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    What a great show today!!!! :)

    You’re IT!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Oh look!!! JR and AJ give Colby an iPad with a photo of JR and Colby on it!! Aww! :) JR tells her it’s a peace offering for coming down on her the other day. He tells her he really wants to bring the family back together and he even reached out to Scott. Awesome JR! Awesome! He wants her help, but he has to leave to find a replacement for Annie. He asks her to meet him at ConFusion in an hour.

    Martin zoo:

    Tad and Cara come back after a run and he is dying!!! ROFL ROFL! He lays on the ground near the couch and all you see is legs and feet!! ROFL ROFL! That cracked me up! :) She gives him some water. He tells her he needs her to save him from the rut he’s in. She wants to start with updating his sweatpants. ROFL! When he says he is staying in tonight to watch a couple of games, she suggests he take her on a date instead. I just love them! :)

    Jamanda home:

    Jake tells Amanda (what the hell is she wearing? Is she going to fly away? And hey it’s not summer yet! What’s with the summer dress?) that the hospital board doesn’t want to hire Cara full time.Oh oh! Amanda urges him to plead her case to them so Jake leaves to do just that.

    The hospital:

    Dr. Joe!!!! I thought he left by now!!! Great to see him again! :) Jake talks with Joe about Cara’s issues with the board, who want her to apologize to the parents of the child she went off on. Jake wants to plead Cara’s case and Joe says she is very lucky to have him on her side.

    The park:

    Kendall, Bianca, and the kids all play YOUR IT! :) There is a lot of running and chasing going on! I LOVE the scene!!! So much fun! I wish I was there too! Marissa shows up and they ask her to play so she does!! :) I still feel that Bianca and Marissa vibe!! :) The nanny shows up and takes the kids. Marissa, Kendall, and Bianca get something to eat at the park and they bond over parenting. Kendall suggests they continue their conversation at CONfusion so she can be around people, hear some music and drink champagne.


    Liza and David are at a table where he tries to bolster her spirits about her issues with Mayor and Colby. David says he can help her keep her job with the Mayor, but he’d like her help getting his medical license back. Liza sees Tad and Cara enter. She doesn’t think Tad will ever forgive her for sleeping with is son. David suggests maybe she did it in order to let him go for good. Ahhh yes David maybe you are right! :) Amanda sees Tad and Cara and tells them Jake is meeting with the board about Cara. Amanda heads over to the bar, as Cara runs out to find out what’s happening at the hospital. Marissa, Kendall and Bianca show up! Bianca and Kendall step away to make phone calls, JR finds Marissa and talks to her about how much AJ misses her. She tells him she will not be moving back so he needs to stop trying to manipulate her. Meanwhile Liza is so drunk A drunk Liza goes up to Tad at the bar and accuses him of being embarrassed to be seen with her.

    JR finds Amanda, who says she and Jake are doing better, but she wants to get back to being really good. Colby walks in and sees her mother making a scene!!! Liza notices everyone staring at her, so she tells the room they better lock up their boys because she is looking for a good time. This is who she is and she won’t apologize for it. ROFL! She sees Colby and that sobers her up quick! ROFL! Liza tries to talk to Colby but she runs out and JR runs after her. Liza is sitting next to Tad when David goes up to her and offers to take her home. Gee Tad you are not even going to say hi to David or anything?! David doesn’t say a word to Tad either! :( Well, at least there was a small Tavid scene. :) JR returns and runs into Bianca, who warns JR not to hurt Marissa again. He then rejoins Amanda at the bar and tells her Colby didn’t want to talk. He mentions he was supposed to meet with someone to interview for the PR job, but he’s been stood up. They continue to talk and he offers Amanda the job, which she accepts.

    Slater home:

    Kendall looks at a photo of Zak and says she enjoyed herself, which felt good. Well that is good Kendall!!! Keep having fun! And with your kids too!

    Chandler Mansion:

    Colby shows up and uploads the video of Liza’s rant! OH DEAR ROFL! And it becomes a hit!!!! ROFL!

    Yacht club hotel room:

    David brings Liza to her room. She still is sober. :) Come on David kiss her for crying out loud!!! He thinks they understand each other and should make the most of it. He then kisses her!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About freakin time!!

    The hospital:

    Jake tells his father he’s better in the field than he is dealing with hospital red tape. However, he found what he was looking for and she’s in Pine Valley. Cara runs up and tells them there are multiple gunshot victims and Jake walks off with her. After they tend to their patients, Joe tells Cara the Martins will stand behind her no matter what. Damn that was fast tending!! Jake and Joe leave to talk to the board on Cara’s behalf. After the meeting was over, which was a fast meeting damn! Cara learns that thanks to Joe, she has been approved to work there. She is thrilled, but Joe says they now have some family business to settle. He wants assurances from Cara that she won’t hurt Tad or Jake. Awww! :) She gives him her word and he kisses her on the forehead. Joe then leaves to meet with Tad. Jake tells Cara the condition of her working there is that she has to apologize to the family she upset. She will do that, even though she doesn’t agree with it. Jake says she has to follow the rules and if she can’t, then he will let her go. They argue a bit and Cara says she will say the words she needs to say because she needs the job, but she won’t compromise how she practices medicine for anyone.


    Joe meets Tad and says he’s proud of him, but he doesn’t think his marriage will end well for him and Jake. Cara returns and tells Tad she got approved by the board. Tad hugs her, but she seems to be thinking about Jake.

    Jamanda home:

    Jake and Amanda meet up where Amanda tells Jake that she will be working for JR. They hug but his mind is with Cara.

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Marissa is there and oh look Bianca shows up! :) And they talk and bond. :) I really want them to be a couple! I would call them Marissca! :)

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