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    Drama drama drama!

    The hospital:

    Annie spills the beans to JR about saving his life with her bone marrow!  He doesn’t believe her!   She shows the needle mark as proof but he still doesn’t believe her! She is so very upset. She says he knows she is telling the truth and deep down it’s just killing him! Scott comes in and stops them from killing each other.  Annie says her bone marrow seems to have given him back his energy. Scott tells Annie to go. Scott decides to call Adam. Meanwhile  Angie asks Damon about the missing bottle of diazepam. Damon says he didn’t take it, and becomes defensive and says about what else she might want to pin on him! Angie warns him about his attitude and causing grief for those who are helping him out! Damon gives more attitude and she asks him if it’s easier to act sarcastic like he doesn’t care. He tells her not to go new age on him, and just accuse him if that’s what she’s going to do. He manages to convince her that he didn’t steal the prescription, but as she walks away he pulls out the bottle and puts a pill in his mouth! DOH!

    Chandler Mansion:

    David is still with Adam. David offers his services to spy on Annie, but Adam insists that’s not necessary. David tells him to suit himself – but he might want to pick out his cemetery plot! Adam turns it around on David and brings up Greenlee. About where is she?  Enjoying her freedom from him and spending time around Ryan Lavery.  Adam leaves and goes downstairs and sees Brooke. He wants to know where his alcohol is. Brooke says she poured it down the drain. Adam is upset but realizes Brooke is doing all this for his own good.  She asks if everything is alright – did he have a fight with Annie?  Colby comes in and says that Scott is on the phone. Adam talks to Scott and Adam goes to the hospital along with Colby. Later Annie shows up and sees Brooke. She is upset about how nothing she does is ever good enough for this family – and it’s all Brooke’s fault!  ROFL! Oh yes Annie. It’s ALL Brooke’s fault. Nothing is your fault. Anyway Brooke says she’s not the source of her issues with the family, and she won’t apologize for her good past history with them. Brooke tells Annie that maybe she’s always at odds with everyone because she really doesn’t care about him. They argue over Annie seeing to it that she gets credit for saving JR’s life. Brooke says all that matters to Annie is being the most important part of Adam’s universe, but does she really love him?  Annie leaves the room and goes upstairs. David listens from behind the wall, and sneaks into one of the empty rooms to try to phone Greenlee at Fusion with an accent ROFL! 

    Police station:

    Jake is with Jesse discussing David. Jake’s cheek has a bruise on it. He hurt himself on Trever’s toy or something. I heard in real life that the actor was making a pilot and he got hurt. He split his chin open. Hmmm is this the bruise? Jake says the way to bring David out of the woodwork is by finding something he cares about – like Marissa! Jake says he once lured David to the hospital by claiming Marissa was there. Jesse thanks Jake – he just gave him an idea!

    Martin zoo:

    Tad and Liza are arguing. She demands to know if he’s dumping her or not. He says he’s had Damon and JR to worry about lately – there’s no time to hold her hand! He expresses frustration with her jealousy of Krystal, and she gets him to say he’s breaking up with her. She tells him that was very grown up – far better than sleeping with her mother as a means of ending things!  Tad can’t believe that she threw the past in his face. She cops an attitude. Liza points out that she bailed him out of jail and has stood by him whenever he’s needed someone – she says he’s just making excuses to cover for the fact that he can’t stay away from Krystal.  Tad says it’s hard considering she lives in his house. Liza tells him that she knew that and never stood in the way, even when it hurt, but he shouldn’t have confided in Krystal first! Tad says that is probably true, but then brings up her visit to Hilary again, saying Krystal wouldn’t have done that! Liza walks out saying thanks for breaking up with her again.  Oh geez!!! STOP IT LIZA! Shut up!!! Tad doesn’t have time to deal with your nonsense!!!  Jake shows up and Liza leaves.  Tad and Jake discuss the break up, with Jake saying it’s a shame – they had a good thing going!  Tad brings up Liza throwing the past in his face. Tad says they want different things, but then admits he’s not being totally honest about his feelings. He says there’s something he should have told Jake awhile ago. He confesses that he’s Damon’s father, and Jake says Congratulations! You’ve given birth to a teenager. ROFL! They discuss Tad’s next move, and Jake notices Tad’s frustration, saying he thinks Tad has put those feelings onto Liza! Tad disagrees but Jake advises him not to let things end like this. Tad decides to go look for her. They think of where a person would go when they are upset. They realize she is at a bar.

    The hospital:

    Adam and Colby go in JR’s room where Scott is waiting for Adam to calm JR down. JR is angry about Annie being a huge liar – she’s actually saying she was the bone marrow donor! Colby is upset too. She tells Adam needs to see her for the liar she is and kick her to the curb. Adam says that Annie isn’t lying. She did save his life! JR asks how Adam could have let this happen! Adam says he had to save his life, but JR feels that now they’re in Annie’s debt forever! Adam tells his upset children that he’s going to make things right with his wife. Adam leaves and JR and Colby discuss Annie. JR tells her he’s got a plan – she saved his life, so they’ll use that against her! Hmmmmm.. I wonder what JR is planning. :)

    Police station:

    Angie sees Jesse and warns him to be prepared to be there for Tad – she thinks that Damon is just ready to explode or something! Jesse reassures her that they’ll find out what makes that kid tick. Angie thinks Tad should tell Damon the truth.


    Liza is at the bar drinking.  She sees Damon. He is there to drink. Damon sees Liza. He goes to sit next to her, Liza says she could tell the bartender his age – Damon shows her his fake ID. ROFL!  She keeps it ROFL! She tells him he needs to go, but he laughs and grabs her shot glass and drinks it. Man Damon is funny. :)  She says he won’t tell the cops she gave him a drink! Damon tells her a funny story and she says he can stay if he keeps his hands off her drink. Tad comes in and watches them.  Damon manages to steal another shot from Liza and laughs at her. Damon is something else ROFL.

    Chandler Mansion:

    David rigs up a television in the attic and listens as a newscaster talks about David being a fugitive. He is shocked to hear that an arrest has been made – Greenlee Hayward! DOH!  Hmmm is this all Jesse’s trick?! Is that what he was planning? To get David to come to the police station? ROFL! Adam shows up looking for Annie. He sees Brooke.  Brooke is leaving for a meeting at Tempo. He heads upstairs and finds Annie. He confronts her about telling JR she is the donor and causing him stress. She is angry that no one cares about her feelings – just because JR is sick he is allowed to say whatever he wants about her. Annie starts packing her bags, and Adam asks if she’s really leaving or just pretending to so he’ll beg her to stay? Oh good question Adam!!!! Annie is manipulating!

    Boy it’s a drama filled day! ROFL!

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    So Damon is a druggie, Annie is spinning out of control, JR and Cobolt are in cohoots and Greens goes to jail.

    I don’t blame Liza for her anger, but if Tad is so lame that he needs to keep KWAK around, then so be it. Liza is better off without him. I can’t understand Tad busting on Liza after all the criminal crap he  has been pulling. She may not have been right in butting in to his business with Hilary, but I am sure that she doesn’t deserve to be treated like he has  been treating her. Let him go.

    Well, I did enjoy the read, Sonya… drama? Well, it was better than watching paint dry.

    Thank you for the update! Sending love!

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    Sonya, didn’t watch today, and can’t find the episodes on YouTube or, but thanks anyway!!!!!

    Still no Brooke and Erica interactions???? Are these writers asleep at the wheel????? Don’t they realize that one of the many reasons why viewers wanted to see Brooke return was to watch her rivalry with Erica??? Lorraine Broderick—-this is kinda sloppy, honey!!!!

    I kinda’ have a newfound crush on that guy who plays Damon. Don’t really know why……….Liza should be used to being treated like trash by Tad Martin. He’s been doing it on and off for the past 27 years, but I do like Jamie Luner and Michael Knight together……I kinda think it would be a little bit HAWT for the writers to push the envelope and have Liza sleep with Damon, and it would definitely be karma biting Tad in the ass for sleeping with Liza’s MOTHER way back in the day!! I wonder if the writers have the nerve to DO IT??? I hope so, but I doubt it!!!

    I am SOOOOOO tired of Annie!!! Every episode she’s on, it seems!!!! I wonder if they’ll put her on the backburner after David Canary leaves the show next month. Is it too soon for me to start hoping for that now????

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