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    Question after question after question.

    Martin zoo:

    Krystal and Opal walk in as Amanda and Jake help Tad and Cara take photos. Krystal and Opal are NOT happy about this situation. Tad begs them to get onboard in order to help save Cara’s life. They agree but are still not happy about it. Tad pulls Jake aside to tell him he needs to be believable at the wedding. However, he won’t be the best man because Jake steals food! ROFL! Tad says he’s got Jesse, the chief of police, for that duty o f best man, which he hopes will look good to Agent Trumble. Tad returns and tells everyone to quiz him and Cara. Opal and Krystal don’t want to do this but then Jake and Amanda get into the spirit and ask question after question after question about each other’s favorite things. Which is cracking me up! ROFL! And then Opal starts rolling her eyes and drinking wine! ROFL! That cracks me up too! Jesse comes over wondering why Tad didn’t tell him he was getting married. Jesse meets Cara and asks about the ring and Cara pulls out her ring that she is wearing around her neck to show Jesse. Jesse is called away and leaves. Tad thinks that went okay, but then Krystal pulls him into the other room to tell him he is insane if the thinks that went well. She thinks he’s treating this whole thing like a trivia game and being careless. That he is breaking the law. Really Krystal?! ROFL! YOU are telling Tad that HE is breaking the law?!!?! ROFL ROFL! YOU off all people? :) You kill me! :) She says she worries he could go to prison and then wonders how they’re going to explain it to the kids.

    Meanwhile Cara thanks everyone for what they’re doing for her. Opal is quiet and Jake and Amanda leave. Alone with Opal, Cara calls her mom. Opal says she’ll be upstairs if she needs her. ROFL! Tad and Krystal return to the living room to find Cara talking to Kathy and Jenny, who have returned from a playdate. Tad sits with his girls and he and Krystal tell them he is getting married. The girls are happy for him and Tad sends them upstairs to get Opal. Krystal thinks that one went pretty well and Cara thanks Krystal before she leaves for the hospital. Once alone, Krystal expresses concern about Tad putting his life on hold by marrying a woman who doesn’t love him. Tad thinks the two of them did okay together, but Krystal tells him they settled. Now, he’s taking it to a whole new level. Tad insists he is fine with the arrangement because his family with the Martins is the most important thing to him and Jake is part of that. Awww! :) Jake always made him feel like blood and that’s all that matters.Awww!

    The hospital:

    Amanda and Jake are saying goodbye. After Amanda leaves, Jake sees Agent Trumble who questions him about Tad marrying his ex-wife. Jake tells him they belong together, as Cara walks up. Diana seeks out Griffin at the hospital. She tells him she’s a writer and she’s intrigued by his saving Kendall. She brings up Zak and says his and Kendall’s story could make a great screenplay. She wants information from Griffin, but he’s not interested in helping her. I don’t really care about Diana.

    Slater home:

    Ricky stops by to check up on her. He encourages her to get through her grief by talking to him about Zak. Uh huh. Kendall he just wants information!! He wants to hear any memory she has of him. She tells him about the Christmas their car broke down and they met with Father Clarence, which made them appreciate everything. Ricky realizes the chapel was a special place for them and assumes they went back there more than once. Kendall tells him they didn’t. Griffin drops by and tells Ricky it would be better if he left. Once he’s gone, Griffin checks Kendall out and determines she’s okay. She explains she was telling Ricky about Zak when he came over. He thinks she should let it go for awhile, but she gets upset. He just wants to help, but she just wants to know what happened with the letter. Boy that damn letter!!! It should sign a contract!! :) Stay on the show forever! :)

    Krystal’s BJ’s:

    Bianca meets with Marissa to discus her divorce. Bianca doesn’t think custody will be an issue, because Reese hasn’t been back to see the girls at all, but Marissa doesn’t want her to assume anything. Marissa calls Reese’s lawyer, who informs her Reese wants to visit Pine Valley to spend time with the girls so they can come to Paris with her later. Bianca thinks it will be okay, but Marissa thinks Reese might want partial custody. Come to Pine Valley Reese!! I dare you! Marissa wants her to reject the deal, but Bianca thinks she is letting her own experience with JR get in the way. Bianca won’t make this a battle and says she will call Reese herself and work it out. Yeah Bianca good luck with that. Bianca walks outside and overhears Ricky talking to Diana on the phone about Kendall. She questions him about it and he says he’s just worried about her and was talking to a colleague. Boring Diana walks in as Bianca leaves. Ricky tells her to leave, but she instructs him to move faster so Kendall doesn’t find the documents incriminating them. Diana tells Ricky she misses the times they went to his place and had sex. DOH! Diana tells him she met with Griffin, which he thinks was was a huge risk. He adds that Griffin is an obstacle that has to be removed. Griffin walks in and sees them talking. Diana covers and then leaves. Griffin tells Ricky he’s confusing Kendall and orders him to stay away from her. Oh boy! Is this high school? ROFL!

    Slater home:

    Bianca visits Kendall. Kendall tells her about the letter and that on the last page he called her sweetheart. She says Zak never called her that, so what is it doing in the letter? GOOD QUESTION! :)

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