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    The rat in the tunnels has company.


    Colby wants Liza to explain why she wants her to stay away from Damon. Liza says she ran into his parents while in Ohio – he’s just damaged goods. DOH!  She says Damon’s parents have basically ignored him his whole life. Colby says then maybe she’s damaged goods too!  How do you get out of this one Liza. Colby says got drunk and had sex. She thought she was pregnant at one point. And where was Liza then? Liza is  Liza and Colby both are emotional as Liza acknowledges some tough times, but insists that she’s not damaged because she sees her, and loves her, and she makes her so proud! Awwwwwwwww!!! Colby really needed that talk!!!! They stand up and hug.  Liza realizes that a little apology can make such a big difference. Liza leaves.

    The hospital:

    Angie tells Damon that she will give him one more chance. Then she goes to visit JR who is stronger! :) His hair is coming back.  He tells her they should move forward with any treatments or therapy – money is no object. Angie says that he’s definitely his father’s son! ROFL!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad and Krystal talk about Damon. Tad doesn’t know what to do..  Tad says that he has to keep this quiet, but also worries that if he tells Damon he’ll take off. Well yeah!!! Tad can’t tell Damon the truth until he talks to Hillary! I mean Damon is already on edge as it is! If Tad tells him then he will completely lose it and act out!  Krystal talks about Liza and Tad says that he doesn’t understand what is going on there. Krystal says she does – Liza has fallen for him, hard. Krystal tells him that Opal thinks Liza is jealous of her, and their close relationship. Tad feels it makes sense. Krystal asks what he’ll do? He doesn’t know!!!  Liza’s had her heart stepped on a lot and mostly by him. Krystal thinks that if Tad is worried about Damon first and foremost, he should track down Hillary. Tad feels that if he gets on a plane to Europe, he will be deserting him too. Boy this is a very sticky situation!!!  Damon shows up for lunch. He tells Tad that he got in trouble again with Angie. That he screwed up again!  Damon tells Tad he needs to get a steady job that pays well – he has a son to support. Tad is a grandpa!!!! :) Anyway Tad says he’ll make some calls. Damon asks if his parents have called – he’s left them about ten messages! Tad says no, and there’s something he should know – his parents have gone on an extended trip to Europe. Damon is very hurt.. He says maybe they’ll never come back.   Damon tells Tad that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Liza is there and Krystal says this isn’t a good time.

    Tad and Damon are talking.  Liza will wait. Krystal leaves. Meanwhile  Tad tells Damon that he’s not alone – there’s plenty of people who are pulling for him. Damon says all the partying he did was when they left him alone for weeks on end – if they’d stayed he never would have gotten arrested or knocked up his girlfriend!  Damon leaves to go back to the hospital. Tad says what about lunch? Damon says he isn’t hungry anymore. Poor Damon!  The people who can hurt you the most is your parents. :(  Liza comes in and says she wants to talk, but says it’s not a good time. She apologizes anyway and also admits that she was curious about Hillary. Tad tries to stop her, but she says she was wrong and regrets making things worse. She hugs him, but Tad pushes her away.  Liza says he seems to be able to lean on Krystal – he’s shutting her out! Tad says he can’t deal with her or her jealousy right now – he thinks maybe they should cool things off a little. Liza asks if he’s breaking up with her.

    The hospital:

    Damon is back to working when Colby comes in. She says she forgot to talk to her father but says she will get her father to make some changes at the hospital in his favor. Angie overhears and says it isn’t going to happen. DOH!  Colby apologizes and Damon doesn’t want her to worry about it. Colby leaves, Damon is trying to reach his parents. He isn’t getting any messages from them. He steals a bottle of pills off a cart. Angie wants to talk to him.  Adam goes to see JR who looks like Stuart!!! They hug and Adam wants Jr, and his family to move into the mansion when he leaves the hospital. JR says that sounds great. JR says that they lost out on the casino deal – Ryan Lavery snapped it up. Adam says there’ll be other opportunities, but JR says this is his second chance – he can’t think that way anymore. Jr wants to talk about Annie, but Adam thinks they shouldn’t discuss her. JR feels that she’s probably been putting on the pressure – hoping Adam will have a heart attack so she can collect. Adam says that she’s been nothing but helpful and brings up Annie did something good for JR.  JR asks what she’s ever done for him? Adam says he can’t tell him, and Angie comes in saying she can hear them down the hall. She orders Adam outside, where he tells her that JR is tearing Annie apart not knowing that she is the donor! Angie warns that he has a heart condition – he needs to calm down and should be looked at by a cardiologist!

    Chandler Mansion:

    In the tunnel the rat (David) has company! It’s Annie. :) But Annie has no idea David is there. She hears noises tho and screams. She then leaves the tunnels and is in the same room with Adam and Brooke. Adam asks Annie what she saw in there! Annie doesn’t answer, but changes the subject, saying she heard them planning to keep her busy. She demands to know what they are up to! Adam lies to her and talk about an assignment they’re planning at Tempo, and asks Annie what she was doing in the tunnels. Annie says she is doing research of the tunnels in the mansion. That it used to be an underground railroad.  She went in the tunnels to see how it would feel like being there.  Adam leaves the room and Brooke tells her she’s lying – she was spying on her and Adam!  ROFL!  Brooke begins talking about Tempo and what she wants for a cover story, but Annie doesn’t listen – she imagines Brooke and Adam cuddling and conspiring to get rid of her. ROFL! Oh snap out of it Annie! ROFL! Brooke is trying to get her attention and Annie tells her she doesn’t want to go to Tempo today. Then she walks out. Scott is in another room and Annie is freaking out about Brooke. She thinks Brooke is out to take her husband! Scott tries to assure her that Brooke is no threat, but Annie says that regardless, she feels so unwanted. She says it’s not fair after what she did! Scott asks her what she did. Annie says that she’s done all kinds of things for the family but it doesn’t seem to matter. Scott says he appreciates her. She says that he’s been cold toward her lately. Scott says that they have crossed lines and if Adam even suspected there was something going on it wouldn’t be good. David listens from behind the wall! ROFL!

    The phone rings and Annie answers – it’s JR. He tells Annie he wants her to come to the hospital – now. Adam shows up and meets with David. He says they need to talk – about Adam’s sexy, and two-faced, wife!  ROFL! David tells Adam that he saw Annie talking to Scott. He tells Adam that Annie hates Brooke English, and that she talked about getting his merit trust – she only wants him for his money! David goes on to say that Annie hit on Scott – pressing herself against him and telling him how lonely she is! DAVID IS LYING!!!! But keep watching David cus Annie and Scott will kiss before you know it! :) David says that Scott didn’t give in to her. Adam is so upset that he collapses with chest pain. David takes his pulse. Adam comes around, and David reminds him just how much he needs him right now. Adam wonders why he should believe a word he says about Annie. David tells him to ask someone else he trusts, like Scott or Brooke. Adam says he’ll ask Annie, but David says that it’s a very bad idea.  He tells Adam she’s no angel – he needs David to be his eyes and ears around here! I

    The hospital:

    Annie shows up where JR tells her he will be moving his family into the mansion when he’s released from the hospital/ He warns that he will be laying down some ground rules too. He asks why Adam said she did something for him. He asks him to tell him something that will amaze him! She finally spills the beans!!! She tells him she saved his life – she was his bone marrow donor – if it weren’t for her, he’d be dead!

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    So, a whole year of Annie fighting for recognition, having great storylines and really knocking her role out of the park and now they are sawing her off like yesterday’s storm-damaged trees. Sick of this! Why on earth can*t they give Annie something better to do, rather than freaking out and being paranoid. I was kinda hoping that she would be using her wits to get Adam to turn away from Brooke, this is all toooo convenient and not at all entertaining. They have taken another great actress and thrown her under the bus and we are supposed to support this soap?

    JR is now the new Chandler hero? Where? Colby and her whining is now so boring that one has to wonder if she was on at all. Now they have broken off Liza and Tad, for what? KWAK?????? Come on!

    I can see why David lied, but he didn’t need to. It is clear that Adam is weary of Annie’s insecurities and will rid himself of this plight sooner than later, so what is the point? LAZY WRITING FOLKS!

    Now the Damon pity party… GMAB– I am gagging! This stuff is rancid!

    Thanks Sonya, you know I appreciate your reviews but at this point………….. it is a huge dare to my patience even to read this nonsence. Yet, I know that if I don’t, I will think I missed something good. Well, now I know I didn’t miss a thing and that I owe to you, for boxing your way through another hour of Mess and distress— so that I don’t have to! Again, thanks!

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    Outspoken says

    Thanks Sonya, you know I appreciate your reviews but at this point………….. it is a huge dare to my patience even to read this nonsence.
    ROFL! Awww you poor thing! *comfort* :) 

    Yet, I know that if I don’t, I will think I missed something good.
    Well then I guess you are stuck! ROFL!  There are some good stuff they show.. LIke David starving eating quickly! ROFL!

    Well, now I know I didn’t miss a thing and that I owe to you, for boxing your way through another hour of Mess and distress— so that I don’t have to! Again, thanks!
    You’re welcome. :) 

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