He calls Stuart’s death a tragic accident that only Gayle should be blamed for. Adam tells David never to mention Stuart again! Adam’s heart begins to act up again. David  grabs his throat and says this is going to hurt. David saved him again! David asks if their agreement still stands. Adam tells him fine, but warns him not to leave the attic because Colby and Annie are going to be around.  Greenlee shows up and Adam wonders what she wants. She tells him about the text message and Adam realized David text messaged her! He goes upstairs and Greenlee sees David. He asks her if she’s missed him! He takes her into the wall hiding spot and tells her that Adam is giving him safe harbor in return for his medical services. They try to think of an excuse for her to visit the house. She goes to sit in the living room. Adam comes back in and asks where David is – he knows she only came because he’s there! Just then, Jesse walks in and notes his perfect timing – he asks if Adam happens to have one David Hayward in his magic wall! Greenlee says David isn’t there – she came because Adam is investing in Fusion. Jesse wants the truth. Adam says the pine valley PD is about as worthless as the now defunct security he has ROFL!  Adam says David was there a few hours ago, but he took off when he showed his gun.  Jesse asks if he can take a look around for evidence. Adam tells him to go ahead – he’d love to see Hayward caught!

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